Chris Matthews on Barack Obama & BP Oil Spill: This is More Like the Iranian Hostage Crisis than it is Hurricane Katrina

Barack Hussein Obama, LOST IN SMALLNESS.

It had been said from the beginning that this President was to much of a novice for the Office of the Presidency. However, instead the bias MSM was to fixated on trying to show Sarah Palin’s inexperience to be President when she was the VP on the GOP ticket. The MSM gave Obama a pass as they promoted Obama from community organizer to President. Even the liberal MSM now has their reservations about Obama.

The problem at hand is that Barack Obama has lost all credibilty, that is what he had initially propped up by the MSM. It’s not just how he handled the BP oil spill, the Sestak job offering scandal, the lack of transparency of Obamacare bill, his handling of the economy, jobs, unemployment and an out of control federal budget. There is some thing seriously lacking from this President. Obama either does not understand the enormity and seriousness of the job, or he does nor care. Obama’s cred is shot as his defense to such matters like the Sestak scandal is, every one does that in DC, but Obama was supposed to be the anti-inside the beltway President.

Even judging Obama by his words, he has fallen woefully short over what has now eclipsed the 1989 Exxon Valdez wreck as biggest oil spill catastrophe in American history. He may have described it as an “unprecedented disaster” in last Thursday’s press conference but a week into the crisis he was blithely stating that “this incident is of national significance” and rest assured he was receiving “frequent briefings” about it.

George W Bush’s unpopularity and perceived incompetence was encapsulated by the way he dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Candidate Obama branded it “unconscionable incompetence”. [editors note: However, GWB visited the Katrina hit Gulf Coast numerous more times and was engaged, Obama instead played golf and went on vacation. You decide who was  "unconscionable incompetence". ]

Central to Obama’s appeal was his promise to be truly different. His failure to achieve that is now at the core of the deep disappointment Americans feel about him. At the press conference – the first full-scale affair he had deigned to give for 309 days – he appeared uncomfortable and petulant.

President Obama, you have a problem and now every one sees it. The LEFT and RIGHT both see that your handling of this crisis has been a disaster. Chris Mathews stated, “this is big time and he has not operated as if it was big time.”

Chris Matthews had the following commentary: “This is more important than a Presidency. This President has not acted that way. He has not acted like this is more important than some thing else like a fund raiser in California or an interview about basketball with Marv Albert. He doesn’t seem to be taking ownership. Presidents must seize control when some thing like this happens. I think this is more like the Iranian hostage crisis that brought down Jimmy Carter than Katrina … This is big time and he has not acted like it’s big time.”

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Of all people, MSNBC’s Chis Matthews actually nailed it and nailed Barack Obama. When a liberal MSM types gets it right about the most liberal President in American history, Barack Obama has a real problem.

Americans have looked at this disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico and have wondered where is the Presidential leadership? As the ecological disaster continues, Obama is seen on vacation, playing basketball, welcoming NCAA basket ball champions Duke to the WH and the NY Yankees as well.

Does this President have any idea the enormity of the Office of the President? It would appear the answer is no. Obama was not fixated on the BP oil spill, or jobs and unemployment in the US. However, when it comes to socialized medicine and the government take over of healthcare with Obamacare and attacking Arizona for an immigration bill they were forced to pass because the federal government failed to act, that is a different story.

When it comes the the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama has been a colassal failure. When faithful Democrats like James Carville speak out on the ineptitude of Obama, he is shouted down by this administration as not knowing the facts. Wow, stuff like that only used to be for Repubicans and Tea Party folks. The thin skinned Obama cannot handle any type of criticism and he is getting it from all angles and deservingly so. Just recently Billy Nungesser, the president of Plaquemines Parish was chewed out for his criticism, stated on ABC News that in the private meeting the president had with local leaders here today, President Obama “chewed me out.”

That’s leadership, Obama style.

BP’s Top Kill Effort to stop Spill Top Failure … Up Next the Lower Marine Riser Package


Yesterday BP announced that there most recent effort to plug the oil spill leak had failed. The “Top Kill” method that was supposed to plug the leak turned out to be of no success and was halted. Now BP and the Obama Administration have to look in a new direction to stop the leak and save credibility. The Top Kill failure is yet just another in the long line of failures for BP and Obama with the oil spill that is now at a level that is frustrating and angering all. The LEFT and the RIGHT are furious.

In another serious setback in the effort to stem the flow of oil gushing from a well a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico, BP engineers said Saturday that the “top kill” technique had failed and, after consultation with government officials, they had decided to move on to another strategy.

Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer for exploration and production, said at a news conference that the engineers would try once again to solve the problem with a containment cap and that it could take four to seven days for the device to be in place.

“After three full days of attempting top kill, we now believe it is time to move on to the next of our options,” Mr. Suttles said.

The abandonment of the top kill technique, the most ambitious effort yet to plug the well, was the latest in a series of failures. First, BP failed in efforts to repair a blowout preventer with submarine robots. Then its initial efforts to cap the well with a containment dome failed when it became clogged with a frothy mix of frigid water and gas. Efforts to use a hose to gather escaping oil have managed to catch only a fraction of the spill.

BP states that it will now move on to yet another option in its efforts to stop the oil spill which is now the largest in US history. Next on the list to try and stop the oil leak is called the Lower Marine Riser Package.

BP is expected to announce that it will move on to its next option, known as LMRP. The procedure involves cutting off the failed, leaking riser at the top of the Lower Marine Riser Package on the blowout preventer to get a clean-cut surface on the pipe.

Then the company will install a cap with a sealing grommet that would be connected to a new riser from the Discoverer Enterprise drillship, with the hopes of capturing most of the oil and gas flowing from the well.

Now that Obama has claimed he is in charge and it is his responsibility, Obama has not met his “Hurricane Katrina” instead Obama has met his Iran hostage moment. Obama took the gamble that BP said that Top Kill had a 60% to 70% chance of success. It came up snake eyes for Obama and he lost. Now he must face the political ramifications.

Flopping Aces has more on the questioning of Obama’s leadership in this crisis. So what does a responsible President do when such an ecological disater is going on and there is no end in sight … go on vacation and play hoops of course. Every one wanted to know how this inexperience President would handle a crisis … does any one have any questions still?

Actor Dennis Hopper Dead at Age 74 from Prostate Cancer

The Easy Rider has passed away …


Rest in Peace

An American acting icon has passed away … Dennis Hopper has died at the age of 74 from his decade long battle with prostate cancer. Dennis Hopper stared in such movies as “Rebel without a Cause, Easy Rider, Blue Velvet, Hoosiers, Speed and the list goes on and on. Hopper passed away at 9 am Saturday surrounded by family in his Los Angeles, California home.


Actor Dennis Hopper, whose 50-year film career spanned such classics as “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Easy Rider,” “Apocalypse Now” and “Blue Velvet” died Saturday following a battle with prostate cancer, Reuters reported. He was 74.

Hopper died from complications related to the cancer at his home in Venice, Calif., at 8:15am PT and had friends and family by his side, friend Alex Hitz told Reuters.

The unconventional, enigmatic Hopper played villains, counterculture heroes and even a young Napoleon Bonaparte with equal aplomb.

I guess Dennis Hopper’s estranged wife can now feel like the heel she is. Guess he was sick after all, what do you think?

Easy Rider has met the end of the road. What an acting loss this is. Hopper has his demons; however, as an actor he was simply brilliant. Sadly, cancer has taken another.

A longtime resident of Venice who also was known as a photographer, artist and collector of modern art, Hopper died at his home of complications from prostate cancer, said Alex Hitz, a friend of the family.

A frail-looking Hopper, whose battle with prostate cancer was revealed in October, was able to attend a ceremony for the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in late March.

They certainly do not make them like Dennis Hopper any more … Rest in Peace.

Hillary Clinton Says Rich Not Paying Fair Share of Taxes

More hypocrisy form the LEFT …

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the rich in the United States are not paying enough taxes and the economy is suffering? What? Who knew that fact that the rich were not taxed enough was responsible for the US foreign policy under Obama. Then again, these people are every opportunity want you money. Not theirs … yours! So her answer is, “Let’s become Brazil?”

No Hillary, let’s not be like Brazil … Let’s be like America

The rich are not being taxed enough and the economy is suffering for it, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday.

The former first lady broached the subject during a national security discussion at the Brookings Institution. She lamented that the United States has lowered taxes on the wealthy and said nations around the world need to “increase their public revenue collections” to spur investment.

“The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues (the United States is), whether it’s individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are,” she said.

So Hillary, that’s what is wrong with our economy … the tax rate is not high enough? Are you insane! However, just curious … why is the Secretary of State who should be concerned with the crisis in North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and between the Jews and Palestinians commenting of social policy of taxes in the US?

That aside, the issue in the United States is not a revenue issue, it is an entitlement spending one. Even if there was a budget surplus, politicians would find a way to spend the money on useless give away programs.  Exactly how is the jobs and unemployment issue in the United States a revenue issue? The answer is, it is not. More revenue to the government would not create more jobs. In fact, less revenue to the government and more being kept by business, both large and small, would create jobs and in return create tax revenue to the government.

However, first let us debunk Hillary’s the rich do not pay enough and her complete and total hypocrisy. First of all, is she including herself and William Clinton as well in the category of the rich not paying enough taxes? Are you telling me that Hillary and Bill do not have financial planning tax shelters set up to shield their money away from the government, hmm? What would the Clinton family foundation be? Why do you think they never disclosed this? It’s not that they were taking monies from it, they didn’t want America to know they were sheltering tax revenue when in the same breathe they were screaming … the rich need to pay more.

The Ethics in Government Act requires members of Congress to disclose positions they hold with any outside entity, including nonprofit foundations. Hillary Clinton has served her family foundation as treasurer and secretary since it was established in December 2001, but none of her ethics reports since then have disclosed that fact.

The foundation has enabled the Clintons to write off more than $5 million from their taxable personal income since 2001, while dispensing $1.25 million in charitable contributions over that period.

So Hillary, before you point fingers … you might just want to look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with creating a foundation; however, the purpose is to keep the government’s hands off your money. That same government that you say is entitled to more of the rich’s money.

Diff’rent Strokes Actor Gary Coleman Dies at Age 42

Whatcha talking ’bout Willis? … Sadly Gary Coleman has passed away.


Gary Coleman: 1968 – 2010

Gary Coleman, the actor who will forever be known as Arnold on the sitcom hit Diff’rent Strokes as died at the age of 42. According to reports Coleman died of an intracranial hemorrhage. He had been hospitalized since May 26 in Provo, Utah. Coleman passed away at 12:05 pm at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, where he had been in a coma.

Rest in Peace Gary Coleman

As previously reported, Coleman had slipped into a coma and was on life support after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage.

He was pulled of life support Friday morning and later passed away. His wife Shannon Price and her father were at the hospital Friday.

The Illinois native’s death marks the end of a long, sad road for the diminutive Diff’rent Strokes star, who struggled professionally and financially as his fame and fortune diminished since the show went off the air in 1986.

For myself, Gary Coleman will always be know for his role on Diff’rent Strokes when he skyrocketed to fame at the age of 11. Diff’rent Strokes was one of the best sitcoms ever.  However, sadly he was never able to really get his life in order following that childhood fame. Even worse is when we look at the other two child actors from Diff’rent Strokes, Todd Bridges (Willis) has been in trouble with the law and Dana Plato (Kimberly) passed away in 1999 committing suicide. As much as Coleman’s childhood stardom was a  success, his adult life collapsed into a tabloid calamity.

However, even though Gary Coleman tried to escape the stereotype of the Arnold Jackson character, he never couls. Honestly, he should be remembered for that care free, hilariously funny child, not the disaray his life took him in later years. God bless.

Gary Coleman: The Personal Side.


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