Tis the Season to be an Insensative, Uncaring, Bah Humbug FEDEX & UPS Courier … Mistreatment of Christmas Packages



FEDEX can be proud of this employee who was caught on candid camera treating the package he was delivering with all of the care of a bull in a china closet. One can plainly see that the package that is being delivered is computer monitor, yet this clod still tosses it over the fence. NICE. Imagine what they do when they are not out in public?

Needless to say the VIDEO went VIRAL and FEDEX was forced to make a public apology. Matthew Thornton III, senior vice president for US operations for UPS apologized and stated that the employee was no longer working with customers. Great, now he can just smash the boxes back at the warehouse. WILSON!!!!

Matthew Thornton III, senior vice president for US operations at the international courier company, said he was “upset and embarrassed” after watching the video which has been viewed nearly five million times since being posted to the web last week.

The resultant storm of online protest has forced the company into an unprecedented public apology. In the Internet redress, Mr Thornton said sorry to customers and claimed the incident went against company “values” and “is just not who we are.”

Not to be outdone by the embarrassing and ridiculous handling of packages and employee conduct, UPS reminded everyone what “Brown can do for you.” This time not only does the courier dump the package on the steps, he gives the middle finger. Is this a little known UPS Happy holidays gesture, who knew? This incident occurred in Northport, Long Island, NY.

Just curious, I bet there are many people who are presently out of work who would love to have the employment and benefits of a FEDEX or UPS job. Its bad enough that we have companies like BEST BUY saying that they can’t guarantee that the shipping of items ordered will not be delivered on time, but when they finally are, it would be appreciated if we could receive than in one piece and without getting flipped the bird. Just saying.
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    One Response to “Tis the Season to be an Insensative, Uncaring, Bah Humbug FEDEX & UPS Courier … Mistreatment of Christmas Packages”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 23rd, 2011 7:15 pm

      The Fedex and UPS delivery people are unionized in many locations. This is what you get when unions control the work rules.

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