John Thune & GOP Weekly Address: “When You’re Speeding Toward a Cliff, You Don’t Want to Keep the Car in Drive”


When heading toward a cliff and a most certain accident, who keeps the car in drive and their foot on the gas peddle?

Nearly one week from the 2010 midterm election and US Senator John Thune of South Dakota delivered this week’s GOP Weekly Address and blistered Barack Obama’s tired and repeated analogy of Republicans driving the car into the ditch and Obama’s failed economic policies.  John Thune provided some important driving tips when facing a most certain peril and disaster … “When you’re speeding toward a cliff, you don’t want to keep the car in drive.”


My guess is that it would be Obama & Democrats cheering as the car went over the cliff in drive?

Thune also went on to say that Barack Obama and Democrats should have been more concerned with creating jobs for Americans, not saving the political careers of Democrat politicians.

President Obama has been running around the country trying to reelect Democrat members of Congress.

But if the conversations I’ve had with voters are any indication, the president should spend less time campaigning to save the jobs of Democrats in Congress, and more time trying to create jobs for the American people.


A new direction is needed.

The president likes to say that when you want to drive forward you put your car in D, and when you want to go in reverse you put it in R. It’s a clever line, but when you’re speeding toward a cliff, you don’t want to keep the car in drive.

Republicans want to reverse the dangerous course the Democrats have us on.

The full transcript of the Weekly Address can be read at  American Conservative Values:

•For campaigning to save the jobs of Democrat politicians instead of spending more time trying ti create jobs for the American People.
•For their grow government, raise taxes, and take over health care experiment.
•For their broken promise to keep unemployment under eight percent.
•For their broken promise to reduce every family’s health insurance premiums by up to $2,500.
•For their failure to pass a budget.
•For passing more burdensome regulations.

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    1. Dolf on October 25th, 2010 9:45 am


      1 group of criminals accusing the other criminals

    2. NGBoston on October 25th, 2010 3:58 pm

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