Casey Anthony Murder Trial Adjourned Abruptly Today for Legal Issue … Could an Attorney be Out, Maybe Cheney Mason?


This morning Judge Belvin Perry surprised all by adjourning court and stating it was for a legal issue.

WHAT IS UP!!! Please note the following is purely speculation at this point, but it is as good an answer as any with having been provided no information as to why Judge Perry recessed court today until 8:30 Monday. Jude Perry stated that the trial was in recess due to a “legal issue” which was not that what was discussed earlier in the morning, which would have meant the yet again discovery issue with defense expert witness Kenneth Furton.

The only thing is to do the process of elimination and assume that the issue at hand must have been considered huge for Judge Perry to call a recess when there was supposed to be a full day of testimony. According to all accounts there were 5 or 6 witnesses waiting in the court to be called to the witness stand. With past issues and problems among the State and Defense, Judge perry simply had them call another witness, that did not happen today.

Could This Be the Reason Why Court Was Called to a Halt Today?

VIDEO Hat Tip: Klaas

Thus, if the “legal issue” is of great importance that would halt the proceedings for the day, it must be either a plea deal, a jury issue or a problem with a lawyer. This was the theory put out by former Cindy & George Anthony attorney Mark Nejame earlier today.

Narrowed this to 2 possibilities…plea or trouble w atty on defense team. purely speculation. I think it’s w atty on defense. #caseyanthony

Along the lines of great lines think alike, I had actually speculated the same thing earlier today prior to hearing Mark Nejame’s theory.My thought was, did Cheney Mason just want out as this is not the way he wanted his Swan song to go, did he witness unethical behavior, or did he do something that either Casey or others on the Defense wanted him off the case? If it was Mason that was leaving the case, he was the only one there present that was a death penalty qualified attorney. Thus with no Mason, how could there be a proper representation of Casey Anthony? That would have caused Judge Perry to announce a recess until Monday.

This morning there was a reference to a Richardson hearing that would take place as it seems that Jose Baez and the Casey Anthony Defense team once again broke Judge Perry’s court order on evidence discovery. This only makes the third time since they have started their defense portion of the trial. However, yesterday during direct examine of Sgt. Ryan Eberlin of the OCSD Cheney Mason made a gaffe of all gaffes in asking whether Casey Anthony had been handcuffed, see VIDEO above. That opened the door for the State to ask Sgt. Eberlin why he had handcuffed Casey. he then told the jury that it was Cindy Anthony who said she wanted her daughter arrested and press charges for stealing her credit card and its unauthorized use. Oops, major gaffe on the part of the Defense.

Casey Anthony with a Look of Concern today as events transpired

View some pics of the Defense today as they discussed the Richardson hearing and when Mason said he had another separate matter to discuss in Sidebar.

Judge Perry announces that a legal issue has arisen (VIDEO above, 11:18) and court will recess until Monday. This is where all hell broke loose in speculation as to what just happened. In determining exactly what could have happened we need to see how the Defense entered the court today and how they left as seen in the above (VIDEO 11:57 and 12:28). In both cases the Defense does not look happy. Nor did Casey Anthony as court was put in recess.

More look of concern on the part of the Defense

It is obvious that something big had to have occurred in order for Judge Perry to adjourn court in such an abrupt manner this morning. Prior to the meetings in judge’s chambers, it was Cheney Mason that stated there was a separate issue that needed to be discussed. Also, from the reactions of the State and the Defense after coming out of the judge’s chambers one would suspect it was the Defense that caused the recess and something was amiss. Or could it be an issue with Jose Baez or the State. I am hedging toward the Defense. You make the call. We will be speculating all weekend long, but will have a definitive answer on Monday. Hopefully.

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    2 Responses to “Casey Anthony Murder Trial Adjourned Abruptly Today for Legal Issue … Could an Attorney be Out, Maybe Cheney Mason?”

    1. Greg the Great on June 25th, 2011 8:29 pm

      “Cindy Anthony who said she wanted her daughter arrested and press charges for stealing her credit card and its unauthorized use.” Yes, Casey wanted this to never be told to the jury! They are looking for a mistrial or plea deal with the state. The only way she will beat the death penalty is a plea deal. Which I bet the state never offered.

    2. on June 26th, 2011 7:15 am

      There is NO reason for the State to even consider a plea deal. So I’d take that one off the table. My guess it is what Mason said (therefore a request for a mistrial) or something regarding this DOD witness that suddenly says he can’t testify or he’ll be fired – witness tampering since he HAS been allowed to testify in other trials.

      then again, someone on the jury may be throwing up their hands. We know they jury has “discussed” the trial because there’s already been requests to see evidence, etc.

      Unfortunately, Casey is going to get 2 bites of the apple because of the problems in this case – mainly with HER attorneys.

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