Yet Another TSA Crotch Grabbing … This Time Two Injured US Military Veterans

Unbelievable, this is how the TSA treat injured US military vets? A note to TSA agents, military veterans are heroes, you crotch grabbing ingrates are zeros. Another assault of Americans by the “Crotch Police”.

On this Memorial Day weekend, have the TSA no shame, or no clue? The story below of how injured US military veterans were treated by the TSA is beyond shameful. It is treating America’s heroes at its worst. TSA agents responded in a “guilty until proven innocent” when two inured military vets set off metal detectors because of the shrapnel. They were accusatory asked by the TSA what they were hiding in their face and legs, but before they could answer, the TSA agent grabbed him, without notice, right in the crotch area as if trying to find something hidden.

Two injured US military veterans traveling to a ceremony to honor the lives of fallen friends who gave their lives to protect the rights enshrined in the Constitution were harassed by TSA thugs, with one of them having his crotch grabbed, according to David Bellow, an Army National Guardsman and a State Republican Executive Committeeman.

“One of the wounded warriors, a friend of mine who personally told me what happened, has bullet fragments in his leg. The other wounded warrior has shrapnel in his face,” wrote Bellow on the Texas GOP Vote website

The Texas House had previously passed a law that would forbid TSA agents from inappropriately touching men, women and children. However, when the vote came to the Texas Senate, the US federal government threatened a “no fly zone” over Texas if they dared pass the law.

26 Year Old Youth Minister Matthew (Matt) Alan Hill Missing Since 05/24/11 in Washington, DC

PIC: Matt Hill Missing; from Facebook – Praying and Searching for Matt Hill * Missing *

26 year old youth minister Matthew Alan Hill has was last seen on Tuesday morning, May 24, 2011 when he dropped off a George Washington University student, Matthew Degioia, in Chinatown near the Verizon Center in Northwest DC. He told that individual he was headed to church that was about 10 minutes away. However, he never arrived. His car was ticketed near his apartment in Foggy Bottom around 11 AM and then his credit card was used about an hour later to buy gas in  Arlington, VA. Police have classified Hill’s disappearance as a “critical” missing person’s case.

View more videos at:

Facebook: Find Matt Hill.

Matt Hill is a a 2008 graduate of Elon University in North Carolina. Hill works for Campus Outreach D.C. and does campus ministry at George Washington University.

Hill was driving a 1996 Black Honda Civic LX with D.C. plates DT-2747. Holger Hill said Friday his son’s debit card was last used around noon Tuesday at a gas station in Arlington, Va.

MLB Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Daniel Bard asks for help finding his missing childhood friend Mattan Hill.

Hill, who had been a groomsman in Bard’s wedding, was last seen in the Washington, D.C., area on Tuesday morning, near the home of a student from George Washington University whom he was mentoring. With his friend still missing, Bard asked reporters covering the Red Sox if they would publish the link to the Facebook page that has been set up to assist in the search for the missing 26-year-old.

If anyone has any information regarding Matt Hill, please call police at 202-715-7300, 202-727-9099 or 202-730-1903. Additional contact information can be found on the “Praying and Searching for Matt Hill * Missing *” Facebook page.

UPDATE I: Bard concerned for missing friend.

“He’s a pretty good friend,” Bard said. “This is extremely out of character. He’s one of the most positive, outgoing, happy people I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that. I think anyone’s whose met him would say that. … This all seems so strange.”

“The toughest day was the first day I found out about it,” Bard said. “It was shock and now it’s become kind of a mystery we’re all trying to figure out. There are so few clues. The guys on the team have been pretty supportive and talking to me.

Will Norton Graduated from HS in Joplin, MO but Never Made it Home … Missing in Joplin along with 1500, Death Toll Rises

Death toll continues to rise in Joplin, MO

Will Norton has been missing since last Sunday … when he was on his way home after graduation in Joplin, Missouri when the devastating tornadoes hit. It was previously reported that Will Norton was sucked out of his vehicle through the sun roof, snapping his seat belt. He had not been seen since.

Sadly, the family of Will Norton has announced that they have received confirmation that he is dead.

It said Friday that the original list of 232 missing or unaccounted for residents had dropped to 156 by Friday, and planned to give an updated total later in the day.

Missouri Department of Public Safety deputy director Andrea Spillars said Friday that at least 90 people on the initial list had been located alive.

But at least six others were identified as among the dead, and some new names had been added to the scroll of the missing. Authorities had cautioned for days that while they believed many on the list were alive and safe, others likely had been killed.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial Day 4: Simon Birch, Mgr of Towing Yard Says Casey Anthony’s Car Smelled of Decomposition … George Anthony, “I Feared Car Death Smell Was Casey, Caylee.”

A Prayer for Caylee Anthony Justice

Simon says the car smelled like decomposition …

Simon Birch, the manager of the wrecker/towing yard, Johnson’s Wrecker Service, where Casey Anthony’s car, a white Pontiac Sunfire, was impounded for more than two weeks in the summer of 2008 testified on Friday that he smelled an odor coming from the car that was consistent with decomposition. Birch stated that in his 30 years in the business, he  had had come across deceased bodies at least eight times.

Simon Birch

Watch HERE (5:05) and HERE, VIDEO testimony of Simon Birch.

The manager of a towing yard where Casey Anthony’s car was kept for more than two weeks during the summer of 2008 testified at her murder trial Friday that he smelled an odor coming from her car consistent with decomposing bodies he’d smelled in the past.

Birch said he’d spent 30 years in the towing business as well as two years in waste management, and had come across deceased bodies at least eight times. He said he first noticed the smell coming from Anthony’s’ car on the fourth day her 1998 Pontiac was parked on his yard. The car had been towed after spending four days in an Amscot parking lot. It stayed there from June 30 to June 15, when Anthony’s parents retrieved it.

Read more

Classless POS Larry Flynt Calls Trig Palin a “Brain Dead Virtual Vegetable”

More PDS … Palin Delusion Syndrome, Smut Peddler Edition.

There is a special spot in hell for those that would make such comments at children with Downs Syndrome. Make some room for Larry Flynt, who has now gotten into the mix of a classless and disgusting venue of bashing Trig Palin, the son of Sarah Palin. Flynt called Trig, “It’s brain dead. A virtual vegetable.”

In a new interview with the London Independent newspaper, Flynt rambled from topic to topic until he settled on Palin, who is considering whether to run for the Republican nomination for president this year.

Then, he went after Trig, saying, “She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome. It’s brain dead. A virtual vegetable.”

Unbelievable, so Flynt thinks that every child with Down’s should be aborted. What a class act. We already knew Flynt was a scumbag, but to go after children with disabilities and the parents who decide to take the responsibility to raise children with Down’s is even low for a smut peddler like Larry Flynt. However, as stated at Big Journalism, should we really expect much less? Imagine a man who makes a living off the exploitation of women, actually hates a woman.

A note to the LEFT and the delusional, you can hate an adult all you want as the loony left does with Sarah Palin. However, what part about children are off limits don’t you get? Seriously, have you no souls? I do not care what political party one belongs to … YOU DO NOT GO AFTER CHILDREN!

UPDATE I: Larry Flynt‘s Not Sorry for Calling Trig Palin ’Brain Dead…Virtual Vegetable’

A note to Larry Flynt, I wonder if his mother would have had him if she knew what he would turn out to be? Just using his own words as they pertain to Flynt.

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