Some Martha’s Vineyard Residents Tell Obama to “Go Home, He’s Ruining my Vacation”


It would seem that not all in Martha’s Vineyard are happy that Barack Obama is vacationing there. Some think that it send the wrong message while millions are out of work, some want him to go home and others said that Obama is ruining their vacation. Watch the Jesse Watters’ video below via The Factor and Bill O’Reilly, classic.

After the third straight year in a row of vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, Barack Obama might be wearing out his welcome. No worries, at best he has one more year of vacationing there, then you get your island back after the 2012 election.

Ya really have to laugh when a couple of the interviewees stated that the Vineyard is not really a posh vacation spot. I wonder where they vacation … Monte Carlo?

Brian in a Blue State

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