Northern Arizona University Professor Veronica Perez Rodriguez Kidnapped at Gunpoint in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (UPDATE: Found Safe)


35 year old Veronica Perez Rodriguez, an associate archaeologist professor at the University of Northern Arizona was kidnapped at gunpoint as she visited her mother in the violent Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Ciudad Juarez is one of the most violent Mexican border cities where at least 39 US citizens were killed in the city last year which had a murder rate above 3,000.

Pic:Verónica Pérez Rodríguez: NAU

An American university professor has been kidnapped in a violent Mexican border city by a group of armed men.

Veronica Perez Rodriguez was snatched by the gunmen in Ciudad Juarez after visiting her mother, who lives there, on Friday afternoon.

The archaeologist has been an associate professor of anthropology at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona since 2003.

Good grief, then there is this diddy from the Jawa Report regarding the  U.S. Consular Affairs and their lack of ability of multi-tasking.

Ivna Giauque with the Department of U.S. Consular Affairs told CNN they hadn’t been alerted about a kidnapping because they’ve been focused on the earthquake that hit Japan on Friday.

As stated at GretaWire, Dear Mr. President, there is a war going on in Mexico and our US-Mexican border. Previously, Secretary Clinton said that Mexico is ‘like Columbia of 20 years ago.’ For her actions, she was rebuked by both President Calderone and President Obama. How many more murders, kidnappings and drugs need to flow across the border before this administration will take notice?

UPDATE I: FOX News Phoenix is reporting that Northern Arizona University Professor Veronica Perez Rodriguez has been found safe after being kidnapped. Veronica Perez Rodriguez said to be a victim of “express kidnapping”.  The all to common practice in Mexico of kidnapping Mexicans who appear to be wealthy or middle class for fast cash ransom.

A Northern Arizona University professor is reported to be safe and back with her family in Mexico after being briefly kidnapped.

School officials said Saturday that Veronica Perez Rodriguez was the victim of a kidnapping late Friday while visiting family members in Ciudad Juarez.

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