Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Chief Defense Witness Bill Rodriguez Perjures Himself – OUT HE GOES – … Ashton Spits Out Spitz…


The Casey Anthony Murder Trial and what’s left of the defense witnesses left in its wake.

From Blink on Crime comes an analysis of many of the defense expert witnesses, each discredited by the prosecution one right after the next. Dr. Timothy Huntington, William Rodriguez and Werner Spitz, MD all came in like defense expert witness lions and left like discredited lambs. Just how many skilled experts in their field will have their reputations ruined by this trial and the poor defense strategy of Jose Baez and the Casey Anthony defense team.

Orlando, FL-  The Ninth Circuit of Orange County is beginning to look like their own decay facility.

If you’re watching the murder trial of Casey Anthony, for the murder of her daughter Caylee as the defense is presenting their case in chief,  you are watching Jose Baez et al building their own THE BODY FARM, of defense witnesses, that is.

READ the full story and analysis at Blink on Crime … note Blink is reporting that defense expert witness William Rodriguez, the NOT co-founder of the Body Farm is out.

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    2 Responses to “Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Chief Defense Witness Bill Rodriguez Perjures Himself – OUT HE GOES – … Ashton Spits Out Spitz…”

    1. Charles Nelson on June 25th, 2011 7:50 am

      The state’s case has more holes than swiss cheese, and if they actually got the DOD witness removed by complaining to his employer the prosecution should receive jail time. That is inherently WRONG.
      SM: Rodriguez better have received permission from the govt other wise he is in a world of hurt.

    2. Val Fahey on June 25th, 2011 3:17 pm


      And I concur with Charles Nelson: If Ashton had Rodriguez removed, he’s a goner. That guy should be flipping burgers anyway.
      SM: Spoken like a person who hasn’t a clue. Ashton has run rings around the Defense. Sorry.

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