OBAMA HAS NO CLASS: Drops a Key Part of Obamacare … CLASS, Long Term Health Care Dumped as Unsustainable



How many lies has Barack Obama and his minions told the American people? Following the insanity of  Nancy Pelosi’s comment that we must pass the bill in order to find out what is in it. Most honest and intelligent people knew Obamacare was BS and an unfordable cluster. It would appear that Obama now agrees.

How bad and worthless is Obamacare, they are already starting to dismantle the worthless healthcare scheme even before the SCOTUS has a chance to declare in unconstitutional and the GOP has a chance to repeal it.  This afternoon on a Friday, hoping the miss the news cycle, the Obama administration announced that CLASS is being eliminated because it’s too expensive. Who knew, other than all of us. CLASS, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program was a fiscal nightmare from the outset, yet that did not stop Obama and democrats from ramming it all down the throats of Americans. However, who knew there really was “death panels” in Obamacare? It would appear that the pathetic law may actually crumble under its own fiscal lies.

The Obama administration Friday pulled the plug on a major program in the president’s signature health overhaul law – a long-term care insurance plan dogged from the beginning by doubts over its financial solvency.

Targeted by congressional Republicans for repeal, the program became the first casualty in the political and policy wars over the health care law. It had been expected to launch in 2013.

“This is a victory for the American taxpayer and future generations,” said Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., spearheading opposition in the Senate. “The administration is finally admitting (the long-term care plan) is unsustainable and cannot be implemented.”

Proponents, including many groups that fought to pass the health care law, have vowed a vigorous effort to rescue the program, insisting that Congress gave the administration broad authority to make changes. Long-term care includes not only nursing homes, but such services as home health aides for disabled people.

Best title of the Obama admission that Obamacare is unfordable and unsustainable, from the Lonely Conservative … CLASS DISMISSED!!! But wait, I thought the CBO stated that CLASS would account for $70 billion in deficit reduction? However, the reality was that CLASS was a fiscal disaster and they knew it. THEY LIED!


It is now widely acknowledged that the alleged savings from the CLASS Act are illusory. The month after PPACA passed, Rick Foster, Chief Actuary of HHS’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), released a report indicating that the CLASS Act was not fiscally sound.2 The chief actuary is a non-partisan, high-ranking official in CMS whose estimates are critical in understanding current health care law and proposed changes to the law.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, a supporter of the PPACA legislation, publicly called the CLASS program “a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing Bernie Madoff would be proud of.”3 In testimony before Congress, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius conceded that the CLASS program is “totally unsustainable” in its current form.4

But these concessions came long after PPACA had been signed into law. As a result of this investigation, it is now clear that some officials inside HHS warned for months before passage that the CLASS program would be a fiscal disaster. Within HHS the program was repeatedly referred to as “a recipe for disaster” with “terminal problems.” As this report will show, the chief actuary stated on numerous occasions that the program was not fiscally sustainable and would result in what he referred to as an “insurance death spiral.”

According to emails and other documents obtained pursuant to this investigation, senior leadership of HHS and Democratic staff in the Senate and House reviewed these warnings but did not change the law and did not inform the public of the doubts about the CLASS Act. Instead, the officials continued to claim that the program would be sound, sustainable, and actually produce budget savings that could help pay for other parts of the health care law.

As Allah Pundit at Hot Air stated, “what a total debacle, and the punchline is, everyone saw it coming — including the Democrats who went ahead and voted anyway to bring this Frankenstein to life”. What the Astute Blogger said …  “OBAMACARE IS A FRAUDULENT, CORRUPT, SOCIALISTIC PIECE OF CRAP AND IT WAS FROM THE GETGO. WE NEED TO TOSS OBAMA FROM OFFICE AND REPEAL IT.” We second the motion.

Obamacare is a fraud, Obama is a fraud and so are all the politicians that voted for it.  Remember this in 2012 when voting. Who were the people that intentionally lied to “We the People”.  Folks in Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia when you vote for US  Senate races and votes against Senators like … Ben Nelson (NE), Sherrod Brown (OH), Robert Casey (PA), Bill Nelson (FL), Claire McCaskill (MO) and the numerous others who voted for Obamacare against the will of the American people.

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