Morgan State Student Alexander Kinyua Admits To Eating Heart & Brain of a Missing Maryland Housemate Kujoe Agyei-Kodie


Cannibalizing your own …

Two case of cannibalism in a week? What the hell is going on!!!  According to Baltimore’s CBS affiliate, WJZ, 21 year old Alexander Kinyua, a Morgan State student, has confessed to eating the heart and parts of the brain of a missing man. The victim was 37 year old Kujoe Agyei-Kodie, a family friend who was living at the house. How could everyone misread the signs, this dude seemed so normal. Just two days before the murder, Kinyua was released on bond for another assault where he attacked another student with a baseball bat in the dorms. Needless to say that his deranged psycho was in the process of being expelled from the college. However, not soon enough.


A chilling story unfolds in Harford County where family members find the chopped up body parts of a missing man. And now, the suspect admits to committing acts of cannibalism on that body.

Meghan McCorkell has the stunning twist to this murder investigation.

Both the suspect and the victim were students at Morgan State University. But it was inside a Joppatowne home they shared where police say an unimaginable crime occurred.

Behind the door of a townhouse on Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne, a house of horrors. It’s here police say Alexander Kinyua, 21, confessed to eating the heart and parts of the brain of a missing man.

The Raw Story reports that the cannibal has been denied bail, well I certainly hope so.

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    10 Responses to “Morgan State Student Alexander Kinyua Admits To Eating Heart & Brain of a Missing Maryland Housemate Kujoe Agyei-Kodie”

    1. NGBoston on June 1st, 2012 10:27 am

      FREAK! Inhuman Monster, Bag of Feces!

      Twisted Criminals like this are one of the reasons I am an advocate for the DEATH PENALTY.

      There is not one valid argument as to why individuals like this deserve to draw another breath on this Planet.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on June 1st, 2012 11:07 am

      These people are crazy. The court needs to revise their proceedures in dealing with them. Taking a baseball bat as a weapon in a dorm should have been cause enough to lock up Kinyua and perform a physco examination.

      This student is an immigrant or a foreign student studying at the school. Their culture is responsible for this behavior.

    3. Miklo on June 1st, 2012 12:41 pm

      Apparently, this cannibal has said that he ‘cannot stop killing’.

      Send him down to Texas – we’ll help him!

    4. Miklo on June 1st, 2012 12:42 pm


      We’ll help him to STOP.

    5. Carpe on June 1st, 2012 1:45 pm

      It makes me reconsider my feelings about vegetarians. The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

      The only rehabilitating you’ll be able to do with that will come from a hollow point bullet.

      …and spare me, when the mommy comes out and tells the world what a good boy he once was. In 1982 he sold candy bars and raised money for new helmets for his entire little league team. Lady! That was then – this is now. Stick a rag in it.

    6. Carpe on June 1st, 2012 5:56 pm

      You know the odd thing? It really shouldn’t be such a surprise — both of these [edit] came from places where… TADA! They have voodoo practices and EAT PEOPLE. They will never put it in a travel brochure, for good reason. (Africa and Haiti)

      Go ahead! Listen to “We Are The 3rd World” again and send ‘em some money. Embrace that fuzzy feeling!

      There comes a time…

      When you eat a helping hand…

      There’s a choice we’re making
      We’re saving our own lives
      Its true we’ll make a better day
      Just you and me… and the ninny licking bath salts… and the dude swinging a baseball bat…

    7. Mathers on June 2nd, 2012 12:02 pm

      The two comments by carpe and some grandfather or what? Is full of nonsense jeez grow up….its a crime like any other when american soldier walked off a base en shot those families en kids was it what americans do,when the oklahoma bomber packed an explosives in a van en killed those kids is it what americans do did u change some song to glorify that sickness dont stand behind a facade of white,black,american,haitian stand predominate en say humans dont do that reasonable people dont guide planes into buildings or wear suicide vests en kill unarmed innocent kids,neither do they use small kids as sex slaves nor turn a race into slaves or send drones to bomb en kill innocent civilians i am human first not a “who”…so growup en move ur stupidity en ignorance else where just cause u have a computer is no excuse for stupidity..thank you and regards

    8. Carpe on June 2nd, 2012 4:50 pm

      Thanks, Mathers. I think the first tip off for me that something was off with this guy was that he spent a weekend trimming his hedges with a machete!

      Nabuntu must not have been aware of the fabulous hedge trimmer technology at affordable prices that has now become available for the everyday civilized goyim. Bless his little heart and sprinkle a little chicken foot powder on it.

    9. Waterboy on June 3rd, 2012 8:28 am

      Did it taste like chicken?

    10. NGBoston on June 4th, 2012 9:27 pm

      #6-Mather “move ur stupdity” ?

      REALLY? It is clear to see that the English Language and Comprehension Skills are a factor here.

      Carpe is right on the money with his comments and it is obvious to me that you are not even an American Citizen so kiss our Red White and Blue A$$es, Dude.

      With No Regards,

      New Girl Boston, MA

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