Aruba Papers Cover Joran Van der Sloot Suspected Murder of Stephany Flores Ramírez


How sad is it that five years after the disappearance and death of Natalee Holloway, there are some in Aruba that still place blame on Natalee Holloway’s family for the plight of Joran Van der Sloot. Makes me want to visit, NOT! Does any one wonder why people are still calling for a boycott of Aruba?


Vanderbilt – ’06

So how did the news papers in Aruba cover the story of not-so favored son Joran Van der Sloot and his latest exploits that have once again landed him in jail and being interrogated by law enforcement in the death of a girl? Because Aruba did not take the murder of Natalee Holloway seriously in 2005 and decide to prosecute her killer, Joran Van der Sloot was enabled to kill again. This time it was 21 year old Stephany Flores Ramírez in Peru. And Joran Van der Sloot was charged with extortion in the US.


Amigoe reported the man hunt and capture of fugitive Joran Van der Sloot as follows:

Justice in South America is in ‘hot pursuit’ of the fugitive Joran van der Sloot, according to the media there. The Chilean police confirmed Joran had crossed the Peruvian border into Chili on Monday May 31st. Apparently there is a hunt down going on in the Chilean harbor city Arica. Roadblocks around the city are to prevent him from escaping.

According to the Telegraaf, Joran has confessed the murder of the 21-year old Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez. The newspaper reports that during a telephone conversation, he admitted to having stabbed the girl to death. That telephone conversation was supposedly held with a Dutch poker-friend. Rumors on him committing suicide were buzzing about yesterday. However, these are totally unfounded.

Thankfully, we find out this little tid bit of information that the Netherlands has no treaty with Peru that “when” Joran Van der Sloot is found guilty of murder that he will not be able to serve his time in his home country. Instead Joran will be spending time in a Peruvian prison.

For that matter, there is no extradition treaty between the Netherlands and Peru, says Özlem Canel, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. If Joran were to be arrested on Dutch territory due to an international wanted notice, it would be difficult to extradite him, she says. However, Ann Angela, spokeswoman of the OM on Aruba states that an extradition treaty obligates the person’s extradition. “But is could also occur on voluntary basis.” If Joran were to be arrested and ends up in the prison in Peru, there is no treaty with the Netherlands to let him serve his time in his home country.

The reaction in Aruba ran the spectrum of vile hatred of Joran to the sad and pathetic excuses and continued blame of Natalee’s family that we have come all to accustomed with Aruba. Anita van der Sloot,  Joran’s mother was shocked. Why Anita, because you figured that all the enabling and covering up of the Natalee Holloway disappearance and death by the late Paulus Van der Sloot would have taught your psychopath son a lesson?

Joran’s mother, artist and teacher Anita van der Sloot was shocked by the reports regarding her son, says the Dutch lawyer of Bert de Rooij in the Dutch press. De Rooij, who represented Joran in the Netherlands, states that the arrest and the new imputations have caused the family much sorrow. Meanwhile, others are very happy with the apprehension of ‘that psychopath’ as he is called on the streets. Reactions on the island on the murder and Joran’s arrest vary from ‘finally justice’ to appeals to castrate him, rape or even hang him.

Then there are those in Aruba that still blame Natalee’s family for the fact that Joran Van der Sloot has killed again. How sick are these people? That is correct, makes one really want to vacation in Aruba, doesn’t it?

For that matter, not everyone is convinced of Joran’s guilt. There are rumors circulating on internet that it’s ‘all very coincidental’. Everything is supposedly a conspiracy of the family of Natalee Holloway. For the time being, the government is not elaborating on whether Joran’s apprehension with all its worldwide publicity, has any consequences for the image of Aruba or the tourism.

Check out how Bondia covered the story of extortion. Then again, maybe readers only need to visit  Dilma Arends‘ of Bondia Facebook and see what that crack investigative journalist has to say about Joran Van der Sloot and the extortion.


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Or maybe Julia Renfro’s Aruba Today where the front page is devoted to Richard Gere and a wedding on Eagle Beach, there’s some hard hitting journalism for you. You have to get to page 10 before there is any report of Joran Van der Sloot’s arrest.

Diario Aruba reported it as follows and looky here, front page.

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    54 Responses to “Aruba Papers Cover Joran Van der Sloot Suspected Murder of Stephany Flores Ramírez”

    1. Susan on June 5th, 2010 8:03 pm

      Will Aruba ever get IT, referring to who is really responsible for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway??? I don’t think so!! It certainly wasn’t her family!

      The entire population on that creepy, filthy, vile, poverty stricken, drug infested, lawless third world Dutch protectorate of Aruba is out of it’s freaking mind (Jossy Mansur excluded, of course)!

      Julia Renfro wouldn’t know “journalism” if it slapped her upside her ugly face!!



    2. david r on June 5th, 2010 8:22 pm

      What a bizarro world Aruba is. That Facebook post is idiotic. It is always about tourism (money) with these people. The don’t care if you die down there. They just want your money. BOYCOTT ARUBA FOREVER. Maybe they can offset the drop in tourism with a pay-per-view webcam of Joran in prison in Peru. Hey, what ever happened to Amsterdamned and the rest of the Dutch trolls who mocked Natalee and her family? Don’t hear too much from them these days.

    3. USS Yorktown on June 5th, 2010 8:25 pm

      If Joran were to be arrested and ends up in the prison in Peru, there is no treaty with the Netherlands to let him serve his time in his home country.

      Wow, he is really screwed! Okay, more than screwed. Can’t think of anything worse than screwed.

    4. Shannon on June 5th, 2010 9:06 pm

      I saw the video of Joran Van Der Scum arriving at the police station in Peru and he looks truly frightened. I am so relieved to know the Dutch cannot take wonder-boy out of Peru to serve his time in Holland. He is going to really suffer in the Peru jail system, which is among the worst in the world.

      1) Cement slabs for beds
      2) Two blankets issued; no window glass just bars and freezing
      3) Soup with rat tails and rat chunks for protein
      4) No toilet; just a hole in the floor for bathroom needs

      The whole place must smell like an outhouse. Disgusting!

      Not to mention the fact that the hardened criminals are sure to pin him down and rape his ass. This is the perfect situation for a monster. Much deserved!

      Enjoy 35 years of ass rapes Joran Van Der Scum. You’ve earned every bit of it!

    5. Shannon on June 5th, 2010 9:31 pm

      Hotel video released showing Van Der Scum arriving with Stephany and leaving alone a few hours later.

    6. Darleen on June 5th, 2010 10:29 pm

      That murderer’s mother is probably only shocked that he murdered again; she was probably busy counting all of them lucky that he got away with it the first time. She knows that won’t happen now. As for the “reporters” in Aruba who aren’t covering his arrest, maybe they’re afraid to call attention to it as they are worried they’ll be implicated in the criminal cover-up that happened in Natalee’s case. Well, that just might happen. And this story doesn’t need their publicity. Nothing is going to save that murderer now.

    7. Mike on June 5th, 2010 10:56 pm

      Please publish the prison address when he is convicted. I would like to send him a fruit basket with a 35 year supply of KY jelly and a book for reading in his leisure time entitled “Taking it up the rear” by G. Myass Hurts. When the DVDs come out (Joran does Larri Ganchos I & II)
      I would like to send a boxed gift set to his wonderful mother for her to keep and enjoy.

    8. Shannon on June 5th, 2010 11:24 pm

      Reports now are saying they found bloody clothes with him when he was arrested in Chile. This is so bizarre. He made every mistake possible in covering up this crime; yet, seemingly, he committed a near perfect crime 5 years ago in Aruba. Granted, the police helped him in Aruba by giving him 10 full days to cover his tracks and his dad, Paulus, was clearly involved in covering his tracks.

      Too bad for Joran his dad is just a pile of ashes now. His mom is an idiot. Who will be there to help him when he lays on a cement slab to sleep at night and is served rat tail soup in jail.

      Maybe Anita the fat ass will send Joran a 35 year supply of KY Jelly along with his soft pillow from home?

    9. Carpe on June 5th, 2010 11:49 pm

      Oh, no…

      It most definitely gets better!

      According to Geraldo:

      Aruban Officials feel the case in PERU IS WEAK!!!

      F. Aruba into the depths of hell.

      Justice for Natalee and Stefany.

    10. aruban on June 5th, 2010 11:52 pm

      I want to make some thing clear. I didn’t have nothing to do with the case , but since the name ARUBA is used for this crime I for one am standing up and want to say;

      ‘Sorry isn’t enough money is worth nothing words doesn’t mean anything anymore but I am certain that justice will be served’ Not only for Joran van der sloots but also for those who helped him on Aruba. God doesn’t sleep. It’s really sad how our justice system failed completely. I’m sorry for the holloways who didn’t receive justice and for stephanie’s family who’s experiencing this because of our legal system.

      It’s true that most Arubans tried to help Beth find natalee at first but later stopped. The reason was not because we where defending Joran van der sloot !!! but because we where blind to notice how bad our justice system really was. And every time there was a complaint about our legal system they didn’t mentioned ” Aruba’s legal system ” but “Aruba”. And that offended most Arubans and that is why at the end nobody wanted to help anymore.

      I am sorry and will do my best to stand up to our legal system.

    11. arubano on June 6th, 2010 1:17 am

      For all those who are blaming Aruba, just remember that this island is where the government gave a day off so people can search for this girl. This island went out to get the latest technology to scan the sea, and the land with F16 from the Netherlands. This island brought in both the Dutch Marines and the American FBI, where even they couldn’t find anything.

      Can you name any other nation where 1) the government gave an off day for a search, 2) they went out and used F16 for a search of ONE person and 3) let in foreign law enforcers to the country to let them investigate?

      ONE unsolved murder, ONE, and you guys want to boycott a small island?! Aruba is an island where murders are as uncommon as hurricanes on the island, and a country where millions are murdered wants to boycott an island for ONE murder?!

      Our system is better than the american system, as we have an EUROPEAN system. And to those who think that we are all vile, filthy and what-not, please look inside your own country before judging other people with your ignorance.

      On the issue of journalism in Aruba, why would the case of that specific girl (stephany) should get any more publicity than jane doe #18? Even Joran van der Sloot wasn’t even a suspect, than nobody would have even know that this girl was murdered!

      And does someone not have the right to question things? Isn’t that freedom of speech? And that we care about tourism, is not about money, it is about our bread. 70% of the island is dependent on tourism, and now we get blamed for something that had nothing to do with ARUBA, and now threatening our income and our bread?

      How many cases go unsolved, or weren’t properly done by the american system? why don’t you guys start there and complain and boycott your own nation first, instead of picking on a small island where ONE case wasn’t solved, ONE!

      A girl is killed in Peru and all the AMERICAN media shows and blames is ARUBA, suspect Joran van der Sloot and how aruba is “responsible”. A girl has been murdered in PERU! And LITTLE attention for her or her family whatsoever by the AMERICAN MEDIA.

      Classic case of young, blonde and rich right here.
      Sad world we all live in.
      SM: To bad the majority of people who were given the day off did not participate in any search.

      The fact that you cannot comprehend that certain Aruban people are to blame because they allowed a killer to get away with murder is amazing. So what did Joran do with his freedom, kill again. NICE.

      Also, want to tell me why the Aruba police did not re-arrest JVDS when they were 100% aware of the extortion charges? Nope, Arubam LE never had any intentions of ever bringing Joran to justice, they let him leave the island and kill again. Wonder if they even tipped him off as to the reason why he left in the first place.

    12. arubano on June 6th, 2010 1:56 am

      to the supposed ‘aruban’ our justice system did not fail, as we fall under the european justice system. If it did fail, than majority of europe’s justice system is bad. I have faith in our justice system.

      This is only a hypocritical plight by a small group of ignorant americans, who didn’t even know of aruba’s existence, and only reason that this case got major coverage is because of the ‘blonde, young and rich’ portfolio fitted by the missing girl.

      By the way, nobody is taking the boycott seriously, as tourism has actually increased in each of the past 5 years, and with tourism at it’s all time high right now.
      SM: Ever wonder why people pretty much hate your “blood island” … when you make ignorant comments like you do?

      The case got coverage because an American was murdered in Aruba while on vacation and the powers that be covered it up and LE stonewalled a family simply looking for their daughter and answers.

      Personally, I would never go to Aruba and my family and I had been going there since 1975. It has nothing to offer except the fact that if something bad happened, the understanding that Aruba could care less that a crime was committed.

      There are plenty of other places to go that are much better than Aruba.

    13. larry roper on June 6th, 2010 4:16 am

      I am appauled at your comments that we wouldn’t have even heard about the Hollaway murder had she not been a blonde hair,rich American girl.So it is okay to murder I guess just because she was a beautiful blonde American girl who was drinking on your little Island which you encourage because you can’t survive if it wasn’t for all the tourist you guys get there.Quit blaming the Victims and start putting the blame on that coward joran vander sloot and the ones in your judicial system that was protecting him,and as for your so called holiday that you claim your little Island shut down for the day to help search for the Hollaway girl(you know the one,the one that you seem to think suld be punished for being beautiful and for being an American)wouldn’t have even happened if you guys didn’t fill pressured by the United States to do something ,because lets face it you guys drug your feet on this one.I am just so glad that this time the little Island’s hands are tied and will not be able to persuade Peru who might I add acted mighty swiftly.I forsee Sissy ass with a soar rear for about oh lets say for the rest of his life.HA HA HA HA….Not to mention all the bonus points he might collect such as AIDS,HERPIS,SIPHLISS,HEPATITUS C,AND MIGHT I say,it couldn’t be giving to a better person.So in conclusion,you guys keep your little Island but remember this,your hero vander sloot and the rest are starting to pay for everything that you have protected and stood for and that is a lying tooth face,hide behind daddy until he died,murdering,sissy ass coward, who preys on women.Now next time you open your mouth know what your talking about thank you and good bye…….

    14. Kelly on June 6th, 2010 7:43 am

      wow! I am laughing at all these comments – especially the one about the ky jelly …haha! yes-we need the prison address so we can send Joran Valentines Days cards on Feb. 14th! I TRULY hope the peruvian prison is no country club! Bravo Peru! We applaud you again here in Pittsburgh, PA! God bless Stephany & Natalee…I hope Joran gets more than 35 yrs.-anyone know if he can get life in prison in Peru for this? He should!

    15. Susan on June 6th, 2010 7:47 am

      arubano – ARUBAN/DUTCH LAW FAILED NATALEE HOLLOWAY MISERABLY BY PROTECTING THE VAN DER SLUT’S (THE CRIMINALS)!! The Aruban people should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up, screaming at the top of their lungs, demanding JUSTICE FOR NATALEE!!

      I wasn’t the least bit impressed with Aruba’s show of force (letting their workforce off for a half a day to search) or the Dutch’s show of force with the F16 fly bys. The FBI was out of their jurisdiction, so there was nothing they could do legally, other than assist. ALE REFUSED THE FBIs ASSISTANCE!!

      TAKE UP FOR YOUR POS ISLAND ALL YOU WANT ;-) Continue your walk through life with blinders on…lmao. IT’S USELESS, THE WORLD KNOWS THE TRUTH AND ALWAYS HAS!!



    16. Susan on June 6th, 2010 8:09 am

      The tragic, senseless, brutal death of Stephany Flores Ramirez has dealt another BLACK EYE to Aruba. Let’s hope and pray this horrendous act of COLD BLOODED MURDER by URINE VAN DER SLUT will SINK Aruba’s precious TOURISM industry FOREVER!!




      On an odd note, the phone rang at 8:47 last night. The last name on the caller ID was “Ramirez”…

    17. Kelly on June 6th, 2010 8:23 am

      Arubano – why do you think Joran & Paulus had time to make up their stories & get rid of the body? If Joran’s dad was no so well connected, they would have never gotten away with that – face it – your island is more corrupt than the entire USA!

      No one I know would ever feel safe vacationing there now! please……I am sorry this happened on Aruba, but let the record show that it INDEED happened there.

    18. Steve Holloway on June 6th, 2010 8:28 am

      # 10 Any time I or my family said “Aruba” they were talking about the justice system, not the great people of Aruba. The people of Aruba shown great passion toward Dave and Beth because of Natalee.

    19. Darleen on June 6th, 2010 8:51 am

      Hey, Arubano, they didn’t have an unsolved murder in Aruba: they had the murderer dead to rights and they knew it and they covered it up!! Well, he’s caught dead to rights again, and so are the Aruban “authorities” and “press”.

    20. wolfgang on June 6th, 2010 8:58 am

      Steve…what has happened to Natalee’s brother? I have forgotten his name, but remember he was younger …just wondering how he is doing now.

    21. kitty on June 6th, 2010 9:01 am


      I agree with you that it is a sad world we live in. Especially when two young women are murdered and their families lives are shattered ~ the corrupt Aruban system failed these families and failed it’s own countrymen & inhabitants of Aruba, miserably.

      “This is only a hypocritical plight by a small group of ignorant americans…” “and the only reason this case got major coverage is because of the ‘blonde, young and rich’ portfolio…”

      how sad to blame the victim ~ Natalee. how sad to not “see” truth regarding the corruption on your Island and the inept, corrupt Judicial system where Joran’s Father was a member.

      This was more of the “good ole boys” covering one another’s crimes using their power from within their circle, from it’s investigators, right up to the top… from the Judicial benches which with they served… involved in pure corruption.

      Truth always rises to the surface ~ in time… truth prevails. It took 5 years to catch up with Joran.

      His trail needs to be closely followed to tell the sordid tale of corruption that he and others close to his Dad were involved with. Sadly, there IS much, much more to this sordid story and no doubt it is global corruption.

      Thailand is known for Human trafficking and it’s sex trade. Joran frequented there…

      It surprised many that early on, many Business owners/residents didn’t take to the streets in protest demanding that it’s Police Department and Judicial system cleaned house… perhaps it didn’t happen as one would like to give the benefit of doubt here and believe that there are still those who took oaths to serve it’s people and country that are not corrupt. Your judicial system does have blood on it’s hands. It’s a legal term used here in America.

      Being a business owner, I’d of banded together it’s citizens and business owners together with the same passion and fervency of the sanctioned one day demand the Government clean house, insist on uncovering the corruption on that Island until every single person involved were exposed ~ and dealt with under the law…and if it took a writing campaign to the Queen of the Netherlands, involving the Dutch Government and then calling in more than ONE F16, the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the entire National Guard, the Supreme Court of Justice to do so… you do so.

      As a Mother, her primal instincts kicked in and she did as any Mother would do, find her child. I applaud Beth Holloway to have stood up under such strain, heartache, to face Paulus Van der Sloot and the monsters of corruption, she NEVER has given up on her daughter… I applaud her tenacity, her fervency, and shear guts ~ she was not going to go away until she got answers…and now, she has a center to help other families and victims of such heinous murderous crimes… God Bless Her… and her family and Stephany’s family in Peru…

      if anything your dear Government owes Beth Holloway an apology and and Stephany’s family as well…

      To those Aruban inhabitants who “KNOW” where Natalee is and speak forth the truth, they need to come forth and let the Holloway family know where Natalee is to bring her home. Our country provides a witness protection program ~ does the European system have such a program?

      Joran got caught and did not have his Father to ‘clean up the evidence’ this time. Joran was found to have Stephany’s bloodied clothes on him ~ he was the last person seen in and out of his hotel room, no other person entered or exited. He got caught. Finally.

      There is much, much more to this sad chain of events of two lovely young women murdered and it would not surprise many of us here that Joran’s Father was more than likely involved in Drug & Human trafficking trade or a Mafia type of scenario and many on the island know about and were involved ~ it’s about power and control, corruption.

      Certainly not about a rich blonde girl from America.

      If I recall, many folks since the disappearance of Natalee were ‘removed from Aruba society’… murdered. Wasn’t there a bar owner killed? perhaps to shut him up? The 2K’s aren’t talking, they probably never will ~ they’re too scared to breathe a word… they know all too well about retribution.

      go to SM’s other post and read what another countryman shared ~ he gets it… maybe you’ll be enlightened.

      Perhaps “Aruban” along with others could take the charge, bringing together Aruban citizens, Business owners and have a respectful gathering for ONE more day on behalf of Natalee Holloways memory, again demanding answers regarding corruption and apologize to her family.

      How sad, that one monster, Joran Van der Sloot and his corrupt(late) Father, Paulus Van der Sloot and his cronies could do so much damage to Aruba, it’s inhabitants and their countrymen.

      Place your anger there, be proactive and do something positive to make changes within your Government and demand that Natalee’s body be given back to her family. Then perhaps your Island can rebuild and have peace.

      by the way…his post is under Aruban.

    22. Andys N Texas on June 6th, 2010 12:49 pm

      Send the Peruvian Police a link to the Natalee evidence and the news articles of the cover-up by Julia Renfo, Dompig and Van Stratten – maybe Peru can put a bounty on their head as well.

    23. Andys N Texas on June 6th, 2010 12:50 pm

      I also have 27 bumper stickers left – No Aruba, Find Natalee. Email me if you want one for free. I will list them on eBay later today.

    24. barbreee on June 6th, 2010 1:21 pm

      This kid is hooked on the poker rush. He would obviously go to great lengths to have money in his pocket and get to a casino. Yet he is limited in where he can go in the world. I would imagine he was losing money badly, which contributed to his mental state. He has been on a path of self destruction for 5 years, and now he has reached it. He will certainly be convicted of the murder of Stephany. Thank goodness for surveillance cameras. His only potential for the smallest degree of salvation is to let Natalee’s family have the truth.

    25. Susan on June 6th, 2010 1:27 pm

      Hey Andys N Texas, I want a bumper sticker, please :-)

    26. cattys on June 6th, 2010 3:58 pm

      We travel all over the caribbean and Central America, but not Aruba until they do the right thing and admit to the coverup. Not blaming the locals, just the corrupt legal system.

    27. A Texas Grandfather on June 6th, 2010 4:19 pm

      Great post Kitty!
      This is not just an Aruban problem. It eztends across all the ABC islands and into the Netherlands as well.
      The Dutch islands are rife with corruption from the lowest to the highest levels of government. Until this is cleaned up, no person is safe including their own citizens.
      This is why no turist should venture to this area. If the people can’t clean it up, then the population will suffer from lack of revenue.
      Maybe diplomatic pressure from Peru can get things started. The U.S. certainly did not do enough even though Beth met with Condeleza Rice.

    28. Steve Holloway on June 6th, 2010 6:22 pm

      #20 Matt is his name and he’s doing fine. He will be flying planes for a living soon.

    29. stacey on June 6th, 2010 7:32 pm

      How dare you defend your wonderful island. If that monster would have been removed from society on your wonderful island by your now world famous justice system which we must not forget his father was a part of, the girl from peru would still be alive.I can only ponder what else this creaton has done and gotten away with,thanks to his parents and your wonderful island. BOYCOT ARUBA!

    30. Arubano on June 6th, 2010 9:07 pm

      Leave it to ignorant Americans to deliberately misread my comments. I never said it was okay or that it was fine or that we shouldn’t care about her because she’s young, blonde and rich. I’m saying that her case got waaay more coverage than any other case! An American girl was killed in the Virgin Islands, no coverage of that. Another American went missing and presumed dead on the island of Curacao, no coverage what-so-ever! THREE Americans were held prisoners in Iran for months! LITTLE TO NO COVERAGE of that!

      What do all these cases have in common? They weren’t young, blonde or rich.

      Further more, Arubans really don’t care about Joran van der Sloot, considering he’s not even Aruban. The Aruban judicial system has for decades only allowed Dutch judges in courtrooms, and Natalee was never found, so no-one could charge anyone with murder, as there was no prove of that. And again, I have faith in the judicial system of Europe, and I can guarantee you that Aruba has one of the highest tourist safety levels on the entire planet.

      And to the question about the extortion charges, Joran has not been on the island for a long time,
      and the alleged extortion charges happened in America, and thus the local authorities here would never have heard of it, unless USA wanted him and the FBI knew he was here.

      And kitty, I can assure that no-one was ‘removed from society’ and no-one was killed, certainly not the bar owner, as we only had about 2 or 3 ‘murders’ since the famous NH case.

      In any case, I see no point in trying to defend our small island, against a few ignorant and close-minded Americans who already condemned and judged JvdS and “KNOWS” that he is guilty in two cases.

      Have fun with your oh so positive crusade against the Aruban people.

      I would also like to thank Steve Holloway for his clarification, as he at least does not blame 100.000 individuals on ‘covering up’ something. He knows the good will of our people, and doesn’t think that we are all ‘vile, filthy, creepy third world savages’ that shouldn’t have used F16′s (cause we all know everywhere in america they use that for a murder) because of it’s lack of results.

    31. maria on June 6th, 2010 10:41 pm

      arubano sounds a lot like goolia renhoe!
      pathetic witch!

    32. Arubano on June 6th, 2010 11:39 pm

      That’s all most of you can do, Argumentun Ad Hominem.

      Boso no ta sirbi pa nada, awo tur Arubano sa dicon hendenan semper tawata odia merca. Aruba un haci boso nada, pero culpa so boso ker culpa un hende pa kita e culpa for di e kens cabey hel ki.

      Ken conjo tey subi un auto cu tres hende stranjo, na un pais stranjo?! ki mishe pafo?! e no tawata ni mag di ta pafo di nan cambernan! Mericano pendeunan. Sigi duna Aruba fama, ya cu ta mas bishita nos ta haya!

      Pa tur otro arubanonan, no sigi pleita cu nan. Laga nan hoga pa cul numa, laganan kere ki nan kier, paso e berdad semper ta sali na cla.

      Aruba, dushi tera, nos baranca tan stima! Nos amor pa bo ta asina grandi, cu’n tin NADA pa KIBRE!

    33. kitty on June 7th, 2010 1:04 am

      Arubano ~ your anger is palpable…


      I have nothing “against the Aruban people” or the Dutch…and if I was to be included in the “ignorant catagory” ~ or the comment regarding the comment made~ I happened to know about Aruba before this tragedy put Aruba on the world map of murderous events. I don’t think that Arubans are all “vile, filthy, creepy third world savages”… that’s insultive and ludicrous ~ I am related to full blooded Dutch folks, one whom used to work for Queen Beatrix in the Netherlands ~ and I have visited the Netherlands often and have friends living there…whom I love dearly.

      What I am against is corruption and the behavior of those who covered up and thwarted the investigation of Natalee’s murder ~ this was a very heinous crime and caused this family great angst when they deserved answers regarding their beloved daughter ~ who was brutally murdered. (as is Stephany Flore’s murder)

      And those involved in this crime needed to be punished, and incarcerated ~ yet they walked away free, due to the corruption and cover-up of this crime…and one specifically walked away free until now. From the inception of the initial investigation, right on through the Judicial system of Aruba ~ we Americans call that
      a “$hit show” ~ no explanation needed.

      Regarding the comment that “Arubans really don’t care about Joran van der Sloot considering he’s not even Aruban”… he may have had dual citizenship? ~ there within lies one of the problems. Regardless if he was or wasn’t an Aruban citizen, most people would care about what he and others involved did and also care about what the police/investigators failed to do. It wasn’t until later on, when folks who did care enough wrote to Queen Beatrix and put pressure on the Netherlands Government that action began to take place and that was better late than never.

      Surely, there are Arubans and others who feel Joran is involved in the murder of Natalee Holloway and also Stephany Flores. And there are folks like yourself, that do not. That is being blinded to truth, Mr. Flores (God Bless him) will enlighten you.

      One would only surmise that most folks living in Aruba would be pretty upset that he and his Fathers actions took down your entire Islands economy and tarnished if not ruined Aruba’s reputation as once being “safe”… it’s truly a shame ~

      thank you for assuring me/us that no one else was murdered or quieted… I recall however, years back that there was a death of a bar owner perhaps, not ~ maybe SM could enlighten us on that?

      the comment made was on your 11. post towards the end ~ “Classic case of young blonde and rich right here” ~ Post 12. “this is only a hypocritical plight by a small group of ignorant Americans……… that reference was made toward Natalee.

      I’m not so ignorant, I know the difference between an F16 and an M16 ~ an F16 is a Fighter Jet made by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. Air Force ~ (the Co. is in Atlanta, GA and a friend of mine used to be an Engineer there)… perhaps you meant an M16? that is an assault rifle, of which I do not have in my collection.

      This recent killing by Joran will be proved in a court of law in Peru ~ Investigators will not screw up this case and Joran will be convicted of murder this time. He made mistakes this time.

    34. wolfgang on June 7th, 2010 6:59 am

      Thanks Steve, I am glad to hear about Matt doing well. I know it is a comfort to Dave and Beth. I just heard this morning that Joran is asking to see his Mother. Once again showing his disregard for his family members, bringing them into this mess and using any and everyone available.

    35. Arubano on June 7th, 2010 11:46 am

      To kitty, it is clear that you aren’t part of the small group of ignorant Americans on here.

      On a few of your questions, I did meant F16, as in the planes, as the Dutch Marines used 2 F16 to fly over Aruba and scan it.

      Joran did not have dual citizenship, as he was Dutch and needed no extra papers to live in Aruba (part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

      And never have I said, or meant, that we didn’t care about NH and SF. Arubans, as any other group of people, would like to have justice for them and put whoever did it behind bars.

      Arubans, however, doesn’t really care what happens to JvdS. If he did what he did, than he should suffer, but we really don’t want him in Aruba and do not care what happens to him.

      For the criticism on ‘corruption’ and what-not in the law enforcement, I doubt that anything like that happened, because everything our little Aruba does, Big Brother Netherlands is watching.
      Further more, there would have been too many people to remain quiet, specially Arubans who aren’t that good at keeping quiet.

      If anything did happen, Aruba and Arubans had no involvement, as all the judges are Dutch, and those reporters you people are talking about are Americans.

      And judicially, nobody could have charged anyone with murder, as long as the body is still missing, and no proof of the killings. Did Joran confessed? yes, about 8 times, while rejecting everything 4 times, and blaming other people 5 more times. You can’t charge someone with inconsistent statements. Do the Americans just want Joran in jail? What if he really didn’t do it? Or if Natalee was still alive? Is that true justice? Just put the wrong person in jail because of emotions? Emotions have no place in the court system.

      And I still do stand-by the ‘rich, blond and young’ statement as this isn’t the first time that these cases received such great coverage. I have given 3 examples where little to no coverage was given. They even have a term for it:

      I can not tell you about any deaths, but I can tell you that no bar-owner was murdered. On a side note, the owner of the bar were JvdS and NH was last seen by people and NH’s friends, is alive and doing well with his new bar/club.

      And really, thank God that Aruba didn’t suffer any harm to economy or our tourism, but again one would always protect and fight for their bread when it is in harm, like it may be now. And to all those who think that ‘we only think about our precious tourism’ and that we should be boycott? Who do you think owns all the hotels in Aruba? That’s right, Americans.

      On a side note, on the NH case, and since you aren’t ignorant as other are, does the blame solely falls on Joran, or ‘Aruban Authorities’? Shouldn’t some of the blame fall on Natalee, as she went out without permission, without chaperons, in a foreign country, on the eve of her flight back to her country, and she enters a car with three strangers, without her friends?

    36. super dave on June 7th, 2010 1:16 pm

      arubano : you are showing us exactly what the Holloway family received from your shit hole of an island. your attitude sucks and until you gain
      some kind of knowledge on how to act, this is what
      you get back. a thousand times worse. all you are showing the world is that you still protect a murderer who has confessed and you weed benders give him a parade akd kiss his ass. yes, you are one of the reasons he has murdered again. you have given him the impression that it is ok to murder and rape. so much for your pitiful so called island.

    37. Scott on June 7th, 2010 1:56 pm

      No you Aruban POS. No fault on her at all.

      People don’t listen to this troll. He’s a sicko and probably a child pervert.

      How else can you explain his idiotic last question?

      It’s funny he’s calling us ignorant Americans when he’s just some beach bum loser living on a tiny island us ignorant Americans could smash to pieces in an hour.

      All blame is on Joran. It’s unbelievable that you can not see this punk is a pyscho path and that the ARUBAN YES ARUBAN authorities covered it up.

      It’s not our fault you are too damn stupid and your head stuck in the Aruban sand to see it.

      Hey Dips**t, they found two roofies on him in Peru. No possible way he slipped one in Natalee’s drink. There are witnesses that had one of the Kalpoe brothers holding her and putting her in the car. This is MO but you are too dumb to know what a modius operandi is….

      Get bent loser.

      Go fly a kite in Aruba.

    38. Miss-Underestimated on June 7th, 2010 2:45 pm

      Peru is calling Joran a serial killer!!!!
      Hey Julia, now come one, you need to defend Joran!

    39. Ashur on June 7th, 2010 5:20 pm

      This goes for all you retarded idiots who has nothing better to do than yelling like B@#*, to boycot Aruba. Lesson number 1: read this => where an american killed his peruvian wife, cut her in pieces, put all the pieces in a bag and throw it in the sea!! For those who can read spanish check this:
      => About Joran, they should make him the prime b@#* in the worst jail in the world => the peruvian jail! First kick him in the nuts!

    40. Darleen on June 7th, 2010 5:27 pm

      You know what, with all these new developments, I don’t think the Aruban press and authorities were just thinking of trying to put a positive spin out for the sake of tourism when Natalee was murdered; I’m now thinking that they were more interested in covering their tracks in their participation of the obstruction of justice and cover-up. They didn’t really care two cents for tourism; it was their own hides they were worried about.

    41. Arubano on June 7th, 2010 9:59 pm

      Thank you Ashur, thank you. Than God that most Americans are like you in this modern day. Unfortunately, or fortunately, most american don’t come to this site.

    42. Concerned on June 8th, 2010 2:28 am

      Forgive my ignorance but it is not all clear to me (now that authorities have a modus operandi) why has the management of the hotel in Aruba been exempted of all of the media scrutiny in an Island where quite basically, multinationals can disolve their inks in the morning and conveniently have another ink operating that same afternoon with a new management and board of directors under the same commercial name? So much for employee loyalty where most workers are foreigners on not so clear contract conditions also easily disolved. Further to that, why has the public never had any information on the electronic key entry recordings of the hotel?
      I acknowledge that some things may have not been addressed very well from the very beginning but expectations were way too high from a place where murders (specially on turists are unheard of)and police wanted to address the issue at hand in their own personnal language but media from outside took at all times offence and expected that all the investigation had to be addressed in English while English happened to be their third or (in most cases) their fouth language. How would you imagine authorities from your home town addressing a murder investigation on another language? Peruvian authorities had heads up with the information easily available through the internet and what not, a benefit that (of course)Arubian authorities did not have at the beginning of the case and lost a valuable window of time given the innitial confussion where international media had agressively put the blame on two other suspects (not Jorans’s Surinamese friends) and were later aquited four days later, by the media that is!!! I only try to imagine Peruvian investigators talking with one another in English, hopefuly they won’t fall into the same trap!!!

    43. Lisa in Maryland on June 8th, 2010 7:49 am


      Your words are waisted here just as much as our crys for justice were waisted in Aruba 5 years ago as your citizens chanted in the streets holding signs saying “Beth go Home”.

      You reap what you sew!

      We will gladly accept payment in kind from Peru and we will Honor them for doing it!

    44. Tucky on June 8th, 2010 2:54 pm

      Arubano… well, it looks like your Joran has confessed. Justice will finally prevail…and since “Daddy” is dead, he isn’t going to be able to get pathetic Joran out of this one! Joran will suffer and suffer greatly in the Chilean prison system…I have read that the conditions in there are extremely harsh…which is absolutely WONDERFUL. He will finally pay for what he has done to innocent women. He will suffer and he will finally have to endure some of the pain he has caused so many others.

    45. Ashur on June 8th, 2010 10:44 pm

      again picking on Arubano, what about William T. Smith II “an American killer’ who killed his wife in 2009?? What about him. What about the american officer killing a 14 yrs old boy at the border with mexico “el paso” while the boy was in mexico soil? So please do not act like Americans never kills. There are so many unsolved cases in the USA. Deal with that too. Let’s get this straight, Joran is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam (not in Aruba) and he deals in Traffican woman from Thailand but also in XTC pills. Why don’t you all ask “why the dutch police do not put his ass in Jail????? The dutch police knows what he does, but they do nothing. Why??? Start picking on them and not on Aruba. By the fucking way : all judges are Dutch, under dutch law and on top off it the big boss of all judges was the godfather of Joran!! Untill Aruba is not independent they must follow the Dutch rules. I guess you “still niphing mommas milk” knows nothing about politics, history etc. Go play your X-box!

    46. Ashur on June 8th, 2010 10:55 pm

      What about => William T. Smith II “an American killer’ Smith, 28, should stand trial for the slaying of 21-year-old Jana Claudia Gomez Menendez from Peru, whose body was found in a suitcase that washed onto a beach in Lima, Peru in August 2007.
      read this: read this

      Put the American SLAYERRRRR together with Joran THE KILLLLER in Jail! Let the BIG indian “El LOCO Indio” pay them a visit, he loves blond B@*%. Soap are for free in the Peruvian Jail!!!!

    47. Ashur on June 8th, 2010 11:03 pm

      Q: What has the Dutch Joran van der Sloot and the American William Smith in common??

      A: They both killed a Peruvian girl!


    48. Ashur on June 8th, 2010 11:12 pm

      THIS GOES for TUCKY the Chucky! Joran is not from Aruba he is from Holland (that’s a country in Europe next to Germany, look for a map) and he will be centenced and goes to a jail in PERU not CHILE! How do you read??? Tucky Chucky!!! Pffffffff.

    49. Tucky on June 9th, 2010 10:51 am

      Ashur – I meant Peruvian, not Chilean – my error. And I never said he was from Aruba… You are the moron and learn to spell.. it is SENTENCED not “centenced” you idiot.

    50. Tucky on June 9th, 2010 11:44 am

      Ashur… also, why are you being such an a$$ to me? I completely support the way the Peruvian officials have handled the case….and I also agree that William Smith is horrible pathetic human being who murdered a Peruvian girl.

    51. Ashur on June 9th, 2010 1:19 pm

      He Turckey I mean Chucky, I am sorry I mean Tucky. It is not nice of me to call you name, indeed I am such a a$$, but more like JLo’s a$$. :-) Tucky what I really hate is injustice and it is not nice how you fellow americans pick on Arubano. After all the effort Aruba made and paid millions of dollars to find Holloway. With the help of FBI, Dutch millitairy and search expert form all around the world. They paid all the expences for mrs. Holloway, they even give her money to play in the cassino. It is not the fault of Aruban people that we are under dutch laws. Aruba cares what happend to Nathaly and also what happend to the Peruvian girl. Did you know that Colombia is looking for two missing girls after they was left the Casino with Joran???? Did you know that the perents of the dead peruvian girl are very angry with the Dutch embassy nice they didn’t even had the decency to express their condolences to them??? Did you know that now in Holland the big topic is that the embassy doesn’t like the way the Peruvian authorities are treating Joran? The Bottom line is all that I ask is be nice to people and let us condemned Joranand hope they will give him the life sentenced. Tucky have my best regards.

    52. blue bird on June 12th, 2010 11:30 pm

      Joran van der Sloot faces 50 years imprisonment… but not for murder
      Federal prosecutors in Birmingham, Alabama have filed a criminal complaint against van der Sloot, a citizen of the Netherlands, on wire fraud and extortion charges in connection with his soliciting money in May on promises he would reveal the location of Natalee Holloway’s remains in Aruba and the circumstances of her death, according to court documents obtain ed by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.
      The complaint charges that van der Sloot, on May 10, extorted $15,000 from an individual as partial payment toward his promise to reveal the location of Natalee Holloway’s remains for $250,000. The maximum sentence on the extortion count is 20 years in prison.
      The complaint also charges van der Sloot with wire fraud for causing the $15,000 to be transferred by wire from a Birmingham bank to a bank in the Netherlands in furtherance of his scheme to defraud. The maximum sentence for the wire fraud count is 30 years.

    53. Jenmarie on June 29th, 2010 12:21 pm

      Arubano you’re the ignorant here not the American’s they are just defending the girl from people like you and Joran,I guess the people in you’r little Island don’t have any feeling when I first saw Nathalie mom my heath dropped, and I’m not an American but thanks God here in my country we will make you’r pretty boy pay for both of the girl’s and we won’t going to have a heath just like you’r people now he is in Peru and he is not from here so we are going to make him pay hard…… HHAHAHAHAH And remember the ignorant are the Arubian people not the American’s and we’re going to that!!!!!!!

    54. discriminal on April 2nd, 2011 6:48 pm

      I wish someone would help me that I’m going trough something similar with this ignorant ppl.. They are raising a lot of van der sloots in aruba.

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