Okanagan CTV News reporter Kent Molgat’s Walks into Pole While Trying to get the Story … “Oh my god, that hurt”


There is nothing like a man walking into a pole to make a VIDEO go viral …

Reporters are always trying to chase down a story, or at least some  try to do so. Of course the key to following the story is to be persistent, but also to always keep your eyes and ears open and not become closed minded or have blinders on. CTV’s Kent Molgat could have used that advice while trying to interview a lawyer as he walked straight into a pole.

“Oh my god, that hurt” … I’ll Say

From CTV:

As a journalist with 25 years of experience, CTV’s Kent Molgat is used to chasing the story. But when the story hits back in the form of a wayward pole and the reporter becomes the story — that is something new.

Video of Molgat chasing a lawyer for an interview and then walking straight into a pole has gone viral, joining a long, proud history of television news bloopers.

“Oh my God that hurt!” Molgat exclaims in the video, after walking right into the light pole. The lawyer, previously trying to make a dignified but brisk escape, stops to check on him.

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