Domonique Ramirez, Miss San Antonio Stripped of her Crown for … Eating Too many Tacos


Just when you thought you have heard it all …

17 year old Domonique Ramirez is the reigning Miss San Antonio; however, not for long. The pageant board wants to strip  away Domonique Ramirez of her title. She  is presently suing to keep her crown. So what did Miss Ramirez do that was so bad that warranted her having her title stripped … Pose nude? Drugs? Sex Tape? Felony arrest? No, no, no and no. Domonique Ramirez has ate too many tacos! Unbelievable!

Domonique Ramirez

The board is charging Ramirez with “gaining excessive weight, showing up late to official events, and insubordination. The have already moved to give the crown to runner-up Ashley Dixon.

Linda Woods, a spokeswoman for the Brexar County pageant board says, “As a Miss San Antonio reigning queen, she has to live up to our rules and regulations and the standards of our contract.”

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 The pageant is saying that she is overweight and does not fit her clothes. She was  informed that she had been replaced by her 2010 runner-up Ashley Dixon. Ramirez says she’s 5’8, weighs 129 pounds, and is a size 2. She says the allegations are false. Ramirez is not going into that dark night quietly, she won a temporary restraining order postponing the case until a February 16th hearing.

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    8 Responses to “Domonique Ramirez, Miss San Antonio Stripped of her Crown for … Eating Too many Tacos”

    1. Marsan on February 13th, 2011 3:16 pm

      Wow, and Scared Monkeys thinks “Tacos????” How about too much pasta or hamburgers? Shame on you! I am owner of a beautiful Mexican restaurant and I wish to inform you I serve, and Latinos eat fish, steaks, and all international cuisines. Stereotypes Alive and Well at Scared Monkeys. I like you guys, what happened?
      SM: Are you a dumbass or just can’t read? Do you have any reading comprehension what-so-ever? Seriosuly!!! The only stereotype is that some of you are so filled of HATE, that you are blinded by the very words in front of the.
      Here is a newsflash for you, click on the link and you might learn something.


      For the reading comprehension impared … from KTLA >>> Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown for “Eating One Too Many Tacos”

      Woods has avoided the weight card but she did tell a local radio station, “I said, you know, ‘Get off the tacos, get off the chips and the soda.’ Because she’s 17, and that’s what these kids eat.”

    2. Fools R They on February 13th, 2011 5:12 pm

      #1 are you for real?

      Did you read the story that this post is based on? As Red said above … it is the media that said that because Miss San Antonio was eating too many tacos, thats why she was decrowed. It was not SM. They were repeating the story.

      If you have an issue. Actually, you seem to be the one with an issue.

    3. Scared Monkeys on February 13th, 2011 5:19 pm

      #1. Here are tjhe following MSM stories referencing TACOS being the reason. We posted the story due to the absurdity of it.

      Beauty queen in ‘tacos’ suit: ‘I’m still the same weight’

      Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez Gets Booted For Eating Too Many Tacos

      Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown for “Eating One Too Many Tacos”,0,571740.story

      A young beauty queen is fighting to keep her crown after being told to “get off the tacos” by pageant organizers

    4. A Texas Grandfather on February 13th, 2011 6:48 pm

      Tacos have nothing to do with the real story. These pagent organizers have another hidden agenda or reason for the demotion.

      I am glad the girl filed the injunction and will get a court hearing which may expose the agenda.
      SM: Agreed. I posted the story for the absolute lunacy of it. A girl thats a size 2 is to fat, good grief!!!


    5. NGBoston on February 13th, 2011 11:37 pm

      #4- Texas & Red—-

      What remains a mystery to me, is how quickly people are to jump to going into automatic DEFENSE MODE.



      Tired of the PC Bullsh*t? Have I got a story for you. Just happened this weekend, and I will try the condensed version, but Man, I was p*ssed and heard and viewed this with my own eyes.


      NorthShore, MASSACHUSETTS- Rather upscale and elegant Restaruant- Newly opened. Casual, yet classy- great food-reasonably priced. Mixed Fusion of different & eccentric food- i.e, Tapas, various fresh gourmet w/ an impressive variety of International dishes.

      Owned by a wealthy, Middle Eastern Muslim Business Man who has done extremely well in this Country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      I was dining at the table w/my Husband and another couple. Happen to know one of the Waiters- whose Mother is sort of a hippie-type Leftover 60′s throwback who is quite eccentric looking in her attire and overall appearance. Owns and Antique Shop, designs her own custom jewelry- about 52 yrs. old. Drashes flashy, has a few tattoos- nothing dramatic. Attractive woman, but most assuredly stands out in a crowd. Until she opens her mouth, one may generally assume she looks a little on the “wild” side. Just her taste and style, successful- hard working small business owner.

      Came into the establishment as she was proud somewhat, that her 17 yr. old Son just got a job in the most talked about and hottest new Rest. in this particular suburb. So funky Mom comes in with a few of her business associates & friends to sit and dine in the establishment of her choice, as a paying Customer. As she did not wish to overstay her welcome, she was pleased that another Waiter (a young Indian female) was her Server for the evening. After less than an hour or so, funky Mother does not want to again “overstay” her appearance, and is ready to wrap it up and pay the bill. Her pleasant and professional Indian Server assures her, to enjoy finishing her light meal, and would anyone in the party care for coffee & dessert?

      The Son of funky Mom gets pulled in the back room by the Pakistanian Muslim Owner, and asked (and I quote) “When is your Mother leaving?”

      Son responds, politely (but instantly insulted)

      “Why, is there a problem with my Mom being here”

      “She just doesn’t fit into this place. I am running an upscale business, she needs to leave now, please”

      Son: (insulted at this point)

      “I don’t understand. My Mother and some guests are paying customers, why is she not allowed to stay, she hasn’t done anything wrong”

      Owner: This is my business, she needs to leave immediately, and you just got hired- you can leave too- I have plenty of people looking to work for me.”

      Son: So, you are firing me?

      Owner: Please finish your shift and go, just go. This is my business, so yes, you are fired- I will have your check mailed.

      My husband & I were only privy to the information since we know of Funky Mother and clean cut Son.

      Funky Mother, settles her tab- not wishing to make a scene and then quickly leaves the ESTABLISHMENT.

      Fiesty New Girl Boston and her Husband are astonished and wants to take my plate of fine olives, cheese, and fresh vegetables, and peg Pakistani Owner on the side of his head w/each orderves or even had a strong urge to throw the entire plate across the room after Pakistani Owner came back in, looked around as if to say- I am Alpha- you are Omega.

      New Girl Boston Husband says, Honey- Please- don’t get involved but understand that what we just were observing was absurdity and complete IGNORANCE and RACIAL PROFILE or ANTI-AMERICAN behavior in an American Restaraunt.

      So, let me get this straight. You came to OUR COUNTRY, and AMERICANS are putting money in your pocket and food on YOUR FAMILIES TABLES whilst your Mercedes Benz is parked out back.

      EFF YOU. New Girl Boston promptly orders another glass of wine, and thinks—what should I say or do in a professional and diplomatic manner that gets the point across that Pakistani Owner can take his new business, and shove it up his arse although I don’t think it will fit. New Girls dinner guests are amused at New Girls disposition, and say- Oh, Wow—this is too funny, (saracasm)

      What will New Girl Boston do? They know me well. I say, well, let’s request our desserts and our Espressos and finish our meal and settle our tab. New Girl proceeds to go to the Ladies Room, to freshen up, and then kill some time in the gorgeous lobby making accepting a call and looking around some more. Where is Pakistani Owner? Oh, he is now over towards the lounge section speaking to another employee and then sucking up to a group of White Collar Business Men who are drinking their Cognac. What can Pakistani Owner do for you, Gentlemen? Are you enjoying your evening, yadda yadda is there anything else I may do for you ? NG Boston is assessing, Oh, wonderful- my Party is ready to settle our tab and they are doing so.

      NG Boston, looking elegant in her black evening dress- walks up to area and approaches Pakistani Owner.

      Owner: Good Evening,—May I help you?

      NG: Yes, please – Are you the Owner?

      Owner: Yes, Yes.

      NG: I would like a word with you, as I have a complaint.

      Owner: What is wrong, Maam- was there anything wrong with your meals?

      NG: Oh, No- they were wonderful but there is something wrong with your Restaraunt?

      Owner asks if we could move away from Lounge area and proceed to another area, where we could speak in private.

      NG: Certainly, lead the way.

      Owner: Please tell me what is wrong and I will fix it immediately.

      NG: I’m not sure you can as the damage as already done.

      Owner: I do not understand.

      NG: Neither do I.

      (Owner is panicking slighty as he fears the NG will make a scene in his NEW FUNKY ELEGANT PIECE OF SHIT Restaurant.

      NG: I am quite upset of what happened this evening in here. Let me get this straight, you come into my Country, and open a business which obviously seems to be doing quite well. And you have the nerve- to fire a young AMERICAN MAN because you don’t like the way, his Mother LOOKS. She is an American Citizen and paying Customer and I am all sorts of upset right now.

      OWNER: Oh, please- I am so sorry, I didn’t know…

      NG: Save it, Sir. We are leaving, your bill is paid and your lovely Waitress has been given her gratuity.

      OWNER: Ma’Am, please,,, I… I…

      NG: You can be sure I will be spreading the word that we all need to break out our Brooks Brothers suits and Versace dresses and come in here to be INSULTED by a Anti-American Business Man from Pakistan. You, Sir – ought to be ashamed of yourself and furthermore, you suck.

      Owner: I am so sorry, please please….come again and dinner is on me.

      NG: Have a nice evening, and I think I will also be contacting the HHS in writing to complain about the violation of an Americans Civil Rights.

      Owner: I don’t know what to say, I apologize, I…I….made a mistake …..I …I didn’t know you knew the other party, Miss. ( Oh, now I am Miss, you Schmuck—-and gives me the sleazy smile).

      NG: You sure did make a mistake. Good Night.

      NG Boston and her Party leave, they ask me how it went. I tell them the above story. They say, NG, that is what we love about you—-you speak up for others, and you kick major butt !

      NG Hugs her friends, laughs, and we put on our coats and leave.

      Hey, grab a couple of those mints for me on the way out, will you, please?


      GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ………..End of Rant……….

      P.S. NG Boston Husband says on way home in car, that why I love you, Honey but please, don’t egg those beautiful stained glass windows in the front tommorrow morning. (LMAO)

      He knows me too well, but I won’t. Well, at least not tommorrow, I have a letter to write.

    6. NGBoston on February 13th, 2011 11:38 pm

      please rescue last post. Sorry for length, but I just had to.

      Many thanks.
      SM: Found it.

      I <3 SM

    7. St Stephen on February 14th, 2011 10:16 pm

      …Thank God for NGB, defender of the rights of the American citizen, whether hippy-esque or entrepreneur (or both as in this case).

    8. Michelle Smith on February 16th, 2011 10:16 am


      You go girl! Take no prisoners….LOL

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