Response to Obama’s Debt Limit Campaign Speech … Charles Krauthammer: “I Thought I Was Cynical Until I Heard Obama’s Speech”


The Barack Obama debt ceiling speech … At a time when leadership should have been the call of the day, instead President Obama used the prime time audience to do a political speech blaming others as the buck stops elsewhere.

So what was the reaction to Obama’s speech? It was purely partisan and meant as a campaign speech pandering to Independents with poll tested buzz words like balanced approach, compromise and even going so far as to make a comparison to Ronald Reagan. Charles Krauthammer went so far to say, I thought I was cynical until I heard that speech.” Do we really need a President who is going to make a prime time speech and just use poll tested words to pander and beg for support to a plan he does not even have?

Charles Krauthammer Nails Obama on what was a terrible, partisan speech

VIDEO Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

How comical and pathetic is it that Obama would say that Americans should not be made collateral damage when that is exactly what the Obama Administration has done for the last 2+ years.

Everyone, including those Independents who Obama was pandering to last night need to remember one little factoid, Obama originally wanted a clean debt limit increase with nothing attached. In other words, he wanted a blank check with no mention or caring for any decrease in the United State’s debt. That was reminded to all during Speaker Boehner’s rebuttal speech last night as he stated, “that ain’t going to happen”. The results of last nights competing speeches … BOEHNER 2 – OBAMA 0.

In the end, the debt limit debate will be decided by the American people in 2012.

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    4 Responses to “Response to Obama’s Debt Limit Campaign Speech … Charles Krauthammer: “I Thought I Was Cynical Until I Heard Obama’s Speech””

    1. ABC/WAPO Poll: 39% Approve of Obama’s Handling of the Economy … Base Crumbling | Scared Monkeys on July 26th, 2011 3:27 pm

      [...] Barack Obama can be described as nothing more than an “EPIC FAILURE”. Especially after last nights speech when instead of leading, he chose to use the same old blame game. How come none of the MSM last [...]

    2. southernsue on July 27th, 2011 6:01 am

      george soros is busy, that’s why obama doesn’t know what to do, obama hasn’t been told yet by his puppet master what to do.

      what a mess we are in electing this stupid guy as president. obama, not even an American name.

      obama does not know the struggles of our country and he is half kenyan, not American.

    3. brie. on July 27th, 2011 10:46 am

      Obama has evil Kenyan blood running his veins from his father. His mother, who knows what. From all of her pictures and that hair she looked like a spell casting witch.

    4. NGBoston on July 28th, 2011 5:19 pm

      At #3- Brie—-Are you serious with those comments?

      Dislike the Man because of what he stands for, his inexperience, the State of our Economy…a million and one things— the damage he has done in Office… Not for who his parents are/were and what their hair looks like for God’s Sake!

      Give me a break.

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