Obamanomics: Jobless Claims Back Up to 400,000 Week Ending July 30 … Initial Unemployment Claims Rise … Obama Jobs Bus Tour on the Way


Weekly initial jobless claims back up to 400,000. The Department of Labor numbers can be found HERE.

In the week ending July 30, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 400,000, a decrease of 1,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 401,000. The 4-week moving average was 407,750, a decrease of 6,750 from the previous week’s revised average of 414,500.

Where are those jobs President Obama? Where are all those jobs you promised and all that focus you said that jobs would be in State of the Union after State of the Union speeches?

Don’t worry America, Barack Obama plans to do a bus tour through “Battle ground” states to promote jobs on the tax payers dime. Just what we need, Obama touting his miserable failure of a jobs agenda while he plays class warfare, blames big business as he makes campaign speeches as the cost of tax payers. Nice, Obama has done some 37 fund raisers already and he is still milking the tax payers.

President Barack Obama’s upcoming bus tour through the Midwest states typically viewed as swing states during presidential election years will be paid for by the taxpayers, the White House says.

Obama will start the tour on Aug. 15 and will talk about strengthening jobs and the economy, the White House announced on Tuesday.

Barack Obama is still talking about regrowing the economy. Like any of his policies and agenda have worked. How ironic that Obama would do a bus tour when he is more accustomed to throwing people under it. However, for Obama to do a jobs bus tour at this hour, just shows how really small he is and that he just does not understand the enormity of the problem. As the Gateway Pundit states, this should be good to watch and better than l;ate night comedy. Talk about selling snake oil.

To be more cynical, its just another ploy to pander to those in mid-West battle ground states that he won in 2008 where he is presently floundering.

This is nothing more than a 2012 Presidential election trip at the cost of the tax payers.  This is nothing more than pouring salt in to the would of the US economy. Who at the White House tells the president that this is a good idea? As the Lonely Conservative opines, we have a bankrupt country, borrowing money at 100% of GDP, 9.2% unemployment, an anemic GDP and Barack Obama is going to charge the tax payers to tell them that his job growth policies SUCK!

Makes perfect sense to an out of touch, clueless, over his head community organizer.

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    8 Responses to “Obamanomics: Jobless Claims Back Up to 400,000 Week Ending July 30 … Initial Unemployment Claims Rise … Obama Jobs Bus Tour on the Way”

    1. katablog.com on August 4th, 2011 8:08 am

      The Jobs Hokey Pokey

      First you put your jobs pivot in,
      then you put your jobs pivot out,
      put your jobs pivot in
      and shake it all about.

      You do the jobs pivot pokey
      and turn yourself around,
      that’s what it’s all about.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on August 4th, 2011 10:39 am

      Everyone needs to remember that one of Barry’s favorite people of history is FDR. FDR is the one responsible for moving America into the socialist era. Barry is just finishing the job.

      FDR used trains to tour the country. Good highways were few in his time. The bus tour is the prefered method today.

      FDR’s big tool was the great hi-jacking of the banks with the order (unconstitutional) to close them and to confiscate all the peoples gold including coins.

      Each family could only keep $100 of gold, all other was collected at the banks with a payment of $20.75 per ounce in the new smaller size greenbacks. Then he promptly stole $14.75 per ounce of gold from the economy by declaring the “new” gold standard to be $35.00 per ounce. An instant inflation of 41 per cent and a hampering of wealth creation by taking away the citizen’s right to own gold coins and use them in commerce.

      This was also unconstitutional, but it didn’t matter. The Supreme Court refused to do anything as they usually sit on the sidelines when faced with a decision of real importance.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on August 4th, 2011 11:05 am

      The labor department is the one reporting the 9.2 per cent unemployment. The real figure is more than twice that reported.

    4. A Texas Grandfather on August 4th, 2011 11:08 am

      My posts are disappearing in the spam box. Anything longer than a sentance or two.

      SM: I did find one in the spam folder and got that one to post but that’s all, only one. (klaasend)

    5. Bankrupt Nation to Pay for President’s Campaign Tour | The Lonely Conservative on August 4th, 2011 2:18 pm

      [...] it means we’re on the right path.Update 2: Halt the Assault linked – thanks!Update 3: Scared Monkeys linked – thanks! google_ad_client = "pub-1395656889568144"; /* 300×250, created 8/11/08 */ [...]

    6. Dow Plunges, Another 400,000 Jobless Claims, Income Down, Obama Blames Bush | The Lonely Conservative on August 4th, 2011 2:33 pm

      [...] 400,000 or above. They’ll probably revise this last one upward when nobody’s looking. How awful. That was just the beginning of the bad news.The Dow plunged a whopping 500 points.Stocks plunged [...]

    7. rightknight on August 4th, 2011 10:52 pm

      The ONLY jobs the government ever creates are
      more government jobs. The governments assignment
      is to create the environment and economic conditions
      supporting private sector job growth, but, it has
      failed miserably and completely in doing even the slightest
      hint of that!

      And for that profound screw-up the ‘government’ has given
      itself bonus raises. Bravo!

    8. Barack Obama at 39% Job Approval in Gallup Poll … Below 40% for First Time | Scared Monkeys on August 14th, 2011 2:04 pm

      [...] but wait, Obama bus tour to save the economy and jobs will completely reverse his poll numbers. NOT! Such ridiculous ideas [...]

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