Christine O’Donnell (R) Hammers the Bearded Marxist Coons (D) … “I Would Argue That More People Would Support My Catholic Faith Than His Marxist Beliefs”


2010 DELEWARE US SENATE ELECTION: Christine O’Donnell (R) vs. Chris Coons (D)

During last nights Delaware US Senate debate, Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell nailed the self proclaimed “bearded Marxist,” Democrat Chris Coons.

“I would argue that more people would support my Catholic beliefs than his Marxist beliefs.”


Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

Chris Coons tried to pass off the “bearded Marxist” reference as a joke. Really, it was a joke, does not seem to be? O’Donnell in turn during the debate called Coons a Marxist. Well if the shoe fits candidate Coons. What a shock, another Democrat running against what they really believe and stand for as the liberal MSM allows them to without question. Coons called himself a capitalist during the debate. We might want to have him define the word.

A feisty, aggressive Ms. O’Donnell called Mr. Coons a Marxist whose beliefs came from a socialist professor and said he would “rubber stamp” the policies of the Democrats in Washington. Mr. Coons raised questions about whether Ms. O’Donnell’s faith would drive her positions on social issues like abortion, prayer and evolution.

Pressed by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, Ms. O’Donnell refused to say whether she believed evolution was a myth, saying that “what I believe is irrelevant.” As she did throughout the first half of the debate, Ms. O’Donnell quickly tried to return the focus to Mr. Coons, saying, “I would argue there are more people who support my Catholic faith than his Marxist belief.”

If you watched the debate you could clearly see the media bias and that the moderators were in the tank for the Marxist Coons. One of the best comments of the evening was when O’Donnell showed the MSM bias and double standard when she stated that her comments made in the past on a comedy show, yet Coon’s comments of studying under a Marxist made him become a DDemocrat. So Coons’ comments are a joke, yet what a candidate said on a comedy show is not the same? Hmm?

 What a sad commentary, as O’Donnell trails in the polls,  that Delaware would vote into the US Senate an Obama rubber stamp and a lap dog for Harry Reid. Then again, you get exactly what you vote for. Too bad that Harry Reid will not be there after the midterm election.

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    2 Responses to “Christine O’Donnell (R) Hammers the Bearded Marxist Coons (D) … “I Would Argue That More People Would Support My Catholic Faith Than His Marxist Beliefs””

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 14th, 2010 2:37 pm

      I don’t know how the moderator was picked for the debate, but Wolf Blitzer is about as liberal as they come. He will bend over backwards to make a fellow liberal look good.

    2. Dolf on October 15th, 2010 8:59 am

      nice of a politician to say: what I believe is irrelevant. that statement alone is disqualifing her.

      so she isn’t going to do what she believes but what others tell her to do?

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