Barack Obama Misery Index … Americans Mood At Lowest Level in 2 Years


Welcome to more “Hope & Change” from President Barack Obama … The Obama “MISERY” index.

As Barack Obama is out on the west coast hob-knobbing with libs and Hollywood types in full campaign mode blaming the previous administration for all the ills of the United States, America’s mood is at the lowest level in two years. However, Obama has yet to take responsibility for his failed policies and agenda of the past 2+ years of his presidency. There is no one else to blame but Obama for the rising gas prices, the out of control spending, the continued lack of jobs being created and the record federal deficit. The buck stops with him and he will be held accountable in 2012.

Americans are more pessimistic about the nation’s economic outlook and overall direction than they have been at any time since President Obama’s first two months in office, when the country was still officially ensnared in the Great Recession, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Amid rising gas prices, stubborn unemployment and a cacophonous debate in Washington over the federal government’s ability to meet its future obligations, the poll presents stark evidence that the slow, if unsteady, gains in public confidence earlier this year that a recovery was under way are now all but gone.

Under Obama the United States has developed an entirely new type of “misery index”.  One that Americans are feeling on a personal level with foreclosures, bankruptcies, unemployment and pain at the gas pump. All of these economic issues have caused Americans to be pessimistic about Barack Obama. As the Gateway Pundit emphasizes, “Disapproval of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy has never been worse, up to 57 percent of Americans.”

The fact of the matter is that Americans believe that the economy is getting worse, not better. As stated at the Political Wire, The number of Americans who think the economy is getting worse has jumped 13 points in just one month. According to Real Clear Politics, the nations average of right direction, wrong direction of the country is at 26% right and 67.6% wrong or a -41.6%. Hardly polling data that is favorable to Obama.

Although I can appreciate the Moderate Voice’s moderate approach to the polling data, I must ask … who does the buck stop with? America blamed GWB in 2008, guess who will take the brunt of Americans mood in 2012? Barack Obama has been a colossal disappointment to all, mostly the LEFT and INDEPENDENTS. It is the “independent & moderates” that have fled from Obama. Candidate Obama has been a far different person that President Obama and just as many Dems and Indies said that GWB squandered hos political capital as president, Obama has done so in a big way as being one of the most partisan Presidents ever. He ignored the job crisis while focusing on Obamacare against the will of the people. Now he finds escalating gas prices that affect all voters.

In 2012 Americans will ask themselves if they are better off today than they were 4 years ago and the answer will be a resounding “NO”. Cute political slogans and a historic election will not help Obama in 2012. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

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