WHAT! Obama Administration Now Apologizes to China for Arizona Immigration Law



Welcome to Obamaland, this one might just take the cake. Take a good look at what “Hope & Change” looks like for President Barack Hussein Obama. Apologizing to China for human rights, good grief. So the Obama Admin thinks that following the rule of law is the same as murdering millions of people? What more damage can Team Obama do to the USA?

“In two days, we’re not going to change major policies or major points of view, but we laid a foundation to continue,” Posner said. “The tone of the discussions was very much, `We’re two powerful, great countries. We have a range of issues that we are engaged on. Human rights is part of that discussion, and it will remain so.’”

The Obama administration wants to push Beijing to treat its citizens better, but it also needs Chinese support on Iranian and North Korean nuclear standoffs, climate change and other difficult issues. …

Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on its own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally.

Barack Hussein Obama’s American apology tour continues

Some one needs to explain how the United States of America is apologizing to China for human rights violations. CHINA!!! Welcome to Obama in Wonderland where up is down, down is up and a divisive Marxist is in the WH hell bent on demoralizing the USA.

This is actually stunning, even for the Obama folks. As stated at Powerline, these fools that presently occupy the WH are actually comparing the murdering of millions of its people in China for daring to oppose China’s communist government as compared to the United States, namely Arizona trying to follow the rule of immigration law.

Just curious, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Michael Posner … did any of you idiots ever stop and think or ask the question how China deals with immigration and if people are in their country illegally? The Gateway Pundit reminds us that China will not even allow starving North Koreans to apply for refugee status.

Michelle Malkin asks who the hell is Michael Posner and why is he apologizing to China? More from what Posner said …

In the aftermath, Assistant Secretary of State Mike Posner allowed that Arizona’s new immigration law had come up for discussion among the diplomats.

“We brought it up early and often. It was mentioned in the first session, and as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination, and that these are issues very much being debated in our own society,” Mr. Posner says.

EXIT QUESTION: Since Obama felt it OK to apologize to a communist country that has murdered so many of it’s people like China … does that mean we now get to build the Great Arizona Wall from California to Texas to keep illegals out?

Just curious Barack, did China promise to buy up more of your debt if you promised to further embarrass America?

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    28 Responses to “WHAT! Obama Administration Now Apologizes to China for Arizona Immigration Law”

    1. Reaganite Republican on May 17th, 2010 8:19 am


      Everybody sign the petition TODAY, please…


    2. Michelle Smith on May 17th, 2010 9:20 am

      Why is this fool concerned about Arizona doing the job he has refused to do? Mr. President, your priorities are messed up. You need to be worried about the oil spill, jobs, the economy and do your job. If you had done your job, then Governor Jan Brewer would not have needed to pass a law protecting her state from illegal immigrants. Really nervy criticizing a state law based off the federal law concerning protecting our borders. What a thin skinned President.

      Mr. President: Do your job and shut up. Stop apologizing for the U.S.A. The only thing we need to be sorry for is that we elected this fraud to be POTUS.

      For the love of God do something constructive instead of destructive.

    3. super dave on May 17th, 2010 9:30 am

      He hasn’t yet apologized for being an illegal
      alien and running for president. ha hasn’t
      apologized for destroying our healthcare system.
      he hasn’t apologized for the enormous dept he has
      put on my children. he hasn’t apologized for
      the raping of our resources and blatant disregard
      for our constution.
      apologize to us hussein, and we might listen.

    4. jose ocampo on May 17th, 2010 10:09 am

      we are really being treat as a bunch retard people , this administration is changing forever the foundation of our country.Now this moronic apology to China by this stupid administration is the worst mumble jumble I have ever heard in my life
      Mr Barack Obama China is one of the worst countries in the whole planet abusing the human rights on their own people , is is a shame when illegal aliens are invading our country without any enforcement of all by your regime.So quit being a joke, and start changing the mess that your administration is causing in our beloved country.WE NEED JOBS,FIX THE ECONOMY,DEPORT ALL THE ILLEGALS ALIENS, AND THE MORE IMPORTANT RESPECT OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS

    5. Scott on May 17th, 2010 10:32 am

      Unreal really? Apologizing to China who has one of the worst human rights records to date.

      This apologetic BS is getting really tiresome.

    6. Buster on May 17th, 2010 10:49 am

      #4 what kind of people ???
      obamanos actions do not surprise me anymore !!! He is a lamb duck !!!
      The new evidence is that obamas mother was to young to have applied for citizenship papers when berry was born in kenya !!!

    7. yoyo muffintop on May 17th, 2010 1:55 pm

      Where’s the “apology”? LOL – the only “apology” should come from the far right wing whack job that wrote the above headline claiming an official “apologized” for something when that is not the case.

      Continue on with the hate fest.

    8. LynneinMd. on May 17th, 2010 2:03 pm

      Dear God, when is this crap ever going to end?????????

    9. Tamikosmom on May 17th, 2010 2:45 pm

      Updated May 17, 2010
      Miss Oklahoma Named First Runner Up in Miss USA Pageant After Answering Immigration Question

      An unhappy crowd booed Miss USA judge Oscar Nunez when he asked Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard a question about Arizona’s immigration law on Sunday night’s pageant.

      But could Woolard’s answer have cost her the crown?

      The “The Office” star asked Woolard if she supported Arizona’s right to enforce the law, which requires police to verify a person’s immigration status if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the country illegally.

      Woolard said she supports state’s rights, adding that she is against illegal immigration, but is also against racial profiling.

      “I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America,” Woolard said. “So I think it’s perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law.”

      Fakih, an Arab-American from Dearborn, Michican took home the crown, despite nearly tripping on her evening gown.


      May 17, 2010 | 9:12 AM ET
      Did Oscar Nunez try to sink Miss Oklahoma with immigration question?


    10. super dave on May 17th, 2010 2:49 pm

      the hate from the liberal democrats is boiling over when yoyo bluffintop shows herself.
      yoyo, why did your boy let BP drill in the gulf
      without permits ? a little kick back money
      maybe ? a few million under the table ? you know
      obama likes underhanded business. maybe a grope
      from his lover eric ?

    11. super dave on May 17th, 2010 3:42 pm

      OBAMA probably doesn’t realize where he is at
      the moment. his teleprompter hasn’t yet told
      him that he talking to china.
      he thinks he’s still in the barrio.

    12. LilPuma on May 17th, 2010 4:39 pm

      Tinanman Square. Tibet. Falun Gong.

    13. Jason on May 17th, 2010 5:55 pm

      If this isn’t a red flag, i don’t know what is. No 2nd term for the worm.

    14. Allie on May 18th, 2010 1:21 am

      Wow!!! This is what hate sounds like.

    15. Scott on May 18th, 2010 6:55 am

      yoyo – we realize you are too stupid to understand figurative language that basically to dumb it down for you implies an “apology” from the Obama administration to China on the issue of human rights; mainly the Arizona anti immigration law which I doubt you have read and many of your fellow ILLEGAL immigrants have not read too.

      Geez…I wonder why we have not heard any reports coming out of Arizona about the police requesting papers for no reason? But on the other hand; ranchers and cops are getting shot. Hmmm…

      And over 60% of Arizonians support this bill and all the amendments that weakened it to soothe your fellow idiots.

      China did not even ask about this law; but we, Posner, brought it up several times? Are you kidding me?

      This is outrageous but of course a liberal twit as yourself can’t comprehend that this nut job left wing anti-American Posner compared a states right to secure their borders with a Chinese government who has one of THE worst human rights records EVER. Tibet? Tinanman Square? Killing people for just crossing the border? Killing thousands of their own citizens for protests?

      Posner was the head of a far left wing anti-American group called humanrightsfirst…LOL!

      The only human rights violation going on in this country is our President spending our hard earned money on places like Haiti and the continent of Europe; taking money from those who produce in this country and giving it to the receipient for FREE; mandating that a person buys healthcare; saddling our children with a bill that will handcuff them for the rest of their lives; unemployment just a hair under 10% and not getting better of which the real unemployment number really being 20%.

      Get a clue numbnuts!

    16. super dave on May 18th, 2010 7:09 am

      the first mexicans to be rounded up should be
      the ones carrying our flag upside down. maybe
      a little waterboarding to go along with the
      let’s throw robert(miss piggy) gibbs and nancy pelosi in with these illegals too.

    17. super dave on May 18th, 2010 11:23 am


    18. Scott on May 18th, 2010 1:22 pm

      #17 … LOL…probably. If I were dudes on the prowl I’d give her the old Crocodile Dundee man check. It’s a FACT that the majority of transvestites/transgenders/transsexuals are liberals. Wouldn’t surprise me if she had an adam’s apple. Would it you?

    19. Jack Hammer on May 18th, 2010 4:58 pm

      Didn’t hear or see an apology. What are you people smoking…..well I know that SUPER DAVE smokes pole.

      Posner put the murder of Chinese who oppose the communist govt on the same level as the immigration law …. please tell me you are just being troll-like.

      [Assistant Secretary of State Michael] Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

      He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on its [sic] own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally.

    20. Gee on May 18th, 2010 7:11 pm

      Where in the article does it say he apologized?
      SM: Please tell me you are not that ignorant. The fool compared China and their history of murdering their own people let along the treatment of Tibet to the AZ immigration law.

    21. Buster on May 18th, 2010 7:55 pm

      yOyO You must be wearing see through under ware cuz I can clearly see yer nuts !!!

    22. nurturer on May 18th, 2010 8:48 pm

      #8 – When Obama goes!

    23. wolfgang on May 19th, 2010 6:02 am

      Way back when, there was a song “16 Tons” and says the poor man “owes his soul to the company store”..well, that is about it for us as China holds much of our debt so we basically “owe our souls” to China!!

    24. Scott on May 19th, 2010 6:18 am

      #19 and #20 are perfect examples of how literal stupidity that encompasses liberals.

      Anybody with a 5th grade education can read through the lines of what he was saying. He didn’t need to literally say he apologized; but he inferred it when he compared the Arizona immigration bill to the human rights catastrophe that is China.

      You mindless liberals still can’t argue away the fact that Posner didn’t even need to say what he said. Why in a meeting with a world power would he bring up his incorrect and non factual basis on the Arizona law? China didn’t ask about it!

      Liberals = stupid

    25. kitty on May 19th, 2010 8:12 am

      The Arizona Immigration “law” that the Governor put into action is really no different than the old “Federal Laws” that are already in our legislation on on the books for umteen years ~ (regarding illegal immigration)

      ~ The only difference is that our Federal Government has turned a blind eye to doing something about this (for whatever reason, we’d all like to know and understand) and the Arizona Governor had to do something to protect her State from the continual/daily INVASION of Illegal immigrants. (thousands daily).

      When being in another country, even the U.S.A. you are to carry papers on your person at ALL times ~ and if asked to show them, so be it. If found that you are in this country illegally, then you should be expected to be questioned ~ and sent home and deported expeditiously.

      I have had to do the same, when traveling abroad to Russia and experienced being detained by the FSB ~ regarding a “Visa issue” and was actually arrested, fingerprinted, photographed, then fined and let go…(I had a proper visa to be there by the way)had to get a lawyer and it was overturned it was their error. All other countries do it.

      Our Country is imploding because of such nonsense and now crying it’s a human rights violation and our President now apologizing to another country regarding such? China did this to their OWN citizens… the ILLEGAL aliens here, are NOT our citizens…

      This is not only offensive and a slap to the integrity of all U.S. Legal Citizens,it’s vetrans who fought for our FREEDOM it’s an embarrassment. The illegal immigrants should never have been allowed to get a foothold here in the first place. They are NOT Untied States Citizens. THEY legally, HAVE NO RIGHTS.

      I find it also interesting that Pelosi is now asking the Bishops ie: “church” to become involved regarding the “illegals” as it’s advantageous to her and Politicians seeking votes…and when the tables are turned, they bi*ch about it being all about separation of “church and state”…

      If our Federal Laws were being implemented by our Federal Government, in the first place ~ then, our State Governor(s) would not have to re-implement what is already supposed to be in effect so her State is protected from being INVADED upon by illegal aliens who by the way ~ are heavily involved with the Drug trade ~ Drug Cartels/Lords and such…
      Others who wish to come to work ~ do it through proper entry and through proper channels. Those who enter improper are invaders, aliens… illegal. What is the true Agenda here? Who’s behind this? (perhaps other countries? wanting to take down America?)…

      Our Borders are wide open and we’re paying very dearly as a nation because of this and the consequences have been and are very severe to the Legal Citizens due to this fact. Wake Up AMERICA.
      Close the Borders! Homeland Security, do Something!

      United States Citizens who some happen to be Arizona Ranchers are being murdered by Mexican assassins who move their drugs onto the ranchers property to disperse throughout our country and will stop at NOTHING to do so. The same is happening in Texas and other States. It is out of control. Not only are innocent lives being taken by the Cartels, our children are targets…it is happening not subtly, right under our noses.

      It is the beginning of the end for our Country as we know it and when the next election takes place we all better be diligent, educated & prepared to put into office, men and women like the Arizona Governor who gives a damn about our Country and what it’s citizens are wanting, before it’s too late. Politics aside. We need REAL men and Women who value this country.

    26. Jack Hammer on May 20th, 2010 10:13 am

      Call me stupid all you want Scotty Boy. I am still waiting to be shown where this apology is. Sounds like you are the stupid one for believing there actually is.

    27. Scott on May 21st, 2010 6:02 am

      Nope little jackie…like I said you don’t have to literally say “I’m sorry” to apologize…

      I think you are in the minority and I would bet more Amerians are outraged over this than you mindless stupid liberals!

      It’s not my fault your intelligence level is that of a chimp or chump!

    28. Bill O’Reilly to Obama State Dept Spokesman P. J. Crowley: “Why Did You Hire Posner? …Was Raul Castro Not Available?” (Video) | Scared Monkeys on May 22nd, 2010 4:26 pm

      [...] P.J Crowley on The Factor to answer questions as to why Michael Posner was hired and respond to Posner’s comments earlier this week comparing China’s human rights violation against their people to the Arizona immigration [...]

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