Rand Paul (R) Up Big by 15% Over Jack Conway (D) in New Courier-Journal Bluegrass/WHAS-TV Poll


Democrats say, can’t be, No Tea Party candidate can have a 15% point lead over a Democrat …

According to a new Courier-Journal Bluegrass/WHAS-TV poll, Republican and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul is up by 15% over Democrat candidate Jack Conway in the Kentucky US Senate race.  The poll has Rand Paul ahead 55% to 40%. Conway’s people are disputing the poll.

Republican Rand Paul (left), Democrat Jack Conway (rt)

Although, the Democrats got their one shot to attack Rand Paul initially. The Blue Grass state is a “red” state and the closer they get to the midterm elections, the more voters will turn away from Democrats and the Obama party in control. The Kentucky US Senate seat will prove to be a red herring for Democrats, much like Alaska. States where Republicans have over or near 50% of the vote, Democrats are targeting as potential pickups. This is how desperate Democrats are in 2010.  Look for the Kentucky US Senate race to be a “cash cow” for Democrats not a “donkey”
come November 2, 2010.

Full poll results HERE.

With just under two months until Kentucky’s U.S. Senate election, a new WHAS11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll shows Republican Rand Paul nearly doubling his lead in the last month, now up 15 points over Democrat Jack Conway, 55% to 40%. Since last month, Paul is up 4 points; Conway is down 3.

The poll, conducted by Survey USA, also indicates that Kentucky voters are increasingly identifying themselves as Republican or Independent while identifying less with the Democratic Party.  The disproportionate representation compared to actual voter registration and previous voter turnout prompted the Conway campaign to dispute the poll.

“The methodology of this poll is sort of out of line and we certainly question some of the ways that the poll was conducted,” said Conway Press Secretary Allison Haley.

“I do think the momentum of the state is with us,” said Paul, “What the exact number is…. we’re happy to be 15 ahead.  That’s for sure.”

While neither Paul or his campaign staff expressed confidence in the poll’s 15 point margin, the candidate welcomed the poll as a sign that his fiscal conservative, Tea Party message is resonating.

 “We’re excited about it.  Everywhere I go across Kentucky we think people are concerned about the debt,” Paul said, “They want somebody who will go up there and shake things up, somebody who will introduce a balanced budget amendment, somebody who’s for term limits, somebody who understands that the system’s broken.  We can’t just keep on spending and borrowing, spending and borrowing.”

Conway can dispute the new poll all he wants, the fact remains that Conway trails Paul in Rasmussen by 9% and in the RCP average polling by 8.8%

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