Tea Party Candidate Richard Mourdock Defeats 6 Term Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar in Landslide


Those that had previously stated that the Tea Party was a fad might want to rethink those foolish statement … Another RINO bites the political dust.

Last night in the Indiana Republican primaries, Tea Party candidate Richard Murdock defeated 6 term US Senator Richard Lugar in a landslide. The 80 year old, 6 term Richard Lugar was soundly defeated, no Lugar was routed by State Treasurer Richard Murdock by nearly 20%. Of course the liberal MSM will echo the chorus of this will further contribute to the lack of bi-partisanship in DC and the GOP has lurched to the right. However, the MSM was deafly silent when “Blue Dog” Democrats were voted out in the primaries in PA as the Democrats chose more left leaning candidate. Imagine that?

In typical, entitled, establishment candidate form Lugar criticizing the partisan environment, code for the Tea Party and anyone who dare challenge the RINO establishment. Sorry, but some of you Republican fossils are directly to blame for the predicament that we find ourselves in today and your chumming up to the socialist, failed economic agenda and policies of Barack Obama is hardly going to win anyone reelection. Sorry, as a Republican you do not get to vote for Obama’s stimulus and remotely think you stand a chance of being voted back to office by “We the People”. When you are dubbed Barack Obama’s favorite Republican, this Hoosier upset was pretty much a sure thing.

The truth is that the headwinds in this race were abundantly apparent long before Richard Mourdock announced his candidacy. One does not highlight such headwinds publically when one is waging a campaign. But I knew that I would face an extremely strong anti-incumbent mood following a recession. I knew that my work with then-Senator Barack Obama would be used against me, even if our relationship were overhyped. I also knew from the races in 2010 that I was a likely target of Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and other Super Pacs dedicated to defeating at least one Republican as a purification exercise to enhance their influence over other Republican legislators.

A note to all politicians, not just Lugar and other non-vertebrae Republicans, the American people are tired of the establishment. Personally, I believe in term limits and no politician should ever be allowed to be in office 36 years. That is never what out Founding Fathers envisioned. Last nights vote should be a reminder to the GOP by We the People, the US Senate is not the US Supreme Court. You are not elected for life. You do not get to leave when you feel like it and not represent the people. You serve at our will, not the other way around.

Richard Mourdock will face Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly in November.

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    2 Responses to “Tea Party Candidate Richard Mourdock Defeats 6 Term Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar in Landslide”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 9th, 2012 9:51 pm

      Where are the T.E.A. party people that the RINO Republicans and the Socialist/Democrats who were so recently touting had lost their steam and disappeared?

      They were there all the time. Working and waiting for the opportunity to get out the vote.

      If I were a RINO Republican or a Democrat holding an office, I would be very afraid of loosing my job.

    2. rightknight on May 10th, 2012 1:49 am

      The invitational setting for the Congressional
      is much to generous. Instead of them serving
      us, we serve them with salaries, perks, and
      a sense of power absolutely inappropriate
      for the job description. Hangers-on actually
      seem to ferment right before our eyes!

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