Joran Van der Sloot’s Mom Anita Admits He Killed Stephany Flores … “He is Sick in the Head”


You know it’s bad for Joran Van der Sloot when his chief, life long enabler, his mother Anita Van der Sloot, thinks he is guilty of murder. Son, or should I say “Sporter,” you got a problem.

A shocker from Anita Van der Sloot, the mother of the suspected killer of 21 year old Stephany Flores … Joran Van der Sloot may have caused “something bad to happen.” After five years of defending her sopn Joran Van der Sloot in the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, it did not take long for Anita Van der Sloot to say that she thinks her son may have killed Stephany Flores. However, even after Joran Van der Sloot is 100% guilty in the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru, the sick, enabling family of “the Little Dutch boy” still blames his problems on Natalee Holloway and the circumstances that followed the investigation. Please Anita Van der Sloot, this kid has been a sick, lying deceitful puppy for quite some time and you and the late Paulas Van de Sloot knew damn well.


A much different picture in Aruba, when the Van der Sloots could have stopped Joran once and for all

Joran Van der Sloot’s own mother thinks he may have killed Stephany Flores.

Anita Van der Sloot reportedly made the statement to a Dutch newspaper.

“Joran is sick in his head, but he didn’t want any help,” the Dutchman’s mother isquoted by De Telegraaf, in which she also admits her son “could have done something” to Stephany Flores.

What was your first guess Anita?  Could it have been the VIDEO showing Joran Van der Sloot going into the hotel room with Staphany and her never leaving? Or could it have been the VIDEO of Joran bringing two coffees back to the room and faking like he was locked out of the room. Or could it have been the fact that Joran robbed the girl of her poker winnings from the night before and took off only to be arrested as a fugitive in Chile? Or could it have been the fact that Joran Van der Slot was the last person ever to be seen with Stephany Flores prior to her bloodied body being discovered beaten to death? Or maybe it was the fact that your “little sporter” confessed to the crime?


The fact of the matter is that Joran Van der Sloot did kill Stephany Flores, now it is time for Anita Van der Sloot to admit that her son also killed Natalee Holloway. Joran Van der Sloot’s issues did not start with Natalee Holloway, that just happened to be when he escalated his sociopath tendencies.


A sociopath in the making … young Joran Van der Sloot

Anita reportedly told De Telegraaf that she and her husband, Paul Van der Sloot, had made a mistake not getting their son psychiatric help after the Holloway incident.

“After he was arrested for Natalee’s disappearance, he was traumatized,” she is quoted as saying in De Telegraaf. “We made a big mistake then. We sent him to the Netherlands to study. He should have gone to a closed clinic, he needed psychological help even back then.”

Anita Van der Sloot also reportedly admited to talking with her son the day before he was captured in Chile.

How pathetic is it that Joran’s mother still cannot own up to the fact that her son was “sick in the head” long before Natalee Holloway ever had the misfortune of going on vacation in Aruba in 2005?  Yes, you are to blame and you do have blood on your hands for not having your son to have psychological help; however, it should have been long before 2005.  It could easily be seen from Joran’s ex-girlfriend, Melody Granadillo, that Joran Van der Sloot had issues in 2003. Even back then his ex-girlfriend saw the signs that “Mr. Wiggles” had issues, how could his parents not have as well? The answer is, they didn’t want to see it and instead made excuses which in turn created the out of control monster that has taken at least two lives.

In the end, Anita Van der Sloot says that if Joran is guity of the murder of Stephany Flores, she will basically disown him. Hell, it’s not like you provided the proper parenting for his first 22 years ofl life, why start now. What is most comical and sick is that Anita still defends Joran in the death of Natalee Holloway. Becuase you know Anita, not like there is an MO to your Sporter’s crime.

Van der Sloot had been traveling the world but returned to Aruba in April after his father, Paul, died of a heart attack while playing tennis.

In the Telegraaf interview, Anita van der Sloot said she does not believe her son killed Holloway.

“But if he killed Stephany, he’ll have to pay the price. I won’t visit him in his cell, I cannot embrace him,” she was quoted saying.

She said Joran’s mental health had deteriorated steadily since Holloway disappeared. She attributed his decline in part to media scrutiny.

“I can’t cry for Joran like I did for Paul. I hope that he gets psychological help.”

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    72 Responses to “Joran Van der Sloot’s Mom Anita Admits He Killed Stephany Flores … “He is Sick in the Head””

    1. Lana Statler on June 20th, 2010 3:25 pm

      Can you believe that this man had the NERVE to say she invaded his privacy so he killed her! Hogwash! He took not only her money and credit cards but ID so no one could know who she was? What about telling the desk not to CLEAN his room, so he had time to get out of the country dye his hair so no one would recognize him! I believe his mental illness plea is only being brought up now so that it may help him with a lesser sentence. Amazing,how he wasn’t so mentally ill to change the color of his hair when escaping Peru or leaving not only his credit cards but HERs as well in Chili. I do not believe they were left in the room. I think he tossed them in a garbage can somewhere as not to get caught with them, aye? This is not the sign of a mental patient, it is a sign of a very cunning, calculating murder! A spoiled brat that gets his way & now that “daddy” isn’t around to use his legal knowledge and legal friends he will have to pay the consequences for his actions. He may be safe when he is N his own little cell there in Peru, but what is going to keep him safe when he gets out!

    2. snazzysnakecharmer on June 20th, 2010 3:30 pm

      This woman Anita Van Der Sloot is a real trip. Such denial from the get go. An enabler, and now look at what kind of mother she is. A bad one of course. How interesting she make a comment that her son has a mental disorder and then she wants to abandon him. She stood by him with all the lies and crap all along. But now that she states he is mentally ill. She wants to abandon him. What kind of mother would do that. This family is so dysfunctional since day one. Denial all the way. Karma is finally catching up with the whole bunch. Justice for Natalie and Stefanie.

    3. ThEhApPsTeR on June 20th, 2010 4:08 pm

      I am sure every single criminal’s mom would say the same thing..their kid could not do whatever it is they did. No one wants to believe their close relative would ‘do such a thing’. Well, SOMEONE’s relatives DO evil things, thus all the evil in the world. Sorry people like Anita are in denial as well as BRED the behavior. This family reminds me of my college boyfriend, an eastern european, sweet, smart, funny, intelligent good-looking young man. I was so naive. His family enabled so much bad behavior, and they were like a UNIT. He could do no wrong and everything was my fault and all about him. The mother talked about him like this woman talks about Joran. In any case, I was thankful to get away. He stalked and threatened me when I finally made a move to distance myself, after being so ‘sweet’. I’m glad that Melody girl got away. His behavior being cultivated for so long by his parents is what I believe led to this, and his disbelief that he is truly at fault.

    4. Greg the Mongoose on June 20th, 2010 4:36 pm

      Blaming Anita Van Der Sloot for her son Joran’s crimes is too much. All the blame goes on Joran Van Der Sloot. Like she could have aborted him before birth?

      Father Paulus covered up the The Natalee Holloway murder. Why? A good lesson for all parents.
      Do the right thing. When you find out your kid is a killer! Help him face justice. Not HELL! Save lives. Now Anita has to face the Natalee Holloway murder. The guilt probably killed her husband.

    5. nurturer on June 20th, 2010 4:40 pm

      Permissive parenting.


    6. bikerbarbie on June 20th, 2010 4:47 pm

      I think we should start a new organization. Adopt a Castro Castro Inmate. For as little as a cup of coffee a day, we can make a real change for an inmate in Castro Castro. You will receive updates and letters from the inmate that you adopt..

    7. Miss-Underestimated on June 20th, 2010 4:57 pm

      Let’s see Anita, um letting Joran gamble before he was of age, ok, letting Joran drink before he was of age. Yep one more Momma, letting him have his own apartment seperate from the household (obvious Joran could not co-exist with your family)….this tells me you would not or could not create boundries for your son. Now, Now, Anita Natalee, Stephany and their families and society has paid the price. Your pity party sickens me beyond words. Have you know shame what pain and suffering your sons has inflicted on the Families of Natalee and Stephany?….Here momma, tell it to the judge.

    8. Lisa in Maryland on June 20th, 2010 5:13 pm

      The fact that she is still blaming Natalee tells me this is just a relasp for Anita she needed to make a statement. She will be back to defending her poor little sporter before you can blink an eye, just watch, it is the same patterned MO she taught Joran. Where do you think he learned this SH-t. The entire family needs help!

      Next week we will be hearing how she is his mother and she will always stand by her son right or wrong like a good mother should.

      Like the many many lies that Joran has told it is all a ploy for sympathy and it’s ALL LIES!

    9. Johan on June 20th, 2010 5:17 pm

      Blaming the mother is imo unfair and let’s face it Joran hasn’t been found guilty of any crime yet.

      Let us keep up the presumption of innocence until someone is proven guilty please.
      SM: Spare me the BS, whi the frig lets their kid wonder the casinos of Aruba, hell the ex-girl friend stated he had a gambling problem and the idiot enabler parents did what? This kid was a ticking time bomb and Anita and Paulas did nothing but make him worse.

      I cannot wait until this kid is found guilty of murder so that all you whiny JVDS apologist can no longer spew this nonsense that he has done no crime.

      Any thinking person knows JVDS is guilty as sin.

    10. Susan on June 20th, 2010 5:23 pm

      Hold Anuta van der Slut responsible for the deaths of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores!! Make her pay for not getting Urine the help he needed years before he ever met Natalee. How dare she blame Natalee, an innocent victim, for her MONSTER son’s actions!!

    11. Katerina on June 20th, 2010 5:59 pm

      They bloody well knew long before Natalee’s disappearance that this kid had a problem. His younger brothers are reportedly afraid of him. Paulus and Anita were afraid of him as well, which is why they built him his own little bachelor pad behind their house. This kid’s temper ran the VDS household, and that little pig knew exactly which puppet strings to pull. What high school kid gets to live in a private environment while being allowed go out to casinos to drink and party on a school night? They should have kicked his ass and locked him in his room to study…and taken away every privilege – no car, no cell phone, no money. You want those things kid, GET A JOB.

      Maybe Anita should be held responsible in some way, just like parents in this country go to jail if a minor child gets hold of a weapon.

      Seems Anita is now trying to take attention away from herself by saying “I’m finished with Joran” as reported in that Dutch newspaper today.

    12. meemee on June 20th, 2010 6:56 pm

      anita is still making excuses, now he is mentally ill BECAUSE of the natilie case, COME ON , he killed natalie just like stephany, only papa sloot was in onit , and had all evidence covered up. ANITA, look in the mirror, you let this happen, you should of came forward years ago with this statement, now you do, i dont think it will make one hill of beans difference, he stole money, took credit cards, took her car, and changed his apperance, pretty smart to me.

    13. Ttaer on June 20th, 2010 7:07 pm

      Setting up a defense is all…

    14. Meg on June 20th, 2010 7:13 pm

      I’m sorry but YES, some blame for Joran does have to be placed on the parents and anyone who says otherwise is a moron. Enabling 101.

      And please, we know the mofo killed Stephany so let’s please spare the people that have been following the Holloway case for 5 years to “Innocent until proven guilty” bs.

    15. nurturer on June 20th, 2010 7:27 pm

      #9 – This is the same horseshit we would read concerning the disappearance of Natalee Holloway from the same naive, “opened-minded” liberals.

      Grow up pal!

      #14 – 2 points for Meg!

    16. Carpe on June 20th, 2010 7:31 pm

      Beth Holloway – The Anti Anita.

      She’s thrown everything she had into nailing
      this little SOB Killing Machine.

      If it weren’t for Beth being Nat’s voice…

      this little monster would have grown up into
      his 50′s with a trail of kills under his belt.

      Beth makes me want Mother’s Day year round.

      A real mom. One to proud of!

    17. Roxy on June 20th, 2010 7:37 pm

      My gosh, Oh my gosh…is there end to this Momzilla?
      She is telling us she kinda screwed up on this one and she’ll have to toss him out.
      How can this woman who has no remorse for creating this monster at least be there for him this time.
      She said he was fearful as a child…which is how children act when they are insecure. He is a mental mess is because of her. You don’t need to say anything as a Mom. Good or bad, right or wrong, just be there for your boy. For once BE THERE, share the burden.
      This is just unbelievable. This is why he is a psycho killer. Ted Bundy’s Mother was the same way. These kind of Moms are the monster makers.
      They don’t want to be bothered when things don’t turn out as they hoped, and they didn’t want to be bothered by them growing up and they don’t want to hear about it when they toss them out….cuz life is all about Mom.

    18. Becky on June 20th, 2010 7:47 pm

      How can anyone be ignorant enough to think he is not guilty? Do they still believe there is an Easter Bunny too?

    19. Nardan on June 20th, 2010 7:52 pm
    20. Greg the Mongoose on June 20th, 2010 7:54 pm
    21. Mother of a troubled child on June 20th, 2010 8:22 pm

      Unless someone has experienced raising a child with multiple problems, they have no room to talk. When someone has walked many years with a child growing up and tried to guide them into the correct paths, getting them paid professional top of the line counsel, it still doesn’t mean that will keep them on the straight and narrow. So stop the judgment – as you never know when someone in your family may have similar problems and can’t be stopped. How would you like to be put on the judgment block when you had done everything possible to help the troubled person?

    22. Waterboy on June 20th, 2010 8:51 pm

      Anita is “sick in the head”. It’s an infection all to common with “these people”, like Harry Reid. “It’s all Bush’s fault, it’s all the previous administrations fault”.

      “It’s all Natalee’s fault.” Makes no sense, does it. “These people” just don’t get it, end of story. There is no hope but to replace, and bypass them.

      Where are all “the people” who said Joran was innocent now?


    23. crazybitch on June 20th, 2010 9:01 pm

      How the hell did his parents get so involved with Joran’s killing spree? Kind of telling that they were involved with the cover up. If I broke the law I would be responsible like everyone else. My mom could say, he is still my son,and people would understand I was still guilty but had family, but this woman helped her son get away with murder and has been a part of this case.

    24. on June 20th, 2010 9:35 pm

      Johan on June 20th, 2010 5:17 pm: Nope, Joran has not been convicted yet of killing anyone. However he has confessed to killing two young women in the prime of their life.

      In addition circumstantial evidence backs Joran’s confessions beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition Joran extorted money from his victim’s family – confessing yet again to knowing the whereabouts of Natalee’s body and what happened to her. Previously he blamed innocent black security guards, Deepak Kalpoe. Since then there was an international media announcement that he had confessed about 10 days after Natalee disappeared. Suddenly Aruban officials backed off that “confession”. But that wasn’t enough, Joran confessed two or three times more (to Patrick in the Car Tapes, to John Kelly when he extorted money, to Chilean authorities and apparently to Peruvian authorities.. He also told Greta Van Sustern that he sold Natalee to a Venezuelan man.

      Now how much more circumstantial evidence along with confessions and torture of the Holloway’s do you want?

      Anita blameless? HA! The woman is now blaming the family of one of Joran’s victims! If Joran was innocent of killing Natalee, why did the family have furniture delivered while he was in jail? Why all the stories from the innocent delicious little sporter? Why all the confessions? Why extorting money from the Holloways? Where are his tennis shoes? Why did he kill the family dog? Why the secret painting of rocks by Aruban officials? How could Anita describe Natalee’s panties?

      No mother is responsible for what an adult child does unless the mother, like Anita, enabled her child the first time he murdered someone.

    25. Ed H on June 20th, 2010 9:40 pm

      hey Anita, true your son is sick in the head. The only help he will get for that in prison is injections. Beef injections, many times throughout the day and night. It will make him forget about that sick mind of his. And you and your dead hubby can take credit for that. You stood by him knowing he murdered Natalee. You should be in prison in Peru for murder , like the circle of friends you and paulus had help cover up a murder in Aruba.

    26. boywonder on June 20th, 2010 10:25 pm

      Anita is just preparing everyone for what Joran is about to tell the world: His father murdered Natalie.
      Anita has refused to acknowledge Paulus and her own responsibility in this horrific crime…she will never believe what Joran is going to say. The only way forward for her is to claim Joran is ill….

    27. Lisa in Maryland on June 20th, 2010 10:27 pm

      Mother of a troubled son #18

      Unless someone has experienced raising a child with multiple problems, they have no room to talk.

      ((( Wrong – society has an obligation to make sure that parents understand their responsibilities. This necessitates the need to talk! It’s bad enough when the parents look the other way so now your asking everyone else to also! )))

      When someone has walked many years with a child growing up and tried to guide them into the correct paths, getting them paid professional top of the line counsel, it still doesn’t mean that will keep them on the straight and narrow.
      ((( Right – and that is exactly when it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that if the child is a menace to society that they be locked away in the correct type of facility and to receive necessary treatment. )))

      So stop the judgment – as you never know when someone in your family may have similar problems and can’t be stopped.

      ((( Wrong – It is human nature to judge and by “talking about” this case and similar situations maybe just maybe people experiencing similar problems will learn how to deal with them instead of turning a blind eye and using permissive parenting. As we have observed here, it is not the answer! )))

      How would you like to be put on the judgment block when you had done everything possible to help the troubled person?

      ((( Get Real – Do you honestly think that Anita & Paulus did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE? I can tell you a lot of things they did wrong. Like allowing their child to drink, drive & gamble underage. What can you tell me they did right, since you seem to want to defend these model parents and their parenting skills???? )))

      The only thing that Anita & Paulus & Aruba did “everything possible” on was to raise, shelter and unleash a narcissistic psychopathic murderer on the world.


      As Earlier stated:


      A father who is a corrupt Politian.
      (Teaches his child corruption)

      A father who allows his son to party and gamble at casinos even though he is underage.
      (Teaches his child that he is above the law)

      A father who makes enough money to provide for his family in an upper class lifestyle having homes in both the Netherlands & Aruba and provides his child with his own apt at the home in Aruba.
      (Teaches his child that he is privileged)

      A father who does not support his wife and argues with her over discipline yet is away from home a lot between the Netherlands & Aruba.
      (Teaches a child to not respect his mother)

      A father who tries to pick up on young girls at the casino in front of his child while he is married.
      (Teaches a child not to respect marriage or women)

      A father who helps his child to deceive the law through legal advice.
      (Teaches a child to lie)

      A mother that knows her child has done wrong but looks the other way.
      (Teaches a child denial)

      +++Add in the regular universal woes of an adolescent entering adulthood.

      (Changing hormones, Peer pressure, Drugs, Alcohol, Dating & Defiance)

      Then imagine how angry the father & mother must have bee. Knowing that the child had spun out of control and the things the must have said to him.
      (Teaching the child Anger, Berating, and Loss of self worth with a sense that the world is against you)

      Then add in ARUBA a society and corrupt legal system that not only looks the other way but conspires and manipulates evidence. (Teaching the child a false sense of EMPOWERMENT)

      ***No Toads, Nor snails, No puppy dog tails … This is what Joran was made of.

    28. Lisa in Maryland on June 20th, 2010 10:29 pm

      Excuse me, My previous post was intended for Mother of a troubled child #21 not #18.

    29. Sam on June 20th, 2010 10:41 pm

      Sick in the head? What a statement out of the blue from her.

      He was “traumatized” after Natalee’s death? PULEEZE! Let’s talk about those who were truly traumatized. He drugged, raped, murdered and dumped somewhere a beautiful young lady. He was traumatized? Give me a break! Anita has no compassion for anyone but herself and her “sick in the head” offspring. He’s not sick in the head. He was doing exactly what he wanted to everyone and blaming everyone else for his evil deeds. She’s just making excuses.

      Maybe she’s too scared to go to Peru to kiss and “embrace” her soulless son.

      Spoil and indulge your children, be their friends instead of parents, let them run the household…this is what you get.

    30. IBE on June 20th, 2010 10:47 pm

      In the picture of Paulus is that a start on the upper forehead by the hairline?

    31. Waterboy on June 20th, 2010 11:08 pm


      Anita is just preparing everyone for what Joran is about to tell the world: His father murdered Natalie.
      Anita has refused to acknowledge Paulus and her own responsibility in this horrific crime…she will never believe what Joran is going to say. The only way forward for her is to claim Joran is ill….

      You may just have something there.


    32. Mellyrel on June 20th, 2010 11:09 pm

      Hey, I read the article you are quoting from. Anita doesn’t admit Joran killed Stephany Flores, she says, he COULD have done it.

      This is not the same thing, just because she acknowledges the possibility that he might have flipped out, due to his mental decline and paranoia (which people like the founders of this website can congratulate themselves for) doesn’t mean she has any factual evidence that he did it.

      In fact, she also says that Joran told her he was innocent over the phone.

      You people scare the crap out of me- You should acknowledge the possibility that Joran may not have been a killer, just a messed up kid, but now because he has been cyberbullied and harrassed by the likes of yourselves, he might be capable of murder.

    33. on June 20th, 2010 11:11 pm

      Mother of a troubled child on June 20th, 2010 8:22 pm : I think I understand where you are coming from. I would agree that there are great parents who have tried to help their troubled child(ren) and nothing has worked. Are they responsible? No! A parent can only give their best and as humans our best isn’t always the cure. And sometimes, there simply is no cure the troubled person will accept.

      But if you have a troubled child and you enable that child (separate apartment, denial, allowing under-aged drinking and gambling, girl sleep-overs, ignore what’s in front of your face) then you are responsible since you allowed that child to bring up himself rather than adhering to your responsibility as a parent. Parenting is NEVER easy. And all parents are not responsible for the acts of their adult children.

      IF my adult child was “sick in the head” and needed help, I certainly would not reject him/her and refuse to meet with them. A parent’s love doesn’t turn off. But love carries responsibility and so I would not enable my “sick in the head” child to escape the consequences for the crime. This is exactly what I wrote in an open letter to Paulus back in Aug. 2005. You can’t really love a child and then allow them to escape the consequences of their actions.

      I suppose there are heinous enough crimes that could cause me to not want to see my child – but I would hope not. Visiting and loving someone is not the same as allowing one to escape the consequences of their actions.

    34. on June 20th, 2010 11:15 pm

      and yeah, I can’t get over Anita turning around and victimizing the Holloway family one more time with her denial of what Joran did to Natalee. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that Joran murdered Natalee, got away with it, continued to torture the Holloway family and then murdered Stephany.

      Joran started the same pattern with the murder of Stephany. Lying and denial. Making up stories, trying to blame others. Only problem was he didn’t have Daddy to help him this time with “no body, no murder”.

    35. teri on June 20th, 2010 11:47 pm


      I too was at one time the mother of two in trouble or “troubled” kids, to the point I was court ordered to parenting classes, I missed so much as one class I faced 6 months jail.
      I went in mad at the courts, thinking they didn’t get it, I came out with a full understanding of how my parenting or lack there of would have a direct effect on both of their lives.
      While I agree there’s no guarantee what kind of an adult any kid will become, I do know the second I stopped enabling my kids, or allowing them to point the blame at someone else, they had no choice but to own up to their actions. Once they had to own up to their actions their choices became a whole lot smarter and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.
      Any parent that attempts to explain away what made their kid commit murder, with a list of reasons pointing the blame at the victim has failed them tremendously.
      For 5 years it’s been changing stories and someone else’s fault, now even with overwhelming evidence Joran’s mom is still making excuses about what provoked him. She can’t even say what, as parents, they should have done differently without throwing in an excuse for his behavior-good grief!!!!
      My two are older, married and have been out of trouble for years, I don’t think they’re just lucky, I think that them being made to equate their actions with potential consequences that may lead them in to an adult jail, forced them to grow up and make smarter decisions.
      Joran’s parents absolutely played a part paving the road to which his *entitled and untouchable* adult self is now.

    36. A Texas Grandfather on June 20th, 2010 11:51 pm

      You have certainly shot down the arguments of a mother with a troubled child and in addition, you have very well outlined behavior and results for Joran Van Der Sloots family.
      My experience with these mothers is that they often think of themselves as victims. And indeed they may have made themselves victums by their own choices.
      Most of these defective children are created by excessive use of alcohol or drugs during the time they are pregnant with the child. Occasonially it is a genetic defect.
      I believe that most of the troubled children continue to be that way because parents are not being parents at the right level. The teaching of good values and absolute limits on bad behavior is the only thing that gets their attention.
      In the past eight years, I have taught private music lessons to three young boys that were diagnosed to be bipolar by the medical community.
      In every case the mother had consumed drugs and alcohol during and after pregnancy. I have personally witnessed a sudden change in behavior when they thought they could get their way by bad behavior. A good parent or teacher has to immediately clamp down on them and tell them that bad behavior will not get them what they want. They will fight for their choice at first, but when they find out that the parent or teacher is not going to allow bad behavior, they soon give in and begin to behave as they should. Does this mean that they will behave normally all the time? Of course not. These are damaged people and are subject to these sudden changes at any time. If they respect the person that makes them behave they will behave, otherwise it is unknown what they will do when in the presence of someone they do not respect.
      I believe that Joran and his father are serial rapists, human trafficers and drug dealers and Joran graduated to murder with Natalee Holloway perhaps assisted by his father.
      The Law Enforcement and criminal justice system in Aruba acted in a corrupt way to cover up the crime against Natalee. There must be at least a dozen or more adults involved in these activities.
      Maybe someone can figure out how to make Joran tell the truth or enough of it in order to figure out the rest. His mother is involved in the cover up and she should be interrogated by LE in Peru, if she goes there, as well as the U.S. FBI.

    37. john alonso on June 21st, 2010 1:57 am

      I read with disgust with the constant bashing of people with another opinion…I thought Mods where on a board to keep things in line on this site the Mod is the head of the “Hang them high clan”.Dare to have an opinion that not strokes with the purpose of the thread….the purpose of this thread is to blame Anita as a mother…its like everybody knows the VDS family personal….Really its silly.

      Note.i disgust JVDS for me he can rot in jail forever..newsflash**** he now say that he is framed and that he signed his confession because he was scared and peru told him if he sign he could do his time in holland,he couldent read the confession because it was spanish,he will later tell what really happend,same old BS******……Mods it should be better to put your energy in posting newsfacts instead of speculations and start hatecampaigns versus Anita.

      *Yes i wasnt gone post on this board anymore but maybe maybe by posting i can open somebody’s eyes,i doubt it but i try its worth the energy…lets copy paste this in case it hit the spamfolder..;)
      SM: Quit your whining and grow up. If you want to have an opposing point of view then do so and face the wrath of those who oppose you. Geez, how about some cheese with that whine.

      Get a spine.

    38. justice1 on June 21st, 2010 1:58 am

      I’m Sorry but Anita is playing this. Don’t anyone be fooled. From day one her role has been the naive mother she knows what happened to Natalee and she knows Aruba will never do anything. She also knows This time is different he is in Peru with no cover up so she says he missed his Psych appt and made a paranoid call to her before the murder? I call that statement damage control that conveniently covers the extortion and murder time Then she blames the media?. I also see her denial of his involvement with Natalee as a warning to Joran to not give up anything and to use that as an excuse for him going off. Don’t anyone be fooled by her she has not given up on her son she knows he is up poop creek right now and she is just trying to give him a paddle to minimize the trip.

    39. meemee on June 21st, 2010 7:13 am

      let us not forget anita with her susposedly sick son, makde numerous television apperances for which she was paid, ENABLE, MAYBE, OR PART OF THE SICK PROBLEM. I think so. You raise your children to know right from wrong, apparently joran was raised to drink, gamble and lie, and take advantage of young girls at an early age, joran and his father and possible the kalpoe brothers know what happened to natalie, and im sure anita and her other two sons heard plenty about it. I feel no sorrow for this lady. Beth has been victimized is time for all of us to say ENOUGH ARUBA.

    40. Blonde on June 21st, 2010 7:27 am

      In Peru, a conviction is based on the preponderance of evidence, not “beyond reasonable doubt” as it is here. (And by 3 Judges, not a jury.

    41. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 7:44 am

      John Alonso #37

      Your “disgust with the constant bashing of people with another opinion” PALES IN COMPARISON to the disgust that most of us here feel for Aruba, the Netherlands’ and the Van der Sloots!

      Here’s an eye opener for you…

      That disgust is exactly why we post here! We don’t mind your opposing point of view, we simply just don’t agree with it. If you can’t handle that – then don’t post here!

      Ie… Can’t handle the heat – Get out of the Frying pan!

      Scared Monkeys affords us the privilege of voicing our opinions to others (for which we are ever grateful) It is not our position to tell them how to run their website or moderate their threads!

      If you don’t like it TOO BAD!

    42. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 8:19 am

      Hi Texas Grandfather – Hope you had a nice Fathers Day!

      You are so right about RESPECT! Respect is what keeps society within it’s socal realm!

      It goes hand in hand with the Golden Rule.

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

      Respect your parents. Respect the law. Respect the land. Respect life. Respect the fact that there are consequences for your actions!

      These are the things parents should be teaching their children.

      So many people bring children into this world with a “Breed & Live” mentality! Never understanding that it is their responibility to “Teach” their offspring Right from Wrong!

      Yes, indeed it does fall back on the Parents!

      I have no sympathy for parents who have failed at their obligation of parenting because they were too lazy to love their children enough to arm them with a viable moral compass!

    43. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 8:29 am

      REPORT: Van der Sloot retracts murder confession

      Surprise! Surprise! Imagine that!

      I feel a new thread coming!

    44. Miss-Underestimated on June 21st, 2010 8:40 am

      Bleeding hearts for Anita!!!!
      Anita now is looking at the fate of her son. (Maybe herself with those angry Peruvians) She jacked the family of Natalee around for 5 years, with lies, and our Pitiful Anita even knew of the undergarments that Natalee was wearing the night she went missing, hey momma, how did you know that? You slandered Natalee too!

      You are not fooling me Anita, you NOW come out that Joran is sick and I know why. You can’t lie your way with the Peruvians, you know, NOW, that they will have no mercy on you or your sons.

      No Pity here for you, you have reaped what you sowed, momma, you lied and you raised a liar…Joran might even send your Arse down the river; he may say he has problems because of you! BTW did you ever get your camera back?

    45. Larry on June 21st, 2010 8:47 am

      Lisa, you and a few others here are nearly as frightening as van der Sloot.

      I accept that he murdered Stefany and probably Natalee. I believe that his father and others were probably involved, and may have been traffickers in young girls – pimps, kidnappers and murderers.

      Having said that, Lisa, you sound both vicious and stupid.

    46. MikeinMD on June 21st, 2010 8:58 am


      Ever think maybe the coddling that you and his other supporters give him may have gave him the impression he could do no wrong and that you may have drove him to kill again? Works both ways doesn’t it?

      He got away with one killing and thought he would get away with this one….This time he didn’t have his support network.

    47. on June 21st, 2010 9:07 am

      john alonso on June 21st, 2010 1:57 am: enlighten us! What do you think happened to Stephany Flores Ramirez? Death by natural causes? Suicide? Break-in in the 3 minutes Joran was faking going for coffee?

      Could you enlighten us also about Anita’s great parenting skills? Are you in agreement with giving a teenager (known to lie and gamble) his own apartment, allowing girls to sleep over, allowing and denying his underage drinking and gambling?

      What do you think happened to Natalee Holloway – last seen in the presence of Joran van der Sloot? Why did he confess to being present at her death if he’s innocent?

    48. kaye on June 21st, 2010 9:25 am

      i think you’re right #13 ttaer. setting up their ‘defense”. mother/son tag team. “he’s crazy your honor/I didn’t do it. i was framed your honor.”
      anita is one sad pathetic mother. she knew about Joran’s mental status years ago but thought since her husband had connections they could get him out of the Natalee Holloway situation. papa sloot is dead now. karma killed him. she has no one to cover up for joran anymore.karma’s going to get joran. and i think that she knows once the contents of jvds laptop are revealed, she will be implicated also. she was involved in the coverup of information along with all the others. karma will get her too.
      anyone who thinks jvds is getting out of this one alive is sadly mistaken. we ain’t in aruba dorothy!! even if he lives long enough to serve his 35, IF they release him, as soon as he sets foot on the sidewalk he’s a dead man. the Peruvian people won’t stand for it. folks shouldn’t worry too much about jvds going anywhere. i believe he’s done.

    49. Anti Joran on June 21st, 2010 9:34 am

      Why are Americans still going to Aruba? If this happened to Natalee, you think it couldn’t happen to you or someone you know? STOP GOING TO ARUBA.

    50. not surprised at all on June 21st, 2010 10:04 am

      @ john alonso,

      John, anyone that followed the Natalee Holloway case knows that not only is Joran scum of the earth, but also the following folks are scum of the earth:

      Paulus VDS (rotting in hell)
      Anita VDS
      Van Der Stratten
      Kalpoes X 2
      Koen Gottenboes
      Koen’s Father
      Guido Weaver
      Jeffrey Von Croimvert
      Judge Wit (who blocked complete search of the VDS compound after the murder of NH)
      Arubans who painted the rocks
      Arubans who marched in the street in protest of Beth Holloway demanding answers from the corrupt police and judiciary in Aruba
      Karen Janssen
      The former Prime Minister of Aruba
      Aruba Dirty Police

      This list could go on for quite a while. In the end, it really comes down to most of Aruba needs to join Paulus Van Der Sloot and rot in hell.

      They covered up a murder of an American citizen hoping it would go away in a few months. They framed two black guys (stating they had ‘overwhelming evidence’ no less). The two black guys would have ultimately been released six months later when the evidence fell apart…and then they could have said they had no other suspects. They consistently got caught lieing about what happened that night, destroying evidence, and impeding any investigation. If it wasn’t for Beth immediately getting to the island and exposing what was going on….these people would have executed their scheme perfectly.

      Now, John, it is time for all of those in Aruba (and those who immediately fled to the Netherlands after the murder), to rot in hell with Paulus. Including Anita Van Der Sloot who placed enabling her son ahead of taking the moral high road (she still could come forward and spill the beans….it might redeem a little of what she has done).

    51. Roxy on June 21st, 2010 10:21 am

      Larry…just what about Lisa frightens you so much, that she is speaking the truth and you have some issues there? Imagine frightened of the truth, just like the Sloots…

      I think Mellyrel may be the same frightened person as Larry with a different screen name.

      Lisa, so well said!!!

    52. Blonde on June 21st, 2010 10:30 am

      Johan555 Your not doing your homework
      Under the Napoleonic code…he’s guilty and has to prove his innocence..

    53. wolfgang on June 21st, 2010 11:55 am

      I think Paulus was a cute Dude here in the young picture of the happy family. Hiding the body and the truth ultimately turned him ugly and dead. I am sure that he is not the only person this will happen to.

    54. john alonso on June 21st, 2010 12:17 pm

      Some of you can’t read? I no way i defend JVDS did he kill Flores?Yes ofcourse he did thats clear.Did he kill Natalee?Maybe he killed her maybe it was an accident and he did indeed panick anyway whatever happend in Aruba he is aware of it and should be punished severly for it even if he didnt kill her he did a terrible thing by torturing the family with made up story’s and extortion just recently…..No sympathy no mercy for him(not that i want him to be killed or get the death penalty)but for me he can stay in jail forever and believe me this is something i not say about many people.Where i defend JVDS in any posts?Exactly not 1!!! Boycot Aruba and Holland!!! Realise how dumb that sounds???Ofcourse you all entitld to your opinion and yes the Mods can handle the site as they want i just point out that i am al over the net on discussion forums and i never never saw on a normal site what happen here….if this was an islamitic forum it would be listed as a potential danger to society……but in your naivity you dont realise that whatever extreme group your belong to istn better then an other…anyway i am glad i see only few reaction every thread..JVDS seems to be popular 50 reactions mostly the same hardcore group of Lisa(with the Smith&wesson for her birthday included a bargain methaldetector) and the likes of Texascowboygrandfather i pitty those grandchildren.Other political threads sometimes get 0 responces….Rasmussen poll LOL i wonder who made those polls….FOX news?

      Btw Larry as me is frightend by the reactions shouted here thats the truth.

      Justice will be done he is inside now maybe its time to look in a mirror and ask yourself if you are the perfect person on earth.I know i am not!

    55. kiltie on June 21st, 2010 12:59 pm

      Anita was in the Netherlands when poor Natalee met her end, and it was Paulus and his cronies who got so immediately into the coverup that they couldn’t then retract a bit of it without implicating them all. Anita came late to that party, but I do believe, over time, she got the whole story. That evil knowledge destroyed Paulus, and it will destroy Anita. I had hopes she would convince her son, after Paulus’ death, to say where Natalee was buried, and when Paulus couldn’t be held to account. I still have hopes since Joran can’t be further punished than he is now in Peru. It’s little enough to offer Natalee’s family, but it’s all the Holloways have left, to bring Natalee’s remains home. So I say, Anita, do the right thing, it may be your salvation.

    56. Katerina on June 21st, 2010 1:35 pm

      #54 john

      Please post some of the forums you are referring to, I’d like to read them. I find it very difficult to believe that other “normal” forums all over the net are not treating Joran VDS with the same disdain as the rest of us in here.

    57. Johan on June 21st, 2010 2:35 pm

      I’m all for justice being done but now that it seems PLE have tricked Joran into a confession, the presumption of innocence is even more important here.

      If the boy is found guilty he should do the time but until then he should be considered a mere suspect and be treated properly.

      The sad thing imo is that this sad episode is bringing the solution of what happened to Natalee not any closer, in fact it might prevent her family from ever finding out what happened to her.

    58. Maggie on June 21st, 2010 3:04 pm

      Peter de Vries interview.. 2008?

      Two statements made by Paulus and Anita.. that have always pissed me off. Same mentality as now. Blame Natalee, investigate Natalee. Rene’s load of bs.. that Beth got to Aruba earlier than she said. blah blah..

      Wish Anita, the nutcase imo, would share with us the evidence that Natalee is alive. Hasn’t been one damn person that has seen her anywhere since she was in the car with Deepak Kalpoe, Satish Kalpoe and Joran van der Sloot.. NOT ONE.. 3 guys go out at closing time and move in on one intoxicated girl.. 3 guys make it home and the girl don’t..

      Paul: Well, what stands out is that there has never been a clear profile of the girl. What kind of a girl was she? Who were her contacts? I never saw anywhere something very simple, that the computer of the girl was looked into. I never saw that the family of the girl was investigated. Her friends. Where you really have to start the investigation, is with the people closest to the girl, and really after 10 million dollars, that has not happened.

      Anita: I don’t know, I have thought for a long time that she is alive, and there ahve been indications she is. And those facts have to be investigated. Rene Gielen on Curacao is making a documentary, she has interviewed a lot a people, we know because she’s in contact with us. I really would like for the other side of the story to also be investigated.

    59. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 3:44 pm

      Roxy – Thanks for your Support!


      As for me and a few others here that you find “nearly as frightening as Van der Sloot”

      Are you more frightened because I have an opinion that differs from yours or because I am so definite in the way I choose to express that opinion?

      How, may I ask, can you even begin to categorize my written opinion in a proper forum for such with the dealings of a lying sociopathic murderer?

      Freedom and Expression of Speech are a far cry from Murder! I’ve taken no lives!

      I may sound vicious but that is from my outrage of the matter. I choose to sound vicious at times because of the severity of the matter.

      I am by no means stupid, Insulted, maybe a little – believe me I’ll get over it before I hit submit.

      Larry you sound like a puss! “You accept that he murdered Stefany and probably Natalee” as if you were discussing it over tea service. Is that how you live your life in acceptance of murder? I assume that your caviler attitude allows you to accept Rape and all of the other vial acts that Joran has preformed just as easily. (You SCARE ME- NOT)

      I’d rather sound stupid and stand up for what I believe then condone and support the likes of Joran Van der Sloot.

      So excuse me for sounding stupid and please go find your balls and your marbles you seem to have lost them!

    60. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 3:52 pm

      John Alonso

      Happy to see your spine is growing back! Now you play nice and leave Texas Grandfather alone. He’s a nice guy and I like him!

      You go over there and play with Larry he needs a friend!

    61. Katerina on June 21st, 2010 4:52 pm

      Lisa in Maryland #59

      “I’d rather sound stupid and stand up for what I believe..

      I’ve put this in another comment area on Scaredmonkeys but I felt it bore repeating

      “You have enemies? Good! That means that you’ve stood up for something some time in your life” –

      Winston Churchill

      You go girl! Winston would be proud of you :)

    62. meemee on June 21st, 2010 5:31 pm

      LISA, YOU are a smart, strong women, and scared little boys like larry and john find you scary. aww, you go girl , this texas grandma has your back. I find your posting intelligent and pretty much reflect everything that i feel. and i got news for larry , MOMS BECOME VICIOUS WHEN DISCUSSING CHILDREN BEING MURDERED. and john to say you pity tx grandpa’s grandchildren you totally contradicted yourself, but that is probably because you are not very intelligent.

    63. NGBoston on June 21st, 2010 8:12 pm

      #27- Lisa in MD—Thank you for an excellent post. 100% eloquent and ON POINT.

      #50- Not Surprised, Thank you as well for the reminders and excellent summary of the corrupt & guilty criminals in your post also.

      To John Alonso: Please re-read post #50 and familiarize yourself with the CORRUPT, LYING PAWNS ON THE CHESSBOARD OF ARUBA who know the truth about Natalee Holloway’s Murder. These are the people you should be directing your disdain and disgust to. They know the truth, they lied and covered up many facts of the investigation and have compromised the case from the very beginning. They let a murderer and his accomplices walk away scott free, and never prosecuted the perpetrators when these men ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the VARIOUS CRIMES THEY COMMITTED.

      Shut your misinformed mouth, John. You insist on posting your BS in here when you know NOTHING of what you even speak of.

      We insist on harping on the truth and standing by the victims who are now deceased, and their families. Please educate yourself or get lost! Don’t whine either when we tell you to go pound some pink sand on the beaches of Oranjestad, either. It’s getting old, John.

    64. NGBoston on June 21st, 2010 8:25 pm

      Poster Larry says he is actually “frightened.” lol….Where do all these Trolls come from, anyway?

      Monkeys, aren’t we out of Troll snacks today? Guess we have to stop feeding them.

    65. Lisa in Maryland on June 21st, 2010 9:22 pm

      Thanks Guys I appreciate the back up!

      #50 – Sorry, I was previously side tracked by the trolls. Your list is excellent and your point well taken!

    66. blue bird on June 21st, 2010 9:43 pm

      Joran van der slot was the last person seen with Natalee. When interviewed by police he accused two security guards. The security guards were released, because they had an airtight alibi. After Joran involved his friends two brothers. They testified that Natalie was that night in Jorans car. After, Joran confessed that Natalee died by a seizure, and hi dumped the body. The night Natalee disappeared was to long for der Slott family. They all worked hard to get reed of Natalee body, and all of them has blood on their hands. Now the Black widow is using a new strategy to save her monster named Joran, INSANITY. If Natalee, or Stephanie would be my daughter, I would give her not a happy ending with my hands. I would do it not for revenge, but to break this vicious circle. To stop the black widow and her criminal family to make another, and another heinous murder. The Aruba authorities are so deeply involved in the Natalee case that the only option left for them is to DESTROY ANY EVIDENCE INCLUIDING THE NATALEE REMAINS …

    67. Scott on June 22nd, 2010 7:43 am

      johan…you a puke. The Peruvain police did not “trick” him. Try another one. So you believe a defense attorney over the Peruvian police? LOL..moron!

      The thing you Joran “jock” supporters forget is that they DO NOT need his confession to prosecute him or prove his guilt. They have SUFFICIENT evidence against him….DNA, blood, his clothing, the video evidence which CAN NOT be disputed.

      You Joran supporters need to grow a set of eyes, balls or whatever….you people that support him make me sick.

    68. Back Row on June 22nd, 2010 5:22 pm

      How could anyone in the right mind support Urine Van Der Schidt? OH! Asked and answered. Nothing loke an enabled psychopathto bring on all the loonies. I hope this thing joins it daddy real soon. This one is a real air polluter!

    69. blue bird on June 23rd, 2010 6:28 pm

      Italian say,
      Chi Rompe Paga.
      Who Breaks Pays.
      It is the time for the MONSTER Joran, and his CRIMINAL family to PAY.

    70. Frederic Nitz on June 26th, 2010 5:21 am
    71. Frederic Nitz on June 27th, 2010 2:52 am

      Nobody intends to spawn the monster that Joran became and I am sure that his problems developed slowly. It was probably difficult for his family to actually see the point where he needed to be removed from society until he killed someone. After that it was obvious and they should have done something five years ago but I can also understand how hard that might have been.

      You can blame Aruba all you want but the reality is as Paulus put it: “No body, no crime.” It is very hard to convict someone on the “I really, really think he did it” prosecution without physical evidence. Even today, five years later there is not enough evidence that a crime has been committed to charge anyone. I have no doubt that Joran is responsible but there is nothing to charge him with.

      Fortunately, in Peru it is a much different case.

      My own children were difficult as they matured and I wonder how I would react if one of them had done these crimes. Fortunately for me, one became a math professor and the other an MD so I consider myself lucky.

      If truth be known, I feel sorry for Anita. She defends Joran but I think a mother should do that. It is really hard to recognize and not excuse flaws in someone you love.

    72. Frederic Nitz on June 27th, 2010 1:06 pm

      However I know many people think she was complicit in the coverup.

      There is no excuse for that.

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