Barack Obama Says “I Would Resign” if He Were Anthony Weiner


It would appear that President Barack Obama is weighing in on the Anthony Weiner “Weinergate” scandal. In an interview with the Today Show, Obama stated that if he was Weiner, “I would resign”. So does that mean that Obama can not bring the weight of his influence and office to ask him to leave, really?

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry, President Barack Obama said that if he were Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner right now, he would resign in the wake of the scandal in which Weiner admitted to sending explicit photos of himself to women online.

However, why is Obama making a comment on the Weiner matter? Is Obama speaking out on the “highly inappropriate’’ actions of Weiner because  Weiner embarrassed his wife and family or is it because he did so to the Democrat party and now is an albatross around the neck of the party?

Obama added that what Weiner did was “highly inappropriate’’ and that he has “embarrassed himself” and his wife and family, but said it will ultimately come down to a decision by Weiner and his constituents as to whether he will continue in office.

“I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,’’ Obama told Curry.

More at the Gateway Pundit, including the disgraceful naked pics that Weiner took of himself in the Congressional gym. BTW Obama, could you resign as well?

However, as Weiner dodges the fire of his pathetic actions in sex rehab, the House Ethics Committee begins an ethics inquiry into the actions of Congressman Weiner (D-NY). Ever wonder whats wrong with our government? The tax payers are paying for Weiner’s two week leave of absence as he attends sex rehab vacation so he can some house save his political career. How could Democrats allow Weiner to retain his Committees?

“I think this kind of behavior is unacceptable,” Cantor said. “I’m hoping that they (Democrats) will begin to move, if he does not resign, toward things like perhaps stripping him of his committees. I don’t think we have time for this. We obviously have a lot of other issues to be concerned with.”

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    17 Responses to “Barack Obama Says “I Would Resign” if He Were Anthony Weiner”

    1. Greg the Great on June 14th, 2011 7:37 am

      President Barack Obama wants Weiner to resign? What? Then I’m for Weiner to stay. He did less than Bill Clinton. They all love Bubba. His wife did not stand by her man. She stood under
      Hillary’s boots. Weiner was a guy looking for LOVE in all the wrong places. Those women role played with the Weiner. :-D

      Most gym rats take pictures of themselves flexing at the mirrors. He thought he was playgirl material?

    2. A Texas Grandfather on June 14th, 2011 8:12 am

      Obama would resign? Anyone who believes that is a prime candidate for purchasing the Brooklyn bridge.

      The liar in chief is just trying to calm the waters.

    3. Moi on June 14th, 2011 8:48 am

      Speaking of an albatross, wouldn’t that describe Obama fairly accurately? I’d like to see a charactature (sp?) of our dear Statue of Liberty with Obama dangling from a chain around her neck like an albatross. Would be an good description of what he’s done to her without a single caption needed.

    4. Greg the Great on June 14th, 2011 2:44 pm

      I just looked at what the Weiner did three months ago. I guess GOD likes ART also? Weiner is a pervert. Like Bill Clinton and his cigar!

    5. kitty on June 14th, 2011 3:06 pm

      get the teleprompter QUICK!!! give him a camera and voila! out of office!

    6. teresa on June 15th, 2011 10:06 am

      then please do RESIGN Bo BO ….because you are a WEINER!

    7. SUPER DAVE on June 15th, 2011 12:03 pm

      As if this weren’t enough proof of corruption by the democrats, it seems that Eric Holder, Obama, and the ATF have been allowing drug cartel to purchase firearms illegally and use them to murder innocent people on both sides of the border.
      an American border patrol agent was murdered 20 miles inside our own border with one of these weapons. HOLDER AND OBAMA AND THE WOLLY MAMMOTH (BIG SIS) MUST STEP DOWN NOW AND SURRENDER TO AUTHORITIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Sandy on June 15th, 2011 6:11 pm

      At least President Obama said that Rep Weiner should resign, unlike all of the repubs that kept quiet after the Vitter prostitution scandal. Funny how no one called for his resignation. Guess the GOP only follows its family values when it comes to assessing the values of Democrats. And seriously, what does Obama really have to do with any of this, are you not worried about the repubs giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while attempting to fix the economy on the backs of the middle class and poor?? Guess you guys are all millionaires….you all are soooo lucky!!!

    9. SUPER DAVE on June 16th, 2011 6:36 am

      #8: GET A JOB !

    10. Rusty Briges on June 16th, 2011 7:19 am

      #8, “what does Obama really have to do with any of this” Really? You are blaming people on this blog for bringing Obama in to this? Obam brought himself into this to try and prove that he is morally acceptable to conservative voters. Fat chance.

      What about Vitter? What about Congressman Chris Lee (R by the way,) who sent a shirtless photo of himself to an ADULT woman over the net. He resigned by himself just out of shame to his family.

      Now you liberals want to compare Weiner to Vitter, a married man who had an affair with an ADULT prostitute? Really? Where are the pictures Vitter sent out on the WWW for anybody to see? Oh, he kept his affair private? He didn’t send any pictures of his penis to women and girls he never met that could be any age Like Weiner did? Oh, I see the similarities-no not really please explain.

      And while you are comparing Weiner to Vitter, why don’t we play a little game by comparing Vitter to Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski and you can tell me why Vitter chould have stepped down?

    11. Rusty Briges on June 16th, 2011 7:26 am

      He77, if I was Obama I would step down.

      #7, This “Project Gun Runner” was a back door attempt at gun control. They wanted a trail of drug cartel guns back to gun shops in the US so they could push legislation for tighter gun control.

      This is one of the “Under the Radar” tricks Obama told Sarah Brady about. I wonder if Ms Brady would approve of innocent women and children being horrendously murdered to achieve her goals. I suspect not.

    12. Dolf on June 16th, 2011 8:10 am


      and its bad that they can trail guns sold to criminals?

      and why is guncontrol so bad.
      why does 1 need an automatic weapon
      home defence?? you shoot through your home with those guns (neighbours would like that)

    13. Sandy on June 16th, 2011 2:45 pm

      I have a job, but thanks for your concern. :-)

      Very witty comeback…you must have had to really think to come up with that one! LOL!!!

      and to Rusty, you really made prostitution sound super cool and not evil at all…”a married man who had an affair with an ADULT prostitute.” What a justification for prostitution!!! Now that you say it that way I see how that one was excusable. I am sure Vitter’s wife was glad, I mean, at least they were ADULTS….you really made my day with that….thanks! Oh, P.S., using prostitutes hardly qualifies as having an affair…he was a paying customer who was risking his political and family life not because he was in love with another woman, as having an affair might suggest, but just because he wanted to get his rocks off!!!!!

    14. flippy on June 16th, 2011 4:07 pm

      #10 –

      Yeah what about Congressman Lee. He resigned so fast that nobody cared anymore when the other details came out. If Weiner had resigned on day 1, we also wouldn’t know about the “other women” and his prompt resignation would remain the mystery that Lee’s is.

      More details are emerging about the Craigslist scandal surrounding former Congressman Chris Lee, has learned, and they possibly explain why he resigned so quickly after the initial story broke early this month.
      SM: Yes, but no one really cares about Lee. The damage was done in the fact that GOP lost the House seat.

      Weiner is a disgrace. He foolishly and selfishly allowed this to go on for 3 weeks and dragged his wife thru the mud. Do you not think that there is any coincidence that the wife was not in the USA for 8 hours and Weiner boy was resigning?

      There is no way that Democrat power brokers were going to let him stay. Weiner ain’t Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy.

      It turns out that the married-with-children Lee wasn’t just searching for women on Craigslist, he was also exchanging emails with transgender women, reports Gawker, the website that broke the initial story.

    15. Rusty Bridges on June 17th, 2011 11:27 am

      #13, uh yeah that really wasn’t my point. Ah, yes prstitution is bad, thought that was a given.

      If thats all you got from that than no sense trying to talk with you.

      No comment on the Bill Clinton thing… oh thats okay, forget it.

    16. Rusty Bridges on June 17th, 2011 12:24 pm

      #12, “and its bad that they can trail guns sold to criminals?”

      No, but the operation didn’t make any sense.

      Our gov’t set up an operation to sell guns from legal gun dealers to illegal drug cartels but never pursued the buyers. They just left these weapons loose into a foriegn country for what reason? Then they come out with a study that finds that 90%, (a bloated estimation,) of weapons used in Mexican drug crimes came from the US and then the liberals say we have to do something about the availability of legal weapons to legal buyers.

      Does that make sense?

      Your question about using automatic weapons for home defense? Not likely for most. Yes a gun can be too powerful for home defense. Most are aware and the gun industry is pushing for better choices of guns and ammunition. Some of us that do own weapons for home defense use the proper semi-automatic weapon with the safety type amunition. it is a powdered lead inside a copper jacket that desintigrates the first time it hits something and will not pentrate the second layer of a wall or door.

      Honestly Dolf, I wish nobody had a gun but the fact of the matter in the US, A lot of criminals already have guns and they aren’t about to turn them in anytime soon. right down the road from me in a nice part of town, somebody for at least four weeks went around and gunned down rival drug dealers with an automatic AK-47.
      I’m talking one was in a parking lot of a decent apartment complex where I used to live.

      We also have a a gang called MS-13 that 2 years ago abduct two women at seperate times from a local high end mall and killed them as part of an initiation. One had her 10-12 year old daughter with her that was also shot point blank in the face.

      I don’t know if you remmember a few years back europeon visitors were being targetd and killed by carjakers in Miami to the point that their home gov’t issued travel warnings.

      We have hurricanes that can level complete towns and leave people subjected to any of mankinds worst behaviors. In 1991 Hurricane Andrew flattened an area of south Miami just several miles from one of the worst sections of the city. Within hours of the sun setting bands of armed looters moved in and took all that they wanted. Small gun battles actually erupted between these groups and armed citizens. Eventually the national guard arrived to quell the violence.

      I won’t let my family fall prey to criminals if I can help it.

    17. Scott on June 20th, 2011 1:59 pm

      You left wing twits; there has not been on updated article from Gawker or Radaronline about Lee emailing transgenders….

      It’s amazing you twits are trying to compare apples and oranges…

      Lee sent one picture of himself…but idiots like yourself are to dumb to think that if he were on Weiner’s geek level; then more women would have come out.

      Problem is; Lee, like a real man; admitted it up front while Weiner’s little weener lied from the get go and was only busted after committing the crime of asking porn star Ginger Lee to lie for him and his criminal act of talking and tweeting on government time and property.

      You losers are losers just like Weiner. He was little nerd in high school like most of you libtards; got a little political power; thought he wasn’t a nerd anymore because of his political power and NOW HE HAS COME FULL CIRCLE TO BE THE BUTT OF AMERICA’s jokes about this idiot.

      A better story would be now if Huma did a Loreena Bobbitt on Weiner’s weener….LOL

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