Florida Primary, a Romslide: Mitt Romney Rolls in the Sunshine State, Wins Big … Romney 46%, Newt 32%, Santorum 13%, Paul 7%

Mitt Romney wins big in Florida

After all the debates, after all the ads, it was not even close.  With nearly 100% of the votes in, Mitt Romney wins in a landslide with 46% of the vote, Newt Gingrich second with 32%, Rick Santorum third with 13% and Ron Paul fourth with 7%. Romney gained a greater percentage of the vote than even the polls predicted.

It was an emphatic comeback for the former Massachusetts governor, who successfully fended off a major threat from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga).

With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Romney led Gingrich 47 percent to 32 percent. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum came in third with 13 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul was last with 7 percent.

Exit polls showed the factors that most Florida voters used to make their decision clearly favored Romney.

Voting by county can be seen HERE.

The primary battle moves on to Nevada and Michigan, both Romney territory. Some have questioned the nastiness of the tone that the GOP primary has become; however, Mitt Romney took a different perspective on the negative campaigning during his victory speech tonight.

Welcomed to the stage at his election-night party in Tampa by his wife, Ann Romney, the former Massachusetts governor said he had news for those in the Democratic Party who hoped a hard-fought primary would leave the eventual nominee too weak to win in November.

“I’ve got news for them: A competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us, and we will win,” Romney said. “When we gather back here in Tampa seven months from now for our convention, ours will be a united party with a winning ticket for America.”

However, if Romney continues to win primaries, Newt Gingrich is going to have to bow out for the good of the party and unity. Although Newt pledges a drawn out primary battle. Really Newt? You are so quick to tell Santorum to leave the race, yet if you get beat in primary after primary, you with stay in the race. Who does that benefit but Obama? At some point if it comes to a continued primary thumping like Gingrich suffered this evening, he is going to have to act like a statesman and for the for the good of the Republican party end his Presidential run and endorse the GOP nominee. A continue drawn out primary is a mistake.Newt, you might want to think of country first and not yourself, it that is possible.

But the former House speaker is vowing a drawn-out battle for delegates as the Republican race turns next to Nevada, and then a batch of primaries in western and midwestern states. Gingrich said at his Florida rally that the latest primary showed the election has come down to a “two-person race” between him and the “Massachusetts moderate.”

As supporters waved signs emblazoned with the words, “46 States To Go,” Gingrich declared he plans to defeat “money power” with “people power” in the coming months — casting his campaign as a counterbalance to the “establishment.”

Good grief Newt, how about some cheese with that “whine”? I am no avid Romney supporter but dude … you lost and lost badly. Your complaining about negative, false ads is pathetic. What do you think that Barack Obama is going to do with $1 billion and a MSM who is in the tank for him? And also no congrats to Romney for the win in Florida. Newt may be the greater conservative, but that thin skin is hardly a positive.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

It is pretty obvious that Romney will win Nevada as it has a huge Mormon population. Romney won the 2008 Nevada caucus with over 51% of the vote. It would be a huge upset if Mitt did not do the same in 2012.

The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – with Diane Dimond, Drew Kesse, Blink from Blink on Crime and Joel Brodsky


Dana welcomes special guests:

  • Investigative Reporter Diane Dimond discussing serial killers in America
  • Drew Kesse father of missing person Jennifer Kesse and Crime Blogger Blink with more updates on the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse
  • Drew Petersons attorney Joel Brodsky discussing the recent Lifetime Movie about Drew

The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Download Podcast

RNC Chief Reince Priebus Continues to Compare Barack Obama to Disgraced Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Capt. Schettino

If the lack of leadership fits, wear it …

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus does not back down from his comments comparing President Barack Obama to the disgraced Costa Concordia cruise ship Captain Schettino. The analogy is that Obama left his job that he was elected to fix the economy to do nothing but campaign for 2012. Schettino was more concerned with saving himself than he was other passengers and going down with ship. Barack Obama is more concerned with reelection than he is creating jobs.

“When I made those comments, I clearly used the analogy in both sentences that this president was akin to leaving his own job and campaigning non-stop all the time, worried about his job, number one, instead the jobs of the millions of Americans that are out there,” Priebus said. “Now we’ve talked about the fact that this president is in love with campaigning, he’s not in love with his job as president and getting the debt under control as promised and getting Americans back to work.”

Pressed about whether the analogy was appropriate considering the maritime crash killed at least 16 people — with more than a dozen still missing — Priebus stood by the comments.

“The analogy was made and it was an analogy of leadership, that in a time of crisis, this president is leaving the White House and campaigning non-stop all the time,” Priebus said. “I think it’s pretty clear, but if people out there on the Democratic side want to make hay of it they’re going to be able to do it.

Hot Air reminds us that before DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz whines about the RNC Chair’s comments, she might have some apologizing to do first as when it comes to incendiary comments regarding the Tea Party. Debbie is all in a huff about a comparison to a ship captain who has been charges with manslaughter, I guess she forgot when the Democrats accused W of murder. Hmm?

In the end, its all nonsense … Obama needs to be fired for dereliction of duty. Any President who nixes a job creator like the Keystone XL pipeline for political reasons in a time of such economic despair, needs to be ushed out the door sooner, rather than later.

Good Grief Donald Trump Wants to Re-Elect Barack Obama with Third Party Run for President in 2012

Donald Trump, the Apprentice, Opportunist, Shameless Self Promoter …

According to ABC News, Donald Trumps minions are exploring a potential third party run for The Donald for the Presidency in 2012.  Trump did not want to go through the process of a primary and have his past, finances, tax returns, multiple bankruptcies, marriages and past positions and comments fodder to be dissected by other candidates or the media in debates, but he wants the pass and run as a third party. Nice.

Third Party Candidate … Don’t for get to watch the Apprentice

ABC News’ Huma Khan and Jennifer Wlach report:

Donald Trump’s top political adviser told ABC News he’s speaking to “high-level political operatives” to explore a third-party presidential bid on behalf of the real estate mogul, in a sign that Trump may not quite be done with the 2012 presidential race just yet.

“I can confirm that over the past two weeks I have spoken with many high-level political operatives, campaign managers, finance directors — some of whom I have spoken to in the past. Most are new people from all over the country,” said Michael Cohen, executive vice president at the Trump Organization and special counsel to the reality-TV star.

The Donald continues to shamelessly self-promote himself and his TV show at the expense of a Presidential primary. How pathetically sad. This egotists knows damn well that if he ran as a third party candidate that it would mean sure victory and reelection for Barack Obama. If Donald Trump actually does run in 2012, we will then know what his true politics really are. Honestly, I think its more to keep his name in the news and free PR for his TV show, The Apprentice.

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – Preview of Tonight’s Dana Pretzer Show with Diane Dimond, Drew Kesse, and Joel Brodsky

  • Tonight Dana welcomes Diane Dimond, missing Jennifer Kesse’s dad Drew Kesse, Blink from Blink on Crime and Joel Brodsky, attorney for Drew Peterson

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Download

Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech Registers an 8th Grade Reading Level on the Flesch-Kincaid Test … 3rd Lowest SOTU Score Since 1934

Barack Obama, are you smarter than a 8th grader …

Barack Obama has been touted as the smartest President ever. So then why was his 2012 State of the Union speech register an 8th grade reading level on the  Flesch-Kincaid readability test? Obama’s 2012 SOTU was the third lowest score since 1934. Obama’s SOTU average grade score of his three speeches is at an amazing 8.4, as compared to the 10.7 average if the previous 67 State of the Union addresses by twelve Presidents.  Coincidence, I think not.

The University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics conducted an analysis on the last 70 State of the Union addresses and found that President Obama’s three addresses have the lowest grade average of any modern president. “Obama’s average grade-level score of 8.4 is more than two grades lower than the 10.7 grade average for the other 67 addresses written by his 12 predecessors,” they conclude.

“The Flesch-Kincaid test is designed to assess the readability level of written text, with a formula that translates the score to a U.S. grade level. Longer sentences and sentences utilizing words with more syllables produce higher scores. Shorter sentences and sentences incorporating more monosyllabic words yield lower scores,” the University of Minnesota’s Eric Ostermeier explains.

Obama’s use of simple language  is in part a reflection of his audience: the American voter in an election year.

Is this the continued dumbing down of America? Kinda. However, it is telling to who Barack Obama is targeting his speech to. It has to be intentional to make a speech that much more simple than previous Presidents. 2.3 grade levels!!!

Is it any wonder why then that a President that would lower the reading level of a SOTU by so much would also play class warfare? Does anyone think that the targeted Obama speech listener actually takes the time to read and fact check what Obama says, or are they just blindly believing what The One says. I think we know the answer.

Just a note to Conservatives, the Tea Party and Republicans, don’t let any Liberal or Dem tell you that you are stupid. Not when Obama is having speeches targeted to an 8th grade reading level. Those who support Barack Obama should be insulted that the Obamamessiah feels the need to talk down to them. However, instead they will follow him blindly even though though “Hope & Change”  was a monumental hoax.

Daily Commentary – Monday, January 30, 2012 – Sex Assault Claim Against 6 Year Old in Game of Tag is an Over Reaction

  • The 6 year old accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing tag on the playground.

Daily Commentary – Monday, January 30, 2012 Download

Hercules Family Battles Sex Assault Claim Against 6-Year-Old

An East Bay dad claims a game of tag on the playground resulted in his 6-year-old son being accused of sexual assault – a decision he said was an overreaction by school officials.

The parent, who asked only to be identified as Oswin, said his son was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing on the playground at Lupine Hills Elementary in Hercules two months ago.

Oswin said his child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed. He was suspended, and a sexual battery charge was placed on his permanent school record.

Posted January 30, 2012 by
Crime, Facebook, Sexual Assault, WTF | 3 comments

More from the Obama Endorsed Occupy Oakland Protests from this Weekend … F#@k you Pigs (VIDEO)

Barack Obama, the community agitator in Chief.

As reported over the weekend, take a good look and listen to the Barack Obama endorsed Occupy Oakland protesters. So this is what the President endorses, eh? Look what Obama, the community organizer embraces. Why not, this is what he used to be … a community agitator.

Warning: Extreme profane language

So this is what the Occupy movement has become, complete anarchy. This stuff has got to stop before some one(s) are seriously hurt. This protest movement is just escalating in their rhetoric and actions that they are just looking to confront authority in hopes of a violent reaction. From the looks at what is happening in Oakland, CA, it’s not too far away from that.

Take a good look at what Obama and Democrats compare to the Tea Party.

UPDATE I: They were so proud of the VIDEO that they made it that the many can not see it. What do you have to hide?

Shaun White Scores a Perfect 100 and Wins Winter X Game SuperPipe Gold … Five-Peat


Shaun White does it again … make it a five-peat of Winter X Game gold in the SuperPipe.

It gets even better, Shaun White won the SuperPipe with a score of a perfect 100. And it was. Shaun White while being interviewed by ESPN following the incredible run said, ”I’ve been wanting that 100 forever.”  Once again White showed why he is far and away the greatest snowboader ever.It is just simply amazing just how much better this kid is than every one else. Oh, and by the way, he did it on a bad ankle. What can’t Shawn White do on a snowboard?

Check out the Shaun White perfect 100 score run HERE.

White was getting some serious air on this run. As you can see in the video, White pulled off a 18-foot backside air, a 17.5-foot frontside double cork 1080, a 11-foot-8 switch frontside double cork 1080, a 14-foot frontside cork 540, a 13-foot-3 backside double cork 1260 and then a 12-foot-9 frontside double cork 1260 to finish it all off. It can’t get any better than that.

White pulled out a 94.00 run on his first time through the pipe during the finals. He was getting some sick air on this run, usually around 15 feet above the blue line. He wiped out on his second run, though.

Simply amazing!!!

Posted January 30, 2012 by
X Games | no comments

LIAR & The Friday Night Document Dump: AG Eric Holder Knew About Fast & Furious the Day Border Agent Brian Terry Was Murdered

Eric Holder … HE LIED!!!

Once again the DOJ had a Friday night document dump. You know what that means, more docs they don’t want anyone to report on.  However, that did not stop the Daily Caller. A document released this weekend shows that Eric Holder was notified of Fast and Furious the day Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice dumped documents related to Operation Fast and Furious on congressional officials late Friday night. Central to this document dump is a series of emails showing Holder was informed of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder on the day it happened – December 15, 2010.

An email from one official, whose name has been redacted from the document, to now-former Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke reads: “On December 14, 2010, a BORTAC agent working in the Nogales, AZ AOR was shot. The agent was conducting Border Patrol operations 18 miles north of the international boundary when he encountered [redacted word] unidentified subjects. Shots were exchanged resulting in the agent being shot. At this time, the agent is being transported to an area where he can be air lifted to an emergency medical center.”

That email was sent at 2:31 a.m. on the day Terry was shot. One hour later, a follow-up email read: “Our agent has passed away.”

So how does 5 months turn into a couple of weeks? It does when it comes to the Barack Obama administration. Remember back on May 3, 2011 Attorney General Eric Holder testified under oath before a Congressional committee that he first heard of Fast and Furious in the last few weeks. Can we say liar? Can we say perjury?

As stated at Big Government, Fast and Furious just took a new turn. It is time for Eric Holder to resign. If his actions with the Black Panther party and the voter intimidation case was not bad enough, it is becoming quite obvious that Holder knew about Fast and Furious and he lied. Time to say goodbye.

I wonder whether the MSM will cover this story?

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