Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Breaks With Obama and Says Mosque Should be Built Some Where Else


President Barack Hussein Obama’s comments on the defence of building o mosque near Ground Zero in NYC has caused Democrats to run for the exits away from Obama if they dare even think of having a chance in this Fall’s midterm elections. Democrats cannot flee from Obama fast enough.


Reid to Obama: You said what!!!!

What Democrat wants to be a part of apolitical ad that has them agreeing with the terror group Hamas when it comes to building a mosque near Ground Zero?

How extreme and out of touch with the American public is President Barack Hussein Obama’s position on the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in NYC, even Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is breaking ranks with The Chosen One. Reid basically believes, as most every one, that the group has a legal right to build the mosque near Ground Zero; however, the Muslim group is wrong to exercise that right.

Obama claims to try to bring individuals together and claims to try and bridge the divide between Americans and the Muslim world, yet this amateurish President has any made things worse and upset all sides. How Obama cannot be a leader and adopt the principles of House Republican Leader John A. Boehner shows how little this President has an understanding of leadership.

The fact that someone has the right to do something doesn’t necessarily make it the right thing to do. That is the essence of tolerance, peace and understanding. This is not an issue of law, whether religious freedom or local zoning. This is a basic issue of respect for a tragic moment in our history.

Harry Reid (D-NV) is abandoning President Obama on the issue of building the mosque near Ground Zero. And oh how the LEFT has lost their collective minds in the process over Reid’s jump away from Obama.

Despite Reid’s reaffirmation of this right, his response is still weak and indefensible. And it leaves the President hanging after he took a big risk to do the right thing. Obama did not explicitly endorse the decision to build the center. But Obama did say that if the group does proceed with that decision, we must respect that decision, in accordance with American values.

Reid is not willing to say that. Rather, he’s saying, in effect, that even if he supports the group’s right to build the center, he’s not willing to respect the decision to do so. That’s unacceptable, and leaves Obama isolated at a very sensitive moment.

What’s more, it’s unclear why coming out against the plan in the manner Reid did is even good politics for Democrats at this point. Reid basically threw the whole Dem caucus under the bus: With the Senate leader at odds with the president, the media will press every Senate Dem to declare which side they’re on.

Harry Reid finds himself in a close election against GOP challenger Sharon Angle for the Nevada US Senate seat, did Dingy Harry have any other choice but to oppose the President? Not if he wanted to automatically lose the midterm election. Obama took what they first called a local issue in the building of the mosque in NYC and has made it national. Reid caved like a house of cards once confronted by his GOP challenger.

Caving to the demands of his Republican Senate opponent, incumbent Nevada Democrat Harry Reid today broke with President Obama, saying the planned Ground Zero mosque should be built elsewhere.

The Senate majority leader, who has carried much of the heavy political water for the White House’s controversial legislative agenda, has been struggling in his reelection bid, and now confronts Sharron Angle on Nov. 2. Sensing an opportunity, Angle demanded over the weekend that Reid, the nation’s highest-ranking Mormon, take a stand on his party leader’s stand.

Just how many Democrat politicians up for re-election this Fall will Obama be able to campaign at? If he keeps up the present rate of having mangled messages and one’s against the will of the American people, it appears the Obama’s might be able to schedule even more vacation time this Fall.

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    5 Responses to “Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Breaks With Obama and Says Mosque Should be Built Some Where Else”

    1. Tou1970 on August 17th, 2010 7:47 am

      Reid, showing patriotism and favoring democracy now is a bit late and false after you helped shove health care down our throats!

    2. Brenda on August 17th, 2010 8:22 am

      Hey Tou1970, my guess? Trying to save votes moreso than an actual change of heart, but would be nice if I were wrong and this man truly had a change of heart. We may never know for certain. time and his actions will tell.

    3. Teresa on August 17th, 2010 10:32 am

      Great…you finally got some B*lls there old Harry!!!!

    4. on August 17th, 2010 10:07 pm

      Reid basically believes, as most every one, that the group has a legal right to build the mosque near Ground Zero; however, the Muslim group is wrong to exercise that right.

      Don’t believe that for a second! Harry says what he thinks will get him some votes. Suddenly the Democrats are scattering from the chosen won only because they have elections coming up and they can read the handwriting on the wall.

      You and I only have their track record to go on right now because everything out of their mouth is all about the upcoming election.

    5. Dolf on August 19th, 2010 8:47 am

      you gotto love politicians

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