Obama Administration Files Law Suit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Trumped Up Racism Charges


Unbelievable ... the Obama Department of Justice and Eric Holder are out of control and have politicized the Justice Department like no other administration. The Justice Department is accusing sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office using “unconstitutional and unlawful actions” in their handling of Hispanics. Believe it or not, the feds want to put one of their lackeys in place to monitor Arpio’s actions. If anything ‘We the People” need monitors to look over the shoulder of Barack Obama and Eric Holder on a daily basis.

The Justice Department, which first targeted Sheriff Joe Arpaio four years ago in his suspected mishandling of illegal immigrants arrested in the Phoenix area, filed a civil lawsuit in federal court Thursday accusing the sheriff and his office using “unconstitutional and unlawful actions” in their handling of Hispanics.

The complaint alleges that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and Sheriff Arpaio, the nation’s so-called toughest sheriff, engaged in and continue to engage in a pattern or practice of.

As stated at the Gateway Pundit, “the Obama Administration actually accused Arpaio of blatant disregard of the US Constitution.” This coming from the people who have brought us “Obamacare”.

Arpaio reacts to U.S. DOJ lawsuit: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacts to U.S. DOJ lawsuit.

An angry Sheriff Joe said the feds just want to take over his office and have no evidence.

“They do not care how long it will be, what it costs, just that they are taking on the sheriff, taking care of local activists and taking me to court,” said Sheriff Arpaio.

The sheriff says he could accept an auditor to review what he does, but not a monitor to force changes.

“Monitors are not something to fear, they are something to embrace when you have problems. But if you don’t acknowledge the problem then it is hard to embrace the need for reform,” said Perez.

This Obama-Holder Justice Department is out of control. Where was Holder and the Justice Department when it came to prosecuation the New Black Panther Party and voter intimidation?  They need to go and go now.

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    One Response to “Obama Administration Files Law Suit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Trumped Up Racism Charges”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 11th, 2012 11:02 pm

      This is payback to Sheriff Joe for all the work he has done to prevent illegals from being allowed in the country and his posse that is looking into the background of Barry.

      The DOJ is a corrupt organization under Eric Holder and has fallen into the criminal side. The DOJ needs a full housecleaning.

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