Student Indoctrination Continues … Made to Chant, “I am an Obama Scholar”


Mmm, Mmm, Mmm … Barack Hussein Obama …


There is nothing wrong with lifting up children and making them feel and understand that they can be all that they want to be … but do you really need the brainwashing techniques of the LEFT to indoctrinate the children to the Cult of Obama?

The children were directed to repeat, “I am an Obama scholar”.  Really, why are you limiting them to just Obama? No agenda here, is there.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit via PO’d Patriot

For I, am an Obama scholar.
An Obama scholar.
And I will strive to be.
Outstanding. Brilliant.
I will achieve. I will be motivated with a positive attitude.

What ever did happen to the separation of Church & State as the LEFT looks to praise “The Chosen One” to the children? Maybe we might want to question what other countries try and indoctrinate children in this manner.

Bill Hennessy, via OTB describes the scene as “Unbelievable. Frightening. Chilling.”  He adds, “Quick quiz: name five countries, past or present, where the youths were required to chant praises to their omnipotent ruler? Any five. Then add together the number of innocent people those regimes slaughtered for political expediency.”

Imagine, just imagine the outrage from the LEFT if children were made to say they were a GWB or Ronald Reagan scholar? However, in retrospect … if these children believe they are Obama scholars, let’s hope they never have to handle any oil spills in the Gulf coast.

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    12 Responses to “Student Indoctrination Continues … Made to Chant, “I am an Obama Scholar””

    1. super dave on June 15th, 2010 12:34 pm

      every school in America that practices this
      sholud be shut down. these students are taught to be militants. same as terrorist training.

    2. Rusty Bridges on June 15th, 2010 12:52 pm

      Isn’t this what hitler did and when they became of age he used them as non-thinking weapons?

    3. Brenda on June 15th, 2010 1:52 pm

      yes, Hitler’s loyal army the SA or brown shirts. What is most frightening is Hitler used their own Constitution to twist this into place. What is Obamanation willing to do in order to bastardize a portion of our Constitution to bend things his way? I imagine nothing.

      These children who innocently are falling for this will sadly be the enemies of free-thinking Americans sooner than later if we don’t get the mess in the White House and Congress OUT very, very, soon.


      In 1921 Adolf Hitler formed his own private army called Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section). The SA (also known as stormtroopers or brownshirts) were instructed to disrupt the meetings of political opponents and to protect Hitler from revenge attacks. Captain Ernst Roehm of the Bavarian Army played an important role in recruiting these men, and became the SA’s first leader.

      Hitler’s stormtroopers were often former members of the Freikorps (right-wing private armies who flourished during the period that followed the First World War) and had considerable experience in using violence against their rivals.

      The SA wore grey jackets, brown shirts (khaki shirts originally intended for soldiers in Africa but purchased in bulk from the German Army by the Nazi Party), swastika armbands, ski-caps, knee-breeches, thick woolen socks and combat boots. Accompanied by bands of musicians and carrying swastika flags, they would parade through the streets of Munich. At the end of the march Hitler would make one of his passionate speeches that encouraged his supporters to carry out acts of violence against Jews and his left-wing political opponents.

    4. Brenda on June 15th, 2010 1:54 pm

      I can only imagine exact same tactics used in disrupting Tea Parties were taken following Hitler’s lead in distrupting opponents’ meetings.

    5. Its Me on June 15th, 2010 2:40 pm

      I believe this is racist!! Next you will hear “kill whitey mm mm mm”. We will build Gas Chambers to rid ourselves of the white people.
      I know, sounds sick doesnt it?

    6. Darleen on June 15th, 2010 5:58 pm

      I’ve heard of this happening. Even though I’ve no reports that the teachers in my seven-year-old niece’s school have pushed Obama or his agenda, I have already, long ago, informed her that if her teachers ever do anything like that she is not to listen to them and to tell me (at which point, I’ll be all over that board of education).

    7. Michelle on June 15th, 2010 8:25 pm

      So far our school system is not trying this crap. I’ve told my daughter that she is not to have any part of it and to let me know if they try this garbage. I’m with you Darleen; I will be all over that school & the board of education.

      It’s downright sickening. Can you imagine the outrage if they had the children praising Bush like this? Of course, I would not be okay with that either. God is who we worship; no human being is worthy of worship.


    8. on June 15th, 2010 9:04 pm

      wrote a comment, guess it got trashed:

      Those of you that voted for obummer need to wake up and smell the coffee. This and many other incidents are a cumulative plan to push the Obummer agenda from the bottom up and the top down. WAKE UP!

    9. Darleen on June 15th, 2010 11:06 pm

      Hahaha, Katablog: “Obummer”, somebody ought to print t-shirts!

    10. super dave on June 16th, 2010 4:37 pm

      if these kids are obama scholars of obama
      i feel sorry for them.

    11. just1girl on June 17th, 2010 8:31 pm

      I am not an Obama fan. But- what I see is black leaders attempting to influence black youth away from guns, violence, drugs & ignorance. And telling them that they can achieve whatever they choose to believe. To me is seems as though the leaders are telling the black youth that a black man can be a leader & live a productive life free from the negative influences. Isn’t that a good thing?

    12. silentcal_rox on November 21st, 2010 10:04 pm

      The red guard? Hitler youth? kind of reminds me of some of the news clips of the past. “il douche” is trying to build own militia.

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