77% of Americans Agreee with Tea Party and not Democrats … Want to Cut Spending


Once again a majority of Americans are on the side of the Tea Party …

In a recent CBS poll, 77% of Americans agree with the Tea Party platform of cutting spending rather than raising taxes in order to cut he federal deficit. Only 9% said they wanted to raise taxes. The full poll can be seen HERE (pdf). The American public has lost their appetite for out of control government spending. I guess its fair to say that the folks in Illinois are livid over ther soon to be 66% tax increase.

 A new CBS News poll finds that Americans strongly prefer cutting spending to raising taxes to reduce the federal deficit. While 77 percent prefer to cut spending, just nine percent call for raising taxes. Another nine percent want to do both.

Yet most Americans could not volunteer a program they’d be willing to see cut in order to reduce the deficit – only 38 percent could name a program they would support cutting. The top responses were military/defense (six percent), Social Security/Medicare (four percent) and welfare/food stamps (four percent).

However, Americans are more willing to consider cuts when presented with specific ideas, as the chart above illustrates. The most popular ideas for reducing the deficit are to reduce Social Security benefits for the wealthy, reduce the money allocated to projects in their own community, reduce farm subsidies and reduce defense spending. More than 50 percent supported reductions in each of those programs.

Weasel Zippers could not have stated it any better, In related news, 77% of Americans are now considered extremist teabaggers by the left. I guess its easy to see why Democrats were hammered in the 2010 election and if they keep it up will not fair any better in 2012.

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    4 Responses to “77% of Americans Agreee with Tea Party and not Democrats … Want to Cut Spending”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 15th, 2011 9:37 pm

      The pdf file really does not tell one much about the choices available to those taking the poll.

      I rather suspect that it was a question controlled poll to drive home a preconcieved idea. This is typical of most news organizations. The real important questions are never asked.

      Getting the deficit down is a no brainer. Just take out the EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Education and take ten per cent off the operating budgets of all other federal programs.

      Glen Beck claims to have found over 450 billion dollars of federal expenditures that could be eliminated.

    2. Greg the Great on January 15th, 2011 11:54 pm

      We could phase out half the federal government. No more government credit cards.

      Bring home the troops. We need them to cleanup Mexico.

    3. Steve on January 17th, 2011 12:57 pm

      66% tax increase

      While mathematically accurate, you conveniently avoid the fact that this is a tax rate change from 3% to 5%. I guess a 66% increase is a lot more scary than a 2% change.

      Regarding the poll, I don’t suppose it used a question such as:

      “Given the large increase in the wealth of the those in the top income brackets over the past decade (or more), especially at the top 1-2% of incomes, do you support an increase of tax rates at the highest income levels, or increased tax rates for all taxpayers”?

      It just goes to show that pools outcomes might be influenced by the question asked
      SM: What party about a 66% tax increase adn a 0% revenue increase for people are you missing? Try and use your liberal fuzzy math on that.

      What will happen is that people and businesses will leave Ill and move to other states. A tax increase does not mean an increase in tax revenue, it is called the law of diminishing returns. Take an economics cource some time.

    4. Steve on January 17th, 2011 5:17 pm

      sm – who was talking about revenue in any of this? Neither you nor I mentioned it prior to your latest comments, therefore I find it irrelevant.

      Now about someone leaving the state over such minor tax changes. If an average person is making $50,000 taxable income (gross income being some factor greater), then a 2% tax increase costs them $1,000.

      If they consider the costs in selling their $200,000 home, the realtor’s fees alone cost them $10,000-14,000. There would also be the new home purchase, moving costs, as well as other likely misc costs. They would also be job hunting and all that entails.

      I seriously doubt that a rational person would burden themselves with the inconvenience, cost, and uncertainty of moving to save $1000, especially given the current job and housing climate. I even think that many irrational people are still thoughtful enough to stay put.

      And, as far as I know, the law of (marginal) diminishing returns has to be near or at the margins to behave as a law. I doubt if a tax rate change of this magnitude is near the margins.

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