Head & Body Lice Outbreak Announced at Occupy Portland Squatters Camp


Hmm, I don’t remember there ever being a lice outbreak at a Tea Party …

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, a head and body lice outbreak has been announced at the Occupy Portland squatters camp. Good grief! When will local and state governments put an end to this nonsense at the sake of public safety and health? What next, a bubonic plague outbreak?

I guess we will soon know who all the Occupy protesters are, they will be the one’s with the shaved heads and bodies. Interestingly enough, you hear individuals blaming the homeless for the lice, because it could never by the Occupy Portland folks fault. They seem to always find some one to blame but themselves.

Warning: some profane language

Let’s face it, this movement is just plane nasty.

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    8 Responses to “Head & Body Lice Outbreak Announced at Occupy Portland Squatters Camp”

    1. Pat Curley on November 7th, 2011 8:20 am

      I imagine the lice are looking around and saying, “Ewwwww!”

    2. rightknight on November 7th, 2011 9:39 am

      When does a Civilian Protest end and a Tent City
      and Camping in Public begin? Who is legally tolerating
      this ridiculous orgy? Is there a license involved in
      this equivalent to a homeless encampment in the
      business district? How about food service standards?
      Are these Parasites to be tolerated (oh, I mean the
      head and body lice eruption as well?).

    3. super dave on November 7th, 2011 10:05 am

      i wonder if they have this parasite problem at the white house where the brain of this movement
      resides ?

    4. Tamikosmom on November 7th, 2011 3:38 pm

      House Oversight Chairman Calls for Probe into ACORN Role in Occupy Wall Street
      By Jana Winter

      Published November 07, 2011


    5. super dave on November 8th, 2011 12:13 pm

      word is that Obama’s pet organization Acorn and he were behind this terrorist push against our country and that they were scrambling to shred evidence and cover the criminal trail they left.

    6. Scott on November 9th, 2011 7:25 am

      Like I’ve said; these libtards, who a lot of them own houses in the $500K range; are the filth and scum of society. These people have no accord for law or descency. They should all be thrown in jail. This isn’t even the worse of these occupy movements; the rapes; the drugs; the deficating in the open and on cop cars; the STDs and the open sex these people have in public is worse then bed bugs and head lice.

      But this just proves the difference between the PEACEFUL TEA PARTY MOVEMENT versus this union; Obama backed movement.

    7. Occupy Tuberculosis … TB Outbreak at Occupy Atlanta | Scared Monkeys on November 10th, 2011 10:54 pm

      [...] these are the 99% that President Barack Obama supports, lice infested, raping, drug overdosed and now tuberculosis infected protesters. Maybe this will give local [...]

    8. Good Grief …Pay $45,000 Tuition at Columbia University to Get 99% Occupy Protest Classes | Scared Monkeys on January 2nd, 2012 11:41 am

      [...] to contract head & body lice, TB and STD’s while protesting Share [...]

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