Congressman Allen West Confronted by Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of CAIR and Get’s his Hat handed to Him


From the Shark Tank comes the following confrontation at a town hall meeting where CAIR confronted Congressman Allen West and failed miserably. It is a perfect example of don’t ask for things, they might just come true. Or in this case, get an answer that you cannot come back from.

At a townhall meeting hosted by Congressman Allen West on Monday evening in Pompano Beach, the Q&A segment of the meeting featured a Koran wielding Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Hamze confronted Congressman West and asked him to point out where in the Koran does it give marching orders to Muslims “to carry out attacks against Americans and innocent people”.  West quickly pointed out that the Koran was written long before America even existed and that it does indeed tell believers to kill infidels,

don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt …



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    18 Responses to “Congressman Allen West Confronted by Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of CAIR and Get’s his Hat handed to Him”

    1. dennisintn on February 23rd, 2011 12:10 pm

      i’ve seen and heard a lot of mr. west lately and i’m totally impressed by palin, west tells you what he thinks, not what he thinks you want to hear. there are way too few people like them in politics and they scare the hell out of those politicians who have to get by with their lies.

    2. rightknight on February 23rd, 2011 2:04 pm

      Allen West has spent the time necessary
      to understand the truth.

    3. Michelle Smith on February 23rd, 2011 2:17 pm

      I applaud Mr. West for standing up to these spineless jerks.

      I am totally impressed with his knowledge and his love of this Country and the Constitution. He is a true American and he’s not afraid to speak the truth.

      I would vote for this man in a heartbeat.

    4. Tamikosmom on February 23rd, 2011 3:14 pm

      One day when the politically correct/appeasing democracies of the free world have woken up … the following words of Geert Wilder … words meant as a warning … will be reflected upon. However … it will be too late.


      Geert Wilder’s speech to Holland’s Parliament
      Posted March 11th, 2008 in Military News

    5. Tamikosmom on February 23rd, 2011 3:21 pm

      Extremist cleric to lead White House protest calling for Muslims to ‘rise up and establish Islamic state in America’
      Last updated at 3:27 PM on 20th February 2011


      Muslim Cleric Plans White House Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America
      Published February 20, 2011

    6. Tamikosmom on February 23rd, 2011 4:29 pm

      Excepts from Allen West’s response to Nezar Hamze …director of CAIRS.


      Rep. Allen West Stands Up To CAIR Official
      Wednesday, 23 February 2011 16:07

    7. Tamikosmom on February 23rd, 2011 6:21 pm

      Allen West – December 2010

      “Until you get principle leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we are going to be chasing our tail because we will never clearly define who this enemy is and then understand their goals and objectives, which is on any Jihadist website, and then come up with the right and proper goals and objectives to not only secure our Republic but to secure Western civilization.”


      Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the USA (1981-1989)

      “One legislator accused me of having a nineteenth-century attitude on law and order. That is a totally false charge. I have an eighteenth-century attitude. That is when the Founding Fathers made it clear that the safety of law-abiding citizens should be one of the government’s primary concerns.”

    8. rightknight on February 23rd, 2011 10:44 pm

      Subscribing to a ‘religion’ that commands it’s adherents
      to kill all those who are not subscribers seems to trump
      all the ‘peaceful’ benefits one could wish for.

    9. Roo on February 23rd, 2011 10:56 pm

      I’m a big fan of Allen West, but there are two problems with the headline “Congressman Allen West Confronted by Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of CAIR and Get’s his Hat handed to Him”.
      First, it should be “gets”, not “get’s”. Why would you think that the present tense is formed by using an apostrophe? Second, what the headline literally says is that Congressman West got his hat handed to him, whereas what actually happened, and what you doubtless intended to convey, was that *Hamze* got his hat handed to him, in which case the headline should have read “Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of CAIR, confronts Congressman Allen West and Gets his Hat handed to Him”.
      SM: Dude, I think you can figure out by reading the story and watching the video who gets their hat handed to him. With all that transpired in this video, that is you critique?

    10. super dave on February 24th, 2011 7:41 am


    11. NGBoston on February 24th, 2011 7:42 am

      @ Janet—Tamiko’s Mom—Thanks for another great quote from RR. Is it any wonder he was called the “Great Communicator”? Pres. Reagan had an uncanny knack of being able to read and understand basic English- take apart the red tape and bureaucracy of our own Constitution—and interpret the meanings of a document over 200 years old into making common sense as it applied to modern day History. I also think the Gipper would have made a wonderful US Supreme Court Justice.

      Anyway—back to the topic at hand—-I agree with all of the posters above on this thread.

      AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP! Can Americans CLEARLY and SIMPLY INTERPRET all the political uprise and the CHAOS going on right now in the Middle East? Perhaps if we look across the Oceans, SOMETHING CAN BE LEARNED FROM THIS ANARCHY in motion.

      America! It is unfolding right before our very eyes. For years now, any International Financial expert has been warning us about the “takeover” of China—meaning in terms of $$$$ +-/Export/Imports–Gross Domestic or International Trading/Deficit. Perhaps I do not have the correct terminology specifically, but you are getting my point?

      We are at a crucial turning point in American/International History and who do we have at our helm to protect us, defend us….keep our nation safe?

      Well, God Bless the Man since he has had much on his plate his first 2 years in—-but we have no other than Barack Hussien Maybe My Real Name Really is Barry Soetero & I just Don’t Want to Go There Obama and that effing WINDBAG/DOUCHEBAG that is Joe Biden.

      Hey! Big Joe??? Isn’t that WHY THE CHOSEN ONE PICKED YOU TO RUN FOR VP when he was campaigning? Isn’t it because, you know America—-ALL THAT SENATORIAL AND EXPTERTISE ON FORIEGN AFFAIRS JOE THE WINDBAG was supposed to bring on board for the new Cabinet?


      HELLO? Hey, Big Joe—you paying attention here? Anybody else see what the rest of the World sees?

      GREAT POLITICAL UNREST IN THE MIDDLE EAST. (Surprise Surprise) Oh, hold the horses, Joe and Barack. What is America GOING TO DO (again?) Yeah, you know US AMERICANS- THE STRONGEST, PROUDEST LOUDEST KICK YOU IN YOUR FACE COUNTRY ON THE MAP. United States of America, Baby!

      That is us. Always ready to defend our Allies. Always SENDING BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN AID—(not millions—that is TRILLIONS with a Capitial T) to the sick, the impoverished, the undperpriviledged THIRD WORLD NATIONS while we have thousands upon hundreds of thousands here living in POVERTY. IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. AMERICANS.

      We are the first to help the sufferers of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and other natural disasters?

      Aids? Africa? Well, Thank You GEORGE W. BUSH AND LAURA BUSH for all of the aid you assisted in pushing through as a top initiative to MILLIONS OF STARVING AFRICANS. Thank you.

      But, guess what? Anyone read the Bible much? Anyone follow the works of Nostradamus?

      Anyone care to LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX and see what the hell is really going on here? What is the big picture?

      PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION, AMERICA. I am afraid, very afraid for my Country and my Children. Why, you ask, and what is the point of this rambling , lunatic post?


      I don’t care what ANYONE says about this next comment, you can crucify me for it but I FOR ONE AM 100% THANKFUL THAT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON is our Secretary of State right now!!!!!!!

      Are you effing kidding me, America? Like her or hate her—at least HRC has the guts, intelligence and stamina to keep up with these slimy pr*cks she has to deal with on a daily basis.

      And I will go out on a limb right now and say one more thing! ANYONE REMEMBER THE AD she had during her campaign when the “red” phone at the White House Rang at 3 in the morning? Think about that brilliant piece of marketing and ASK YOURSELF THE SAME QUESTION RIGHT NOW.

      Cuz I sure as hell know who would BE BETTER PREPARED AT THE OTHER END OF THE PHONE, and Barack just put her on a plane today.

      Thank you, God for continuing to keep us in your prayers. Thank you God for watching over us, our families—all of the brave MEN AND WOMEN who are still enlisted and SERVING TIME ABROAD.

      Please, America! Abandon your party lines. Who cares if you are/were a Registered Democrat. WHO CARES. Change to and INDEPENDENT and lets keep our fingers CROSSED…MIDDLE TO RIGHT CENTER AMERICA that SOMEONE CAPABLE and QUALIFIED SHOWS UP ON THE TICKET FOR 2012.


      We are in great, great jeapordy.

      Yes, Dubya— I DO MISS YOU. You were CORRECT about WMD’s. You WERE CORRECT ABOUT ALOT OF THINGS, Dubya. I miss you and Former First Lady Laura. I WISH YOU WERE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Everyone blamed you and pointed the finger, GWB. But I know one thing for sure—you sure as hell were not perfect and Cheney was your biggest dectractor—but may I say this—Respectfully, Mr. President?

      I am afraid, very afraid. And when I heard your voice, watched your body language, and listened to you in the days after 9/11 while kissing my children’s foreheads in bed—I felt comfort restored by the STRENGTH AND CONVICTION OF LEADERSHIP DURING VERY TROUBLING TIMES FOR AMERICA.

      I wish you were here.

      Sign Me-

      New Girl—-GAIL FROM BOSTON!!!!!!!!

      Oh, Lord—someone wake me up when this is over and it is time to cast my vote again.

      ////End of Rant///

    12. NGBoston on February 24th, 2011 7:43 am

      R or Klaas—-Please rescue long post. Apologies in advance for length.
      And have a great day, Monkeys.

      SM: Got it.

    13. Steve Holloway on February 24th, 2011 11:11 am

      Allen West (wow) He is the man. He knows the truth about islam and how dangerous it is to freedom loving God fearing men and women.

      allah calls them to kill anyone that will not submit to islam. How peaceful is that? GW Bush got it completely wrong. The emery has not yet been defined but Allen West did a great job doing just that. Maybe he can change the mind set in DC and to the nation.

      Women have no rights in islam; they are seen and treated no better than an animal. How would that make you feel to be on the same level as you dog?

      That is why Christ is the answer. God (JESUS CHRIST)was born as a child and experienced our life, to die on the cross for our sins, paying the price for our sins (love so great to lay down their life for another) to except him as your SAVIOR and let his grace take care of your sins and when you die…you will go to heaven forever and not HELL.

      Have a great and wonderful day and God Bless.

    14. Sahara on February 24th, 2011 6:54 pm

      My hat is off to Allen West!!!

    15. mc on February 25th, 2011 5:59 pm

      Congressman West cuts through the Taqiyya like a hot knife through butter!

    16. NGBoston on February 26th, 2011 9:24 am

      Call me sick and lifeless….but when I logged on to SM Website and started poking around….

      Came back to this thread and replayed the video.

      Way to start my day again with a HUGE SMILE on my face.

      Allen West for Pres???????

    17. Tamikosmom on February 26th, 2011 5:02 pm


      My youngest son’s Dutch American inlaws who resided just across the Canadian border from us are excited about the potential rise of Allen West in the political arena.


    18. Mariano on March 10th, 2011 1:23 pm

      Rather than bad mouthing Allen West or, for that matter, Nezar Hamze, has anyone thought to actually deal with the implications of the question?

      Here are merely some of the circa 109 Qur’anic / Koranic verses calling Muslims to war with unbelievers / infidels / non-Muslims:
      2:191-193, 2:244, 2:216, 3:56, 3:151, 4:74, 4:76, 4:89, 4:95, 4:104, 5:33, 8:12, 8:15, 8:39, 8:57, 8:59-60, 9:5, 9:14, 9:20, 9:29, 9:30, 9:38-39, 9:41, 9:73, 9:88, 9:111, 9:123, 21:44, 25:52, 47:4, 47:35, 48:17, 48:29, 61:4, 61:10-12, 66:9.

      Also, consider the Hadith (Islam’s sacred traditions):
      Bukhari; 8:387, 52:177, 52:256, 52:220
      Abu Dawud; 14:2526, 14:2527
      Muslim; 1:33, 1:149, 20:4645, 20:4696, 19:4321-4323
      Tabari; 7:97, 9:69
      Ibn Ishaq; 327, 990, 992

      And keep in mind that due to the “doctrine of abrogation,” Muslims are to follow the latter revelation and not the previous. The previous, Medina period, was given when Muhammad did not have many followers nor wealth and thus preached peace. The latter, the Mecca period, was given when Muhammad had many followers and wealth and preached conflict.

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