Another Obama Campaign Flip Flop … KSM to be Tried by Military Commission at Gitmo


BACK WHERE WE STARTED… September 11 terror mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four alleged co-conspirators will be tried in a military commission in GITMO. Haven’t we heard this before?

It’s De JaVu all over again as KSM, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four alleged co-conspirators will be tried in a military commission in GITMO. Had it not been for President Barack Obama and AG Eric Holder stopping the trial of these terrorists, the trial would have already been over and these killers would have been convicted.

Today’s announcement represents a pronounced shift in the administration’s handling of terrorism cases. Trying Mohammad in a civilian court and closing the Guantanamo prison were once some of the Obama administration’s top priorities, but political realities have hamstrung both goals.

Holder said today that he still believes the federal court system would have provided the best court system. The Justice Department today unsealed the indictment against the accused 9/11 plotters in December 2009, which Holder said revealed “we were prepared to bring a powerful case against Khalid Sheikh Mohammad.”

Holder has blamed politics for the delay of the KSM trial. Sorry, it was the Obama/Holder inexperience and their game playing of going against the will of the American people. However, once again Barack Obama has flip-flopped on what was a 2008 Presidential campaign promise to the LEFT … how will they react to this reversal of fortune? As stated by Hot Air, this decision represents a complete and unmitigated political defeat. One has to wonder how wrong could an Administration ever have been to have suggested the idea that the terrorists should have been tried in a civil court in NYC in the first place. Putting NYC in the cross-hairs of terrorists, let alone the massive expense for security. What was Obama and Holder thinking? However, this has been emblematic of the clueless Obama Administration, a complete failure.

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    4 Responses to “Another Obama Campaign Flip Flop … KSM to be Tried by Military Commission at Gitmo”

    1. southernsue on April 5th, 2011 8:23 am

      we are being led by a band of fools.

      why would these two commies, obama and holder, ever want to hold war trials in the public courts instead of a military court is beyond me.

      i guess to broadcast our military secrets to the world and obama and holder’s muslim buddies would get the “heads up”.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on April 5th, 2011 9:46 am

      Sue you are correct. The entire left fits your description of the current administration.

      It is insanity, insanity, insanity until the real Americans who cherish this country wake up and banish these leftist crazies to the ash heap of history,

    3. super dave on April 5th, 2011 11:41 am

      they are both black panther sympathizers. same as communists.

    4. US Senator Mitch McConnell (KY-R) Raises Concern Over Civilian Terror Trials in Light of Casey Anthony Acquittal | Scared Monkeys on July 10th, 2011 10:17 pm

      [...] President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had previously stopped military tribunals of KSM and other terror suspects to instead try these cases in NYC. Of course we know how that ended as a hue and cry went up through the United States and New York City that no such trial should ever take place in the shadows of Ground Zero and a civilian court. Eventually, Obama/Holder pulled the plug on it. [...]

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