2010 Midterm Election: Obama Thinks the Pundits Are Wrong, Gallup Says Republicans Up Big Over Democrats


The 2010 midterm election is almost upon us and more bad polling numbers for Democrats …

President Barack Obama went away from his scripted speech and teleprompter and stammered his way through comments to Democrats at the Philly rally and said, “I … I … I … I … think the pundits are wrong …” However, Obama could never be more wrong. The polling is breaking toward the GOP and as the Gay Patriot states, it’s not Rasmussen, it is Gallup!  Interestingly enough the Gallup poll, as reported at The Hill, seems more certain that the GOP is not losing steam with the American likely voters, in fact they might be gaining momentum.


From The Hill,

The GOP kept its healthy lead over Democrats in both high and low turnout scenarios in Gallup’s weekly test of likely voters’ preference between the two parties.

Fifty-six percent of likely voters said they would back an unnamed Republican candidate for Congress in a test of a low-turnout scenario for the crucial midterm elections. Thirty-nine percent in that same model said they would back a Democratic candidate, an increase by one percent over last week.

In Gallup’s high-turnout model, Republicans maintain a 53-41 percent advantage among likely voters. That also represented a one percent tick upward in support for Democrats.

The poll suggests that the GOP hasn’t lost any steam in its bid to pick up 39-plus seats they need in the House to reclaim the majority. Democrats have claimed that support for Republican candidates has peaked, and that they’re primed to make inroads into support for the GOP, though Gallup’s weekly effort to track the generic ballot suggests that any Democratic gains have been marginal at best.

I guess we now know why liberal finacier George Soros predicts a Republican avalanche.

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