Dennis Miller in the Bill O’Reilly “No-Spin Zone” Discussing the Casey Anthony Verdict … Jury of her Peers … “They Found 12 Other Morons”


There is outrage in the case of the Casey Anthony murder verdict because the decision by the 12 Pinellas County jurors defies all logic and understanding. The fact that the jury got out of Dodge and was whisked away from Orlando, Florida following the verdict is quite telling.

Dennis Miller on Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” said exactly what most in the MSM wanted to say but felt compelled not to. Sorry, but even the defense team of Jose Baez and Cheney Mason were shocked by this verdict and must have thought to themselves … “they bought it”?

Dennis Miller went on to say in his analysis, “Well, I think the system held up in one regard. You are guaranteed a jury of your peers and she is a moron and they found 2 other morons to form a  Morons Baker’s dozen down there …

I would have stopped it when they said a 2 year old was lost and she waited 30 days to call the cops. I would have just thrown my flag and said guilty. I don’t even to know what the rest of it is, give her some time. Because any one that waits beyond 30 minutes, much less 30 days is guilty of something … Something is rotten is Denmark”.“. Actually, something was rotten in Orlando.


Bill and Dennis are basically of the opinion, that reasonable doubt has been replaced with “silly certitude”. Make the crime so unheard of, so insane and so beyond the pale that an average citizen could never do such a thing. This jury could not believe that Casey Anthony could do something unfathomable. The idea that this jury could not hold Casey Anthony accountable for this crime speaks to the fact that Casey Anthony has never been held accountable for anything in her life. A jury jury allowed a sociopath to get away with murder and all they saw was a young, attractive mother who people said was a good mom because she fed her child.

One has to wonder how a jury can deduct that a little 2 year old could wind up in a swamp, in a plastic bag with duct tape on her face as Casey Anthony lives the “la Bella Vita” clubbing, drinking and sexing with her friends and that translates to drowning in a pool and an acquittal. This jury allowed a 2 year old baby to never have justice, they could not even figure out who Caylee’s primary care giver was. If they felt so strongly that death was not the proper punishment, there was always “aggravated manslaughter” or “aggravated child abuse”. This was not a life or walk proposition. Instead the jurors such as juror #3 want to save face and find solace in their decision to say we did not  find her innocent. I beg to differ … Casey Anthony gets out next Sunday, you most certainly did find her innocent.

To the Casey Anthony murder trial jurors, take a good look below to who you decided to not provide justice for. You can be sick yo your stomach all you want, not half as sick as people who watched the same evidence that was presented to you and know that justice was not served and you blew it.

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    8 Responses to “Dennis Miller in the Bill O’Reilly “No-Spin Zone” Discussing the Casey Anthony Verdict … Jury of her Peers … “They Found 12 Other Morons””

    1. The Olde Kr0w on July 9th, 2011 2:47 pm

      There are no words to describe the rage i have inside, NO WORDS that quell the abject disgust and anger i feel right now
      I am crying, a grown “Macho Man” weeping for someone i don’t know.

      I am done, this once wondrous nation is dead, rotting with the filth and evil like this child’s so-called mother.

      May whatever deity that owns this world hold this innocent baby and comfort her, may that deity destroy the culture that created this incident

    2. MIke on July 9th, 2011 4:16 pm

      Maybe the jurors have been watching too much CSI Miami because everything in real life cases does not come wrapped up with a nice bow. Sometimes you have to use your brain which apparently none of these jurors had. There were plenty of charges that did not include the death penalty. She deserved 20 years just for thinking that the jury was stupid enough to believe her story. Oops! They were! If it truly was an accident why on earth would you cover it up. Why was the bounty hunter not put on the stand to say that when she was in the Anthony home that Casey said something to her about chloroform or did the prosecution not know this?

    3. hope on July 10th, 2011 1:15 pm

      The song?

      Another good ol’ boy tryin’ to make a buck off the death of a child… Who can blame him? The media, newspapers, magazines; even, her own family, used Caylee and our thirst for justicelove for her as a cash cow!
      SM: I hardly think that is fair to say … you have no idea what they are doing with any proceeds.

    4. hope on July 10th, 2011 1:30 pm

      And…. the money will continue to roll in as long as we allow it.

      I’m with Ol’ Krow:

      His will be done!

      Revelation 16

    5. hope on July 10th, 2011 4:11 pm

      Olde Krow:

      Forgive me, for I also hope for the days of the wicked ones to be cut short. Read the letter of James that we may put our anger aside and learn to endure all things in love.



      We’ll see…

    6. Dave on July 11th, 2011 7:35 am

      Pinellas County is known for sunshine, great beaches and an overwhelmingly unsophisticated blue collar culture. It is a “loser’s paradise”, having lured many of America’s most ignorant, unstable, simpleton misfits to move there. Most locals either have a criminal record or are close to someone with a criminal record. This has led them to become experts at suspending common sense, because they routinely rationalize the bad behavior they see all around them everyday as acceptable, even normal. Given this bias, their default response to any news of an arrest is to excuse or doubt guilt. So there’s your Pinellas County jury pool: a low IQ populace practiced in the art of rejecting common sense, with disdain for the concepts of societal behavior norms and lawful accountability.

    7. Maggie on July 11th, 2011 9:33 am

      I haven’t posted in awhile, but read when I can..been busy offline.. I don’t know anything about the make up of Pinellas county… but I can NOT believe that Casey Anthony will walk Sunday.. Juror no.3 everytime she talks she sounds like an air head.. We can’t speculate how the girl died..but then goes on to speculate it could’ve been an accident… does that make sense? Not one shred of evidence that Cayley died of drowning or any other accident.. Not one shred of evidence..George participated in covering it up.. They buy into smoke and mirrors, pictures of Cayley with grandmother in the pool..oh that means she drowned.. Pictures of Cayley at the sliding doors.. Oh that means she opened the doors.. God forbid I am ever found in the woods with duct tape on my skull.. There are pictures of me in the pool at my house..What the hell ever happened to common sense.. The quote it’s ok to keep an open mind, but not so open all your brains fall out..fits this to a t.. A child found in the woods and garbage bags with duct tape.. an accident? This reminds me of the aliens on the beach who got Natalee..coz she wanted to sit on the beach alone in a foreign country and look at stars..

      You don’t call the damn police for 31 days when your 2 yr old is missing/dead? Not even finding her guilty of child abuse..unbelievable.. The fact she is the parent of Cayley and did nothing but party and get tattoos, steal money for 31 days is child abuse to me. It’s hard to figure out who deserves an oscar more..Casey or Cindy.. I wouldn’t believe anything either said.. I believe George the most out of the family.. How he has endured it..I don’t know.. I didn’t buy Lee’s phoney break down on the stand.. poor me.. noone included me.. Yet later it was said Lee has been the one who has helped get the parents through all of this.. personally I won’t be shocked to find out this was the strategy they planned all along..get on the stand and go for the fool the jury.. to get Casey off.

      Juror no. 3 also said they don’t know how she died.. When you are found in the woods 6 months later because the mother misleads cops for 6 months and you are found in garbage bags with duct tape on your head.. and your damn car smells like a dead body that screams homicide.

      I will never watch an interview Casey does or buy anythng she writes..A jury who isnt even out 10 hours including lunch..breaks.. with 42 days of testimony..unbelievable.. and using things that were never proven the defense said as evidence…an accident that snowballed..not one shred of evidence..of that.. not one shred of evidence Casey was molested..which I don’t believe either.. She is toxic as Joran in my opinion..look at the nightmare everyone endured that was around her and cindy..

    8. Jeff on July 11th, 2011 6:11 pm

      They ( the jury ) wanted their 15 minutes of fame. Well, they got it. Now, if there is any justice in this universe, their stupidity, or more likely cowardice, will come back to haunt them tenfold. I’m not a religious man, but all you need to do is read Job 4:8. And, it says,
      ” As you sow, so shall you reap ” . Now, for most politicians and those numb from the neck up, it means: Everything that you do, both good and bad, has a reward or a consequence.

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