Tony Bennett Left His Liberal Brain in San Francisco … Calls for Drug Legalization Following the Death of Whitney Houston


The Singer Tony Bennett’s comments regarding the legalization of drugs following the death if Grammy Award winning singer Whitney Houston prove positive that drugs really do have an adverse effect on the brain. It is obvious that Tony Bennett not only “Left his Heart in San Francisco”, he left his brain their as well.

First of all it has yet to be determined what Whitney Houston died of. Second, what kind of dirt bag uses the death of an individual for their warped, personal agenda? Third, all signs point to the fact that Houston most likely died from the abuse of legalized drugs. So what does the legalization of drugs have to do with anything? Bennett actually had the audacity to defend his ignorant comments.

Following the death of Whitney Houston, Tony Bennett has called for the legalization of hard drugs. Houston would not have died, Bennett said, if drug users were not forced “to hide”.

Bennett made his comments just hours after Houston’s body was found in her hotel room. The 85-year-old singer was speaking at Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammys party, which had been abruptly re-dedicated to Houston’s life. “I’d like to have every gentleman and lady in this room commit themselves to get our government to legalise drugs,” he told the star-studded crowd. “So they have to get it from a doctor, not just some gangsters that just sell it under the table.”

I am still confused, how would the legalization of drugs saved such individuals like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson or Amy Whinehouse? These folks abused legalized drugs. Are we really supposed to believe that legalizing crack is going to save lives? Really? How foolish could one possibly be? What makes matters worse is that it is reprehensible to make such a foolish comment to promote one’s agenda by latching onto the death of someone. Good grief, get some class.

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    2 Responses to “Tony Bennett Left His Liberal Brain in San Francisco … Calls for Drug Legalization Following the Death of Whitney Houston”

    1. NGBoston on February 20th, 2012 11:15 am

      His comments truly make no sense at all.

    2. Babybear on February 20th, 2012 2:15 pm

      I’m afraid that Tony Bennett is the one who is confused. In a recent issue of Vanity Fair, Mr. Bennett was pictured in his art studio painting a picture of a nude Lady GaGa who was stretched over some kind of a round object. Anyone with class would have refused to pose in that particular picture,which was pornographic, IMO, but Vanity Fair is known for such. It does have interesting articles, I must say in its defense.

      But Tony Bennett is 85 years old and maybe doesn’t understand the difference between prescribed legal drugs, apparently the present drugs of choice by addicts, and illegal drugs.

      He can still bring a song home, though.

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