Casey Anthony Murder Trial in Death of Caylee Anthony Jury Sworn In … What Will Opening Arguments Have In Store


After weeks of questions from Judge Perry, the prosecution and Jose Baez and his Casey Anthony defense team, the Casey Anthony murder trial jury has finally been picked and sworn in. With all the distractions, contempt of court charges and exemptions based on cause, the jury is final.  The jury panel of 9 women and 8 men was chosen (see list below); however, only 12 will comprise the actual jury which will consist of 7 women and 5 men. The remaining 5 will be alternates when court resumes Tuesday and the opening arguments begin in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Please see the list below of the jury that will be empaneled and sequestered during the Casey Anthony murder trial in the death of Caylee Anthony.

Hat Tip: Brandi – Click HERE for larger image of juror description

Make no mistake about it, during this trial from start to finish, do not forget what happened. This trial is about the death of a three year old little girl named Caylee Anthony at the hands of her mother Casey Anthony. No mud slung on the wall to see what sticks by the defense can ever explain how a mother would go out clubbing and having a good time and not mentioning that her child was missing for 30 days. As potential juror stated, which might I ad has to be in the back of every one’s mind whether they want to admiot it or not, no mother acts this way … it’s not natural.

Female Potential Juror: OK, I will. I believe that to lose a child is the worst thing that this earth has to serve on anyone.  It changes the way you see the world, it is out of the natural order of things, no matter the circumstance of that loss. My husband and I did lose a son in a car crash.  Being totally involved and cooperative with the investigation that included things like the grisly details of the ME reports, scene reports, everything that went into compiling an accurate homicide report as much as it hurt us, was our parental obligation.  And it is my conviction that any failure to participate or be engaged entirely in that process would probably overshadow my ability to be objective about actual commission of a crime.  I would see that as a guilt by omission if you will.

Needless to say this juror was excused on cause; however, how many on the jury are of the same opinion?

What bombshells will the defense present on Tuesday? We shall see as the trial begins tomorrow.

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    3 Responses to “Casey Anthony Murder Trial in Death of Caylee Anthony Jury Sworn In … What Will Opening Arguments Have In Store”

    1. SSDD on May 23rd, 2011 3:51 pm

      I wonder what lie Baez is going to try to pass for truth in his opening statement, as to the reason Casey didn’t report her child missing for 31 days. Actually, if her mother hadn’t pinned her down, who knows how long Casey would have gone without saying anything. Cindy reported it to the police, not Casey.

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