CNN Poll: More Americans Believe Obama’s Radical Agenda Will Fail & Trust GOP Congress Over Obama to Handle Issues


Who said Obama was the come back kid and on a rebound?

In the most recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, more Americans believe that Barack Obama’s radical policies will fail. Just one year ago a majority of Americans thought Obama’s policies would succeed. However, that was until they fully realized what his radical policies were all about.  Also, Americans have confidence in Republicans over Barack Obama, 40% to 35%,  to handle the problems facing the country.

Full CNN poll results HERE(pdf).

President Barack Obama enters the new year with a growing number of Americans pessimistic about his policies and a growing number rooting for him to fail, according to a new national poll.

But a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday also indicates that while a majority of the public says Republican control of the House of Representatives is good for the country, only one in four say the GOP will do a better job running things than the Democrats did when they controlled the chamber.

As stated at the Politico,  61% percent of Americans surveyed said they hope Obama’s policies succeed. As compared to a year ago,  71%  hoped for Obama’s policy success. What Weasel Zippers said, “Succeed at what? Destroying the country?”

The 2010 midterm election pickups in the House and Senate were a direct result because of the fact that the American public wanted Obama’s policies stopped. If they wanted them to really succeed as implemented by Obama, the Democrats would not have suffered such catastrophic loses. The people also do not believe that Obama believes in American “exceptionalism”. Obama faces some serious problems in 2012 because in the end, “We the People” do not believe in or trust him to handle matters.

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    7 Responses to “CNN Poll: More Americans Believe Obama’s Radical Agenda Will Fail & Trust GOP Congress Over Obama to Handle Issues”

    1. rightknight on December 29th, 2010 10:04 pm

      Just exactly what’s not to trust about
      a lying Marxist anyway?

    2. Greg on December 29th, 2010 11:09 pm

      I see the phrase “American exceptionalism” mentioned often, yet there never seems to be a clear meaning or definition for this.

      Is it:
      a) a political-party talking point
      b) code-word for some hidden meaning
      c) plain, everyday political rhetoric
      d) a weapon to brandish against the other guys
      e) a mathematical measure of how America is ahead of many/most other countries, as demonstrated by some sort of survey or statistics
      f) one or more of these
      g) all of these
      h) none of these
      i) unknowable
      j) obvious to everyone but you

      If you haven’t guessed, I suggest that any answer other than “e” is meaningless. When all you have is words to represent yourself in comparison to the countries of the world, then there can be no acceptable process to actually determine if those words, and the words from the other countries, are able to convincingly prove any specific point. Only data (numbers) can elevate one above another.

      Imagine if sports were devoid of numbers, but used words to describe which team or participant was better than another. Take any sports league, the Olympics, or other professional or amateur sport. Without numbers to score events, and rank the standings, it would be participation medals for all!

      It should be obvious that the same would be true for country comparisons, if we are to determine “exceptionalism”. It would be easy to pick possible categories; just think of how American cities are ranked. I would guess countries would be similar, perhaps with the addition of won-loss war records (sorry cities).

      Until then, any serious attempt to describe this elusive “exceptionalism” will be subject to bar-room banter, and we all know how accurate that turns out.
      SM: Greg, try as you might … The People do not like, trust or think that Obama has their best interest. Only folks like you do. Do you really believe your BS? No one lese does. From your comments above it is obvious that you don’t know what “exceptionalism” means. How sad.

    3. NoBama in 2012 on December 30th, 2010 12:14 am

      Obviously Greg does not believe in American exceptionaism:

      A key theme is the claim that the United States and its people differ from other nations, at least on a historical basis, as an association of people who came from numerous places throughout the world but who hold a common bond in standing for certain self-evident truths, like freedom, inalienable natural and human rights, democracy, republicanism, the rule of law, civil liberty, civic virtue, the common good, fair play, private property, and Constitutional government

    4. Greg on December 30th, 2010 12:23 am

      Try as you might … change the subject, I didn’t even mention Obama here. Not even an inference. So that part of your response is immaterial.

      You mention my BS; so please go a=head and tell me, where is it? What part of my argument is BS? Instead of simply labeling it, why not demonstrate what a fool I must be.

      Last, “exceptionalism”. First, I actually do ask what this is, so maybe I don’t know, as you say. I then offer my answer, which you apparently disagree with. Even if I don’t know, I try to offer details on my idea of what I think it must be.

      How about you? Can you explain this “exceptionalism”, especially with our world rankings on various aspects. Either the rankings match the meaning assigned to the word, or the word just may not mean what it is purported to mean.

    5. Greg the Great on December 30th, 2010 1:04 am

      Obama did not end the wars. Obama did not stop the bailouts to GM, ect,. Spent the peoples money on BS jobs. Did not balance the budget.
      Obama had the Congress in his back pocket.

      No excuses!

    6. Greg on December 31st, 2010 1:32 pm

      I appreciate your reply and how you explain American exceptionalism. The qualities you list:

      . . . self-evident truths, like freedom, inalienable natural and human rights, democracy, republicanism, the rule of law, civil liberty, civic virtue, the common good, fair play, private property, and Constitutional government

      are something I hope all Americans agree with. However, I expect there are many citizens of other world democracies where these are just as important and have overwhelming support. It may be an exaggeration to suggest these are “American” only qualities. [For sake of this comment, I'm looking at a current world view, not historical origins. If that were researched and discussed, there would be more to say than what this comment would likely allow for.]

      As it is, even with these qualities, America finds itself ranked far from the top of many lists that compare countries on single aspects. If we do believe in our exceptionalism, it should be time to use that belief to produce a country that lives up to those qualities for all Americans.

    7. Kandy on January 1st, 2011 2:30 am

      Very nice Nobama! I do believe that many people confuse the americian exceptionalism to mean excellence. I hope I am not extending my neck out here by saying that exceptionalism is just that, an exception. To the normal standard given by crass human nature that has been proven consistently through history? I don’t know the answers but I aspire to exceptionalism AND excellence. It is hard for me to defend anothers rights when they encroach on my own. I would love a job at the local factory that really has 1300 employees but only 900 listed and legal. It’s very hard to confuse the self evident truths like freedom, inalieability, natural and human rights with rights of countrymen. So where is that line that takes us to strong and honorable Americans from suckers being taken?
      SM: One day when you come to under stand that americian exceptionalism is not the exception, you will truly understand what americian exceptionalism really is.

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