Tucson Gunman Jared Loughner Who Shot Gabrielle Giffords Described by Classmate as “Left-Wing Pothead”


Hmm, the Tea party gunman as inaccuratly described by the liberal MSM is described as a LEFT-WING POT HEAD by former classmates. That seems to be a much different profile than the NY Times, liberal media and left-wing political agenda propagandists want America to believe. This punk, was a loner, a deranged individual, with no real political affiliation who appears by all accounts to have been fixated on this assassination attempt long ago. This kid was a delusional loner who was hell bent on doing something that was unstable. Add occult worshiper.

A classmate of the man accused of shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords this morning describes him as “left wing” and a “pot head” in a series of posts on Twitter this afternoon.

Caitie Parker did not immediately respond to our request for an interview, but her “tweets” in the hours after the shooting paint a picture of Jared Loughner as a substance-abusing loner who had met Giffords before the shooting. She says, Loughner described the congresswoman as “stupid and unintelligent.”

We’ve confirmed that Parker and Loughner went to school together at Mountain View High School in Tucson and that both attended Pima Community College, so her claims of knowing Loughner seem to be legit.

Then there were those from his school that he was booted out of that thought he was dangerous long ago. Some former classmates feared for their lives and expressed their concerns in emails.

From June 1, the first day of class:
“One day down and nineteen to go. We do have one student in the class who was disruptive today, I’m not certain yet if he was on drugs (as one person surmised) or disturbed. He scares me a bit. The teacher tried to throw him out and he refused to go, so I talked to the teacher afterward. Hopefully he will be out of class very soon, and not come back with an automatic weapon.”

From June 10:
“As for me, Thursday means the end to week two of algebra class. It seems to be going by quickly, but then I do have three weeks to go so we’ll see how I feel by then. Class isn’t dull as we have a seriously disturbed student in the class, and they are trying to figure out how to get rid of him before he does something bad, but on the other hand, until he does something bad, you can’t do anything about him. Needless to say, I sit by
the door.”

From June 14:
“We have a mentally unstable person in the class that scares the living crap out of me. He is one of those whose picture you see on the news, after he has come into class with an automatic weapon.
Everyone interviewed would say, Yeah, he was in my math class and he was really weird. I sit by the door with my purse handy. If you see it on the news one night, know that I got out fast…”

Sadly, these emails came to fruition. So much for not being able to make judgements about people and profiling.

Can some one explain how this deranged man man Jared Loughner passed a FBI background check to get a gun in the first place?

UPDATE I: From FOX News, Loughner’s neighbor Steven Woods talks about how the suspected shooter’s family (VIDEO). Good grief, Jared Loughner wrote on his My Space account last month that he wanted to kill cops.  From The Arizona Daily Star:

The online accounts also contain bizarre discussions of a new currency and literacy, as well as threatening and despairing messages.

“WOW! I’m glad i didn’t kill myself. I’ll see you on National T.v.! This is foreshadow …. why doesn’t anyone talk to me?..” he posted on MySpace Dec. 14.

On Dec. 13, he wrote: “I don’t feel good: I’m ready to kill a police officer! I can say it.”

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    4 Responses to “Tucson Gunman Jared Loughner Who Shot Gabrielle Giffords Described by Classmate as “Left-Wing Pothead””

    1. Scott on January 10th, 2011 12:53 pm

      REGARDLESS of him being right or left…the dude is a psycho….

      Not sure how you can tie a right wing extremist to someone who reads the Communist Manifesto?

      It’s a shame the sheriff made this a “free speech” debate and decided to take this awful tragedy to get his “15 minutes of fame.”

      It’s a shame left wing MSM and the left blogosphere right away said this guy was “right wing.”

      It’s a shame the liberals are going after Sarah Palin for her map. Seriously, has anybody else on that map been targeted or shot? IS there PROOF before this left wing nutjobs continue to put this on Palin.

      God Bless America and God Bless all those injured and killed yesterday…my heart broke hearing about the 9 year old. I have small kids and I can’t believe the world they are going to have to live in when I’m gone. It’s really sad.

    2. Greg the Great on January 10th, 2011 1:29 pm

      Those pot smoking Democrats are dangerous.
      Keith Olbermann’s show should be canceled do to all those hateful rants he burps up on the pot smoking Democrats who view him. They just can not process his rants.
      Olbermann is producing Killer zombies.

    3. Dolf on January 10th, 2011 2:59 pm

      @1 The Dems have maps like that too.

      psycho’s don’t do left or right..walking time bombs.
      Dolf, we have found common ground of agreement. Unless this individual had specifically stated one or the other, he is nothing more than a lunatic. However, the liberal MSM was so quick to call him a right-wing Tea Party extremist when by all accounts so far, including those that had met him said he was just the opposite and a LEFT WINGER.

      I find it represehsible that this was made political so fast, especially be the LE Sheriff.

      It is disgusting that the typical political left wing scumbags are trying to make political hay from this. we have not even buried anyone.

      The LEFT was blaming the LEFT before they even knew who the individual was. These folks have the audacity to talk about vitriole. UNREAL,

    4. excopconservative on January 17th, 2011 12:11 am

      With the release of the info about the suspect taking pictures of himself wearing a red G string and holding a Glock near his private parts, and this happening on the eve of the shooting, this is shaping up as a sex offense. The suspect had fixated on Rep. Giffords as early as 2007, had asked her a question at an event and felt she was dismissive in her answer. (Perceived rejection). On the evening prior to the shooting he checked into a motel and took the photos in the G string and had them developed at an all night Walgreens. He picked up the photos so he could look at them prior to the shooting. The weapon in the sexually oriented photos shows the link he made between shooting a gun and having sex.

      The libs have accused Gov. Palin of motivating a sex crime committed by someone she doesn’t even know. The libs have outdone themselves this time. She will eat them for lunch.

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