As If the Casey Anthony Murder Trial Needed to Get Any More Bizarre … Judge Perry Calls for Court Recess Until Tomorrow



As if this murder case and the jury selection in the trial of Casey Anthony and the death of Caylee Anthony … As they came back to court following lunch, Judge Perry abruptly announced that court would be in recess until 8:30 tomorrow. This came after Judge Perry had discussed with the prosecution and defense attorneys that they needed to speed up the process in order to get through more jurors.

Mr. Mason, have you had a chance to discuss the matter with Ms. Anthony? Atty mason replied, Yes I have your honor.  Judge, this case will be in recess until 8:30am tomorrow. At the time this occurred, lead defense attorney Jose Baez was not in court when this occurred.

The speculation was fast and furious following the adjournment as Judge Perry offered no explanation as to the reason for the recess. Rumors of dissension among the defense ranks, plea deal, firing of Baez and personal sickness were discussed across the Internet and legal pundits on TV. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Jose Baez sent the a text message explaining the adjournment: “Today’s adjournment was due to a private matter. Please stop the speculation, as jury selection will continue at 8:30 tomorrow morning. No further statements will be made.” The delay in the trial is obviously a head scratcher as it had been discussed prior to lunch by Judge Perry that much work in a short period of time was needed to finally chose the jury.

How do we go from a judge discussing a way to pick up the pace in choosing a jury, to lunch recess, to a recess for the day?

Earlier in the day, the Casey Defense team objected to the court’s procedure of jury selection and  filed an oral motion against Perry’s court procedure. Judge Perry denied the motion.

After 20 minutes of arguments from the defense, Perry denied it.

“Potential jurors are not grist for a grist mill, just to be set aside, used up for inconvenience,” said Perry.

Just before everyone left the courtroom for a long recess, prosecutors struck another possible juror.

Perry called an unusually long lunch break on Wednesday, an hour and a half, and then Baez asked for more time.

“Can we make it one your honor? One o’clock,” said Baez in court.

Without any other indication that anything was wrong, Baez never returned from lunch.

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    3 Responses to “As If the Casey Anthony Murder Trial Needed to Get Any More Bizarre … Judge Perry Calls for Court Recess Until Tomorrow”

    1. maria on May 18th, 2011 7:06 pm

      she now has no other choice than to cop a plea to save her lying azz! jmo!

    2. Carpe on May 20th, 2011 5:54 am

      I can’t wait until they call Gorgeous George as a witness. I’m sure he is uh-learnin’ how to PRONOUNCIATE all his words a little better.
      *Yes, he actually used pronounciate in a sentence. He sounded just like Ernest T. Bass from Mayberry.

      The guy is a freakin’ cartoon. A simp. A SCHMUCK. eL PUTZO grande!

      He couldn’t even be trusted to put on his own underwear… he’d have them on inside out or backwards, guaranteed. Two legs might be stuffed down into one hole… Cindy would have to be called. LOL

      Love how the Honorable Judge Perry keeps that Casey freak show moving, though. He will bring this thing to a fair and fitting result. Judge Perry keeps my faith in the system going.

    3. Julie Dufaj on May 24th, 2011 2:09 pm

      Anyone who has worked with kids or young people has run across a Case Anthony. Chronic liars lie to keep from having to deal with something. To say it nicely, they belong to the group of human beings who are not courageous about answering for their misdeeds. When they are finally brought to account, it devastates them. The thing they have most feared is upon them. Look at the first videos of her coming into court with her hands handcuffed behind her back. That strange smile on her face is her way of say, “See how normal and happy I look. Could anybody that looks this cheerful and accommodating do what you think I did?” It’s another form of lying.

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