Woman Raped at Occupy New Haven, Registered Sex Offender England Gamble Arrested


It has happened yet again … a woman is raped at an Occupy protest encampment …

Dateline New Haven, CT, a woman was raped at the Occupy New Haven camp. According to accounts, the the unnamed woman was raped either Monday night or early Tuesday morning in a tent at the Occupy New Haven camp.  The victim was brought to Yale-New Haven Hospital. 53 year old England Gamble  was arrested and charged with first degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint. Gamble was a registered sex offender.

A woman was raped in a tent at the Occupy camp late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, police said.

Police said a woman went to find the victim on Tuesday afternoon because she had not seen her.

She went to the woman’s tent and called for her, but there was no answer, so she looked inside the tent and found the woman, police said.

How special, a sex predator who had been previously arrested for first-degree sexual assault and had been released from prison in 1996. Hey, why not hang out at the Barack Obama endorsed Occupy Wall Street.

Just how many rapes are going to happen at the Occupy Wall Street protests camps before individuals are going to figure out that these camps are just a danger to society and should all be shut down. As the Gateway Pundit says … another day, another rape at an Obama endorsed #Occupy camp.


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    3 Responses to “Woman Raped at Occupy New Haven, Registered Sex Offender England Gamble Arrested”

    1. super dave on March 15th, 2012 7:34 am

      this is your democrat supported rapist hard at work. this is representation of the criminal democrats in their true form.
      how could anyone in this country read this and vote for a democrat is beyond me. lots of weak minds in this country.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on March 15th, 2012 10:18 am

      The term “RAPE” can be extended to a lot of areas in our society. The Democrat/Socialists have made “raping” a society of its values and laws to be Job One. The Occupy movement is just one portion of that effort.

    3. Babybear on March 15th, 2012 9:44 pm

      Why would it surprise us that a woman was raped by an idiotic OWS freeloader? The whole country is being raped by Obama and his minions.

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