Michael Plumadore Arrested for Murdering Aliahna Lemmon Admits To Killing Her with Brick and Dismembering Body



Michael Plumadore, the so-called family friend and man who was taking care of missing  Aliahna Lemmon and her two younger sisters, has admitted in an affidavit to murdering 9 year old Aliahna Lemmon and dismembering her body. Oh dear God. The 39 year old Plumadore admitted to beating Aliahna Lemmon to death with a brick and then dismembering her body with a hack saw.It was announced last night during an Allen County Sheriff’s Department press conference that Aliahna Lemmon’s body was found and an arrest was made; however, there was no reference as to where she was found. Now we know why.

Aliahna Lemmon, lft – Michael Plumadore, rt (Pic Hat Tip: FOX 59 WXIN)

According to the affidavit, Plumadore told police that after beating Aliahna to death, he stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in the freezer at his trailer. He said he later chopped up her body and stuffed her remains into freezer bags.

Police said Plumadore told them he had hidden Aliahna’s head, feet and hands at his trailer and that he had discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search his trailer on Monday and found the body parts.

A judge ordered Plumadore held without bail or bond at an initial hearing Tuesday, sheriff’s department spokesman Cpl. Jeremy Tinkel said. He has yet to be formally charged in Aliahna’s death.

Plumadore told police that he killed Aliahna Lemmon on December 22, 2011, dismembered her body and stuffed her body into trash bags. He hid her in the freezer at his trailer and later chopped up her body and stuffed her remains into freezer bags.  Plumadore told Police that he hid Aliahna’s head, feet and hands at his trailer and that he had discarded her other remains at a nearby business.

Michael Plumadore admitted that he beat Aliahna to death, stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in his freezer, according to an Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s affidavit obtained by the Associated Press.

He said he later chopped up her body, stuffed her remains into freezer bags and hid some at his trailer and some at a nearby business, according to the AP.

Read Full Affidavit HERE.

How could anyone have considered this man a trusted friend? More than that, how did all this begin by the fact that the murdered and dismembered girls mother not spend the $20-$25 for a flu shot and some at no cost? Especially when a parent has a child who reportedly had special physical and emotional needs issues. Imagine that … A FLU SHOT COULD HAVE PREVENTED A PRECIOUS 9 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL FROM BEING BEATEN TO DEATH BY A BRICK AND THEN CUT UP INTO PIECES!!! Of course there might be more to this story.

Who lets their children be taken care of by an ex-con? What parent does this? Did either one of Aliahna’s parents bother to do any type of a background check on this man? How about a Google search? So because one was too lazy to get a flu shot, you allow your three young girls to live under the roof of an ex-con in a trailer park that is known for convicted sex offenders. SICK!!!

What did these parents expect to happen? It is not a matter of if something was going to happen to Aliahna Lemmon and her two sisters, but when. This was a tragedy waiting to happen and the parents did nothing to stop it. Authorities might want to look into removing the two other children from this home and save them from a pathetic and horrible life.

Explain this one to us all, why did Michael Plumadore feel the need to dismember Aliahna Lemmon? Seriously, if he was going to present the notion that the 9 year old wandered off, he could have put her in a dumpster after he killed her making it appear a stranger committed the murder. When you cut one up into pieces or burn them suggests you are hiding something. Um, like a rape and sexual assault. Sorry, but if you are willing to go to these ends, it is most certain you have no issue of crossing the boundaries of raping a child.

Michael Plumadore appeared in court this morning for an initial hearing and is being held without bail or bond.

One has to wonder whether this was the first time that Michael Plumadore had contact with Aliahna Lemmon or whether there was a history? It had been stated that Aliahna Lemmon had emotional issues, is it any wonder with the life that she lived under her parent’s and families roof who did nothing but defend Michael Plumadore and even afterwards says, they cannot believe it.

Be at Peace Aliahna Lemmon, no one can hurt you anymore.

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    13 Responses to “Michael Plumadore Arrested for Murdering Aliahna Lemmon Admits To Killing Her with Brick and Dismembering Body”

    1. Moi on December 27th, 2011 1:05 pm

      Flu shots only prevent the flu if the strain in the shot you get is the same one that’s going around. My grandfather got a flu shot EVERY year and EVERY year got the flu anyway and often pnumonia on top of it.

      That said…this problem goes way beyond mommy having the flu. No one seemed to be checking up on this child as long as she was missing before anyone even noticed (other than the killer of course).

      This killer will never pay enough for such a crime against an innocent and already traumatized little girl :>(

    2. janette rodriguez on December 27th, 2011 1:18 pm

      I wish I had the detectives name to this case so I can contact have. I have very important information that can change a lot.
      SM: You can contact the Sheriffs office if you have info: Allen County Sheriff’s Department at (260) 449-3000.

    3. sully on December 27th, 2011 6:29 pm

      I completely agree with Moi. Flu shots were the least of this mother’s offenses. The fact that this poor girl had so many issues makes me wonder what this girl was exposed to-in the uterus and outside the uterus(post traumatic stress disorder?in a 9 year old?). The mother’s flu kept her children out of the home for a week? The fact is that kids die every week in this country due to irresponsible, trashy parents. Clearly these parents fit the bill.
      Sm: I think you are kinda missing my point. The fact that the mother was so irresponsible to not have a flu shot, just fed into the further fact that she was too irresponsible to have children and properly care for them. No one in their right mind hands their 3 children off to a man to care for.

      These parents actions directly led to the death and mutilation of this girl. There is no doubt that she was also probably sexually assaulted, that was the reason why this scum bag felt the need to chop her up in pieces.

    4. Denise Bradford on December 27th, 2011 6:53 pm

      I think they should take the same brick and beat each one of his arms and legs until they fall off his body. Then, I think they should take the brick and decapitate him with it.

    5. Moi on December 28th, 2011 9:44 am

      SM, respectfully…my husband and I were responsible parents. We never let anyone watch our children other than their grandparents and two trusted babysitters once they were older. We staggered our work hours so they were never home alone before OR after we worked.

      That said, I have never (nor has my husband) had a flu shot in our lives and would never take one. I don’t see how that makes us irresponsible since we opt not to have them. Heck, I cannot remember last time either of us even had a cold! Funny thing is most folks I know who get those flu shots @ work get sick anyway. That is weird enough to keep me away from them.

      If I am misunderstanding your point, I’m sorry :(
      SM: I give, UNCLE, lets just move on. For some reason you think i am talking about you when you do not fit anything that I am saying the family of this dead girl did. I give.

    6. Moi on December 28th, 2011 9:47 am

      I’ve never had a flu shot, nor has my husband, That doesn’t make us irresponsible parents! Our kids were always well, cared for and almost never sick. I think they were on antibiotics once or twice each their ENTIRE childhood. No one other than their grandparents babysat them. We staggered our work hours so one of us was there before and after school each day.

      Forgive me if I’m missing something, but not getting a flu shot has nothing to do with this child’s death or good/bad parenting. Are my husband and I bad parents because we never had them either?
      SM: I think you are misinterpreting what I said. No it doesn’t make you a bad parent because you would not pawn your children off on a total stranger. This is not a slap at you … it is at them.

      I am not quite sure what you are missing? I am going to go out on a limb and say you also would not stick your children in the middle of sex offender hell either. All of these things show just how neglectful and rotten these parents truly were.

      If you have a child that is considered special needs, which in many respect this poor, murdered girl was, a parent makes every effort to plan the taking care of that child in advance. Like getting a flu shot so that you don’t get sick and don’t have to give your child off to someone. That’s the point.

      However, these parents neglect of their children is beyond the pale. They previously knew that their child had been abused, thus the reason for the psych issues and nightmares, and these bastards still left their child with a total stranger.

    7. Kim VanHorn on December 28th, 2011 11:21 am

      I usually agree with about everything you say as for as advocacy. I do not agree with the statement about the flu shot. This in my opinion has no bearing what-so-ever in regards to the mother. However, everything else does. I choose not to have the flu shot and I can guarantee you this decision has no bearing as to what kind of person I am. I am a caring, loving mother and grandmother. I prefer not to have government mandate what I have to do about my healthcare. Okay, now that I am not with that rant. I can’t fathom the decision to allow the precious girls to be in the care of this horrible person. It also makes me wonder what these girls have been exposed to. Keep up the great advocacy. Peace
      SM: You are also not interpreting what I said either … GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE ABOUT THE FLU SHOT. OMG, STOP BEING SO LITERAL!!!!!!!!

      The point is not the FLU SHOT!!! The point is not taking the flu shot and then not taking the responsibility after you get the flu to take care of your children. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR CHILD HAD SO MANY AILMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! For instance, when you take care of patience, the sick or the elderly, one best get as many preventative shots that they can. In most cases its mandatory.

      Not getting a flu shot does not make you a bad mother … however, not getting a flu shot, then getting sick, then pawning your child (3 children) off on a 39 year old man, knowing that your 9 year old had been previously abused by two men, not having any contact with your children for 4 days …… IF ANYONE QUALIFIES FOR ALL OF THESE … YES YOU ARE A BAD PARENT.

      The reference of the flu shot was just one of the many that made these bastards, bastards.

      If you read back, i said, in this case, not yours and anything dealing with you, had the mom got a flu shot, she would never have got sick and never then pawned her children off on this human POS. Of course because there are so many other neglectful things that went on in this home, it was probably only a matter of time before something bad happened.

      IMPO, they should remove the other 2 girls from this family for their own safety,

    8. Kim VanHorn on December 28th, 2011 11:23 am

      Oh for pete’s sake I can’t type. Now that I am done with that rant. Sorry

    9. Moi on December 28th, 2011 3:30 pm

      OK SM..I think the problem is we are all so angered by what happened to this little child we are over-reacting. Guess we’d best stay away from discussing flu shots going forward ;>)

      You are correct about me not putting my kids in the middle of sex offenders, but I’d put myself near one to save my child. A man was bold enough to stop right in front of our home and ask my daughter to get in his car. She was 13 at the time playing in the front yard. She ran into the house and I ran out. Idiot was still there so I put myself half way through passenger window trying to grab the keys. Some reason I had ZERO fear…only pure rage at this 300 or so pound man.

      I didn’t get the keys, but did get a tag number and vehicle description which of course didn’t match. Tag turned out to be stolen. Imagine that? He was never identified. Ever since then I have a real, bad almost rabid “thing” over anyone trying to do something to a child. When it almost happens to your own…it is very, personal.
      SM: Agreed.

      I find it offensive that they still have these 2 children living in their home. They should be removed and given to a family who actually cares.

    10. Tammy on December 31st, 2011 7:01 pm

      How pathetic, come on! Yes the parents are responsible, I am not gonna say I blame them for getting a flu shot or not, but I certainly blame them for putting their precious babies around all that garbage including their own grand-father. It would’nt surprise me if poor Aliahna had been molested and/or raped by her grand-father and Plumadore in previous times. Perhaps that’s why the little girl had so many problems. I think the mom is a piece of trash for choosing her no good death deserving child molesting fathers welfare over her own innocent children. Burn in hell biatch.
      SM: Many of you are really missing the flu shot comment.

      Let me connect the dots. If the mother had received a free flu shot, she would never never have got sick with the flu.
      If she was not sick with the flu she would never have sent her children off with this so-called friend to live.
      Had the three girls not gone to his home to live, Aliahna would not have been under his roof.
      Had Aliahna not been under his roof, he never would have had the chance to kill her and cut her into pieces.

      That being said … to have your child around such a predator and consider the man a friend, this would have happened sooner or later and I agree, there was a history of abuse.

    11. nicole krafchuk on January 2nd, 2012 11:12 pm

      i think any parents that are dumb enough to think they really know someone especially a man is nooooooo parent at all a family encourges you to get up every day an go to work that money puts the food on the table for that family with out our kids we wouldnt have a family at all R I P little angel

    12. Cindy Daniels on January 8th, 2012 11:57 pm

      I think bringing up not having a flu shot was really ridiculous. To put that into the mix was similar to saying if I didn’t give my child candy,she wouldn’t have gotten the cavity she has now. What? Of course one thing leads to another, but you’ve gotten to be kidding to even include that. A mother that didn’t get a flu shot. How about a mother that let a sex offender watch her kids? How about a grandmother that even after he was arrested defended the murderer? Blaming it on being to lazy to get a flu shot sounds like made up drama for the Nancy Grace.
      Sm: Then you have no concept of chain of events do you … I tend to think that is ridiculous.

      Fact or not? If the mom had never got the flu … would she have had to sent her children to stay with this monster? That is a yes or no question. If the answer is still yes, then there is a whole other bunch of issues here and maybe there is even more than what the eye can see.

    13. Tammy Reece on April 21st, 2012 2:30 pm

      I don’t ever get a flu shot, but I also don’t pawn my kids off when I am sick, on anybody, not family not friends, nobody. The mother is simply a poor excuse for a mother. She chose her pedophile daddys needs over her children. This is coming from someone whose daddy is a pedophile and I would rather put a bullet in his head. Also my mother at the age of 47 died from copd, and I still did what I had to do to take care of my children, unfortunately that meant moving away and my mom died. My priority is and always will be my children first. HER priorities are messed up from the beginning.

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