Was this a SNL Skit … VP Biden Tells Fund Raisers to Keep Him in Mind in 2016



This might be the best joke that VP Joe Biden has told in quite some time. The VP told a gathering of Democrat donors in Cincinnati, OH to keep him in mind in 2016. What? Dear Joe, let me be the first to break this to you, not a chance. You are going to be lucky if you are still Vice President after 2012.

The Vice President, who has never ruled in or out running in six years, told the group he hadn’t made up his mind, and cited both political conditions and his own health as relevant factors.

But the spontaneous suggestion caught the attention of at least some in the audience, said the guest, “given he volunteered that without prompting…and given the audience.”

As stated at the PJ Tatler, yes Dems, please give Biden all your money to run. We beg you. Not only is Biden’s comment comical, it’s premature. One would think that Barack Obama would want his VP campaigning for the president, not Biden. However, that being said, Biden is making a rather huge assumption that Obama will be reelected. Good luck to that with falling poll numbers and an economy that has all but stalled with 9.0% unemployment.

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    2 Responses to “Was this a SNL Skit … VP Biden Tells Fund Raisers to Keep Him in Mind in 2016”

    1. rightknight on May 24th, 2011 8:48 am

      Lotsa banter about Obama being the worst
      President the US has picked.. who might
      the worst Vice President be…Hmmmmm?

    2. Moi on May 24th, 2011 1:32 pm

      He’d make Obama and Carter appear like Ragan!

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