Casey Anthony Murder Trial Day 10: FBI Expert Karen Lowe Testifies that Hair in Casey’s Trunk Came may be Caylee’s with Decomposition


Day 10 … and now for the forensics.

It was another bad day for defense attorney Jose Baez and his client tot mom Casey Anthony. The State was allowed to produce evidence against the tot mom and “death banding” of hair. Try as the defense would to disqualify this witness and not allow the testimony into evidence, Baez failed. FBI expert Karen Lowe was allowed to testify that one of the hairs found in the trunk of the car belonging to Casey Anthony came from a dead body. Just curious, why is Baez trying to disprove that an expired Caylee Anthony was in the trunk? Isn’t it the Defense’s position that Caylee drowned and George Anthony not only was aware but had keys to the vehicle? How did Caylee get from the back yard to where her remains were eventually found 1/2 mile away from the Anthony residence.

Karen Lowe: From My Fox Orlando Live Video feed

The trial of accused child killer Casey Anthony took another twist on Saturday when an FBI expert testified that a hair removed from her car’s trunk had characteristics consistent with that of a dead body.

Karen Korsberg Lowe told a Florida court that the single 9-inch brown strand she inspected had “darkened bands at the root portion.That is consistent with apparent decomposition.” She also said the hair showed signs that it had been forcibly pulled.

Hair Banding pic at SM via My Fox Orlando Video feed

Go to Scared Monkeys Forum for summary of Karen Lowe testimony.

Karen Lowe went on to say that the hair was consistent with a sample from Caylee, not Casey. Lowe stated that the  hair has a darkened band at the root portion of the hair which  is consistent with apparent decomposition.” Thus further advancing the State’s argument that Caylee was in the trunk of tot mom Casey Anthony not alive.

Karen Korsberg Lowe said she felt definitively that the sample of hair removed from the trunk showed post-mortem banding -meaning that hair was consistent with hair from a dead body, not a live one.

“It has a darkened band at the root portion of the hair. This is consistent with apparent decomposition,” Lowe said during the court session this morning.

Try as the defense might to discredit FBI expert Karen Lowe and hair banding, it was a major loss to Casey Anthony, Jose Baez and the defense team that the evidence was allowed in and the jury was allowed to consider it. Baez tried to claim that Lowe had doubts as to the reason why she wanted more samples; however, Lowe aptly rebutted the defense assertions.


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    3 Responses to “Casey Anthony Murder Trial Day 10: FBI Expert Karen Lowe Testifies that Hair in Casey’s Trunk Came may be Caylee’s with Decomposition”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 5th, 2011 1:43 pm

      When you propose a defense based on a lie it is diffucult to refute good science.

      The state has just begun with the forensics. Mr. Baez and Defense Team are going to make themselves look less and less compentent as more evidence is presented.

    2. MichiganMom on June 7th, 2011 2:07 pm

      The witness who took the stand, as I recall also said that not all dead/decomposing bodies show root banding in their hair. She also stated “We do not know why” this is true. I would totally discount her testimony based on that alone. One could conclude that root banding could be caused by completely different circumstances than death/decomposition. Also, remeber that “consistent with” is not a positive identifivation. I think that this witness’s testimony was a stellar plus for the defense. Win or lose, Baez is doing a superb job.
      SM: You must work for the Defense team. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY that has been following this case believes Baez is doing even an OK job. Baez is an embarrassment and he knows his client is guilty. (klaasend)

    3. MichiganMom on June 7th, 2011 2:10 pm

      oops…darn Ipad .. correct my previous post to correct spelling of REMEMBER and IDENTIFICATION.

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