DEFINE CONTROVERSIAL OPINION, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to Blocking Certain Websites with


And so it begins … From CBS News, TSA to Block “Controversial Opinion” on the Web. The Obama government cracks down on FREE SPEACH and will restrict what they deem as “Controversial Opinion.”

So this is how LIBERTY dies!


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency’s computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a “controversial opinion,” according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

The type of web sites to be blocked are:

  • Chat/Messaging
  • Controversial opinion
  • Criminal activity
  • Extreme violence (including cartoon violence) and gruesome content
  • Gaming

Controversial opinion? Maybe some would like to define that please! Unbelievable. You mean that chat and gaming sites were not previously off limits? Let’s hope the TSA has blocked the porn sites.

The email does not specify how the TSA will determine if a website expresses a “controversial opinion.” There is also no explanation as to why controversial opinions are being blocked, although the email stated that some of the restricted websites violate the Employee Responsibilities and Conduct policy.
The TSA did not return calls seeking comment by publication time.

Does this mean that the TSA will block every newspapers editorialpage? Will the NY Times OPED be blocked, hardly. So because the Obama Administration considers the Arizona immigration law controversial, any one who writes a pro-AZ article will be blocked? Hows, that Hope and Change working out for you America?

Welcome to an Obamanation!

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    7 Responses to “DEFINE CONTROVERSIAL OPINION, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to Blocking Certain Websites with”

    1. flippy on July 6th, 2010 2:04 pm

      Can you imagine the headlines if they didn’t do this?

      “Obama refuses to block Porn from the TSA network”

      Nothing here is trying to say that they are blocking the internet…they are protecting themselves from harassment lawsuits.

      This is a smart CYA, and one that I am surprised hasn’t been there for years.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on July 6th, 2010 6:22 pm

      This is the sneaky way that the administration will move to control internet access. Some things make sense and those should have been off limits for a long time.
      The opinion sites will be in the province of supervisor or management discression that quite possibly will allow left wing sites and prevent all others being accessed. Shades of 1984!

    3. nun on July 6th, 2010 7:09 pm

      One man’s controversial opinion is another man’s mainstream news media.

      Going down the slippery slope by leaps and bounds — all wrapped in the disguise of “security.”

    4. barbreee on July 6th, 2010 10:31 pm

      This may just be blocking sites that are not appropriate for a government worker to spend time on while on the job. But even news sites and generic activity should be limited while on the clock.

    5. just1girl on July 7th, 2010 5:35 am

      Blocking “controversial opinion”? Who decides what that is? And since when does the government of the United States of America govern THOUGHT? We wouldn’t want those Free speech advocates stirring up hate & discontent now would we? Why is it that this current administration is afraid of the free exchange of ideas? This is definitely a scary, slippery slope.

    6. flippy on July 7th, 2010 9:03 am


      The TSA is an EMPLOYER. as an employer myself, I have the right (some would say responsibility) to decide what my employees can surf on the internet that I pay for and that I am liable for the use of.

      Nobody is censoring ANYTHING. Who makes the decision here? The guy in charge does. Thats how the world works.

      Another way the world works is that “the guy in charge” will do as little as he has to. Nobody is going to scour the internet for right-wing blogs and add them to a block-list.

      Think it through, they are going to block some things that some people out there might call mainstream, like “NAMBLA” or some neo-nazi stuff. They aren’t going to block FOX News and leave MSNBC. And if they did (which they won’t) you will surely hear about it again.

    7. nun on July 7th, 2010 11:59 am


      The difference between you and TSA is that you are an individual employer, not a government entity. Anytime the government begins to make a judgment as to what is “controversial,” I shudder.

      I could care less if the TSA blocked all extraneous sites from their employees’ computers. In fact, as a taxpayer, I might get more bang for my buck if they did.

      However, when that start relegating certain sites as being controversial, then I think the are making decisions beyond their pay grade.

      Porn — yep there is an internet filter for that; gaming — yep that, too; criminal activity, yes again; violence — pretty clear on that. Controversial opinion? Now that can be almost anything depending on the person doing the interpreting.

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