UVA Lacrosse Teammate Arrested For Murder of UVA Woman


Charlottesville, VA– Following a 2:15 am 911 call regarding a possible alcohol overdose, Charlottesville Police have arrested a UVA lacrosse player, formerly of The Landon School Team where 5 of the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse team played in High School.

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    2 Responses to “UVA Lacrosse Teammate Arrested For Murder of UVA Woman”

    1. Scott on May 3rd, 2010 2:19 pm

      Former Duke Lacrosse Players EXONERATED Teammate Arrested…..

      The ACCUSED word should be dropped as it evidence by the fact these players should have never been accused in the first place and the fact that Nfiong can not practice law in North Carolina probably for the rest of professional career.

      It’s a shame those players had to go through that…

      These two stories are not and should not be linked or related in anyway.

    2. Scott on May 4th, 2010 2:29 pm

      What a shock that this punk would call the fact that he shook her and hit her head against a wall an accident? He should MAN UP and admit that he killed her. Why did he leave if it was an accident? Why didn’t he call police if he felt she were in trouble after he “accidentally” shook her and hit her head against the wall?

      Bottom line: They were dating; he probably abused her previously or he cheated; either way she was leaving him and he couldn’t stand that, so he killed her.

      And living in Maryland; it is widely known these kids who live in Chevy Chase and play on this team, are silver spooned kids who parents have more money than probably God; and they act like it; most of them; still doesn’t mean they should be fasely accused unlike this punk who killed what many have called “an angel.”

      Sad sad sad…but they SHOULD play on.

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