Occupy Pasadena Protesters & Their Plastic Occupus get ZERO TV Coverage from HGTV, NBC and ABC … “You get Nothing”


Occupy Pasadena, you lose …

The Occupy Pasadena protesters wanted initially to ruin the Tournament of Roses Parade and make what is a great event into a political one. Then they wanted free TV coverage by entering their plastic Occupy Octopus into the Tournament of Roses Parade that strictly states the floats need to be covered with organic material. The parasitic protesters who looked to attack themselves to the end of the parade after it was over … RECEIVED ZERO TV COVERAGE FROM HGTV, NBC AND ABC.

This kind of reminds me of the movie This is Spinal TAP and the Smell the Glove album … “This is what they wanted, this is what they got”. They wanted free PR of 50 million US viewers and 200 million watching world wide to see their ridiculous “plastic” octopus. What they got was “BUTKIS”! Better yet, a blast from the past and Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

Occupy Protesters – You get Nothing … Good Day Sir

The theme of this years Tournament of Roses Parade was “Just Imagine”. Many had “just imagined” a parade where we could just have family fun and admire the dedication and hard work of so many and the fantastic floats. My person favorite was the Surfs Up surfing Dogs giving a new meaning to “Moon Doggy”.

A special thanks to HGTV, ABC and NBC for providing no coverage of this parasitic protest movement. Of course they received many calls and emails asking them to do such.

Of course no one could prevent the protesters from walking the parade route after the Tournament of Roses parade was over. By this point parade watchers were going home and paying no attention to the protesters that showed up. Maybe they could make themselves useful and pick up the horse poop. Oh, that’s right, they don’t pick up their own waste.

UPDATE I: How pathetic is it that a protest movement would need a “peace keeping” team to prevent its own members from trying to cause trouble during the Tournament of Roses, ala the UN. Really, you need to have people keep your own in line. What must they think of their own tugs? They obviously do not trust them.

BTW, note to Occupy Pasadena protesters, plastic is still plastic even if its recycled. Its still not organic like what all the Tournament of Roses Parade floats were covered with.

UPDATE II: Check out the VIDEO below, The Occupy Pasadena protesters and their plastic Octopus get the march with the many following the end of the parade … AND NO ONE CARED. How comical, no one in the crowd is giving these goofs the time of day. LOL!!!

UPDATE III: More from America Power, ‘Occupy’ Crashes Rose Parade: Attacks ‘Corporate Greed’ With 70-Foot Nazi-Era Plastic Octopus Depicting Global Jewish Conspiracy. American Power asks, “Are people so afraid to stand up against the hatred, public hatred broadcast for the entire world to see?” Of course the MSM is never going to stand up to this sort of hatred, the Tea Party was not behind it. Isn’t it amazing that the LEFT and the Occupy protest movement would crash an event like the Tournament of Roses Parade that brings all of America together and looks to divide them instead.

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    One Response to “Occupy Pasadena Protesters & Their Plastic Occupus get ZERO TV Coverage from HGTV, NBC and ABC … “You get Nothing””

    1. rightknight on January 2nd, 2012 1:36 pm

      The logic of a high class dirtbag paying $45K to learn
      how to become a low class dirtbag takes quite a bit of
      ‘suspension of reason’ that only useful idiots excel
      in doing. Let’s hear it for the Big Corporation Columbia
      University and their competitive merchandising division!

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