Barack Hussein Obama Admits he Does Not Believe in Government … Words Matter, “Maybe you eke out a victory of 50 + 1, then you can’t govern”



What a difference there is between candidate Obama and President Barack Hussein Obama. Remember when candidate Barack Obama said that we should not pass a big ticket item like health care with a 50 plus 1 strategy? Obama has proven that nothing that came from candidate Obama’s lips can be trusted.


Seems that the Obamamessiah does not remember either. What ever happened to Obama’s comments of … if you believe in government, you believe in consensus and in order the transform the country that it requires a sizable majority.

More words and lies from Barack Hussein Obama. Obama just provided lip service during the campaign to get elected. That is why now that the American people see what he truly stands for, he has an approval rating in the mid 40′s and Americans are pretty much strongly against all of his policies. There is a reason why Obama’s job approval numbers have fallen drastically and as much as the MSM and Democrats want to tell America that it’s gravity and this happens all the time, Obama’s slide is directly because of Obama and he is sinking the Democrats numbers as well.

The 2010 elections represent a redo what the 2008 should have been had “We the People” been properly informed and the MSM had properly vetted Obama. 2010 will be a political catastrophe for Democrats as pay backs for their idle promises and lies of 2008.


Candidate Obama stated that in order to pass health care, you “are going to have to have a majority to get a bill to my desk not a bill that is not just a 50 + 1 majority”. (Barack Obaba: 9/25/07 -  Change to Win Convention)

Gee America, what happened to these Obama promises as he looks to implement the nuclear option or as the government run media call it, an up and down vote.

“My understanding of the Senate is that you have to have 60 votes to get something significant to happen. Which means that both Democrats and Republicans have to ask the question, do we have the will to move the  will to move an American agenda forward not a Democrat or Republican agenda forward.” (11/2/04 Obama interview)

How is a partisan vote completely along Democrat lines an American agenda? There is actually more bipartisan votes against Obamacare and with Republicans in opposition of this terrible piece of legislation.

In this interview Obama discusses the change or break away from the GWB fifty + one pattern of Presidential politics. How is that “hopee, changee” thing from Obama working out for ya America?

“Maybe you eke out a victory of 50 + 1, then you can’t govern … But you can’t deliver on health care. You are not going to pass universal health care with a fifty plus one strategy.” (Barack Obama interview with Concord Monitor 10/9/07)

So how is Barack Hussein Obama going to be able to govern, by his own words?

“… one of the arguments I get from  my fellow Progressives … is the notion that we should function like Karl Rove where we identify out core base , we throw them red meat and get a 50 +1 victory. You see Karl Rove doesn’t need  a broad consensus, because he doesn’t believe in government.  If we want to  transform the country though, that requires a sizable majority”.

Once again by his own words, Barack Hussein Obama just admitted that he does not believe in government as in order to transform a country and that is what changing health care is, one would need a “sizable” majority. Obama hardly has any such thing and what little majority he has is all of one party.

My what a difference being elected makes. Now President Barack Hussein Obama has a completely different opinion of the passing of a health care bill that is completely unpopular with the American people.


The American people want to know if its still possible for Washington to look out after their interests and their future.  They are waiting for us to act, they are waiting for us to lead. As long as I hold this office I intend to provide that leadership.”

Actually President Obama, the American people want you, Democrats and Republicans to do the work of the American people and to listen to the will of the people.  How is Obama or Democrats looking after the interests of the people if they refuse to listen to them? By a 55% to 37% margin, the majority of Americans want the current bill scrapped and Congress to start from scratch.

“I do not know how this plays politically, but I know it’s right.  And so I ask Congress to finish it’s work and I look forward to signing this reform into law.” (Barack Obama)

Of course Obama knows how this will play politically. Obama refuses to accept how Obamacare is playing politically. You would have to be the village idiot not to know. We see that across the country in numerous states as well as nationwide a majority of Americans oppose Obamacare. Democrats that have changed parties have even cited Obamacare as the reason why. As Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama said in today’s weekly Republican address (VIDEO), “must be stopped.”

Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.) on Saturday stressed he joined the ranks of the Republicans last December because the Democratic Party had “lost its way” in the healthcare debate.

Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama stated …  “It’s not too late: we can, and we must, stop this government takeover of health care.”

Obama was also witness to a BLUE, BLUE state like Massachusetts elect Republican Scott Brown who ran on being the 41st vote against Obamacare. Any Democrat who supported health care even in states won by Obama in 2008 find them self in trouble. Let us not forget that in the Generic Congressional ballot, Republicans lead Democrats 44% to 36%.

The American people have clearly stated to Barack Obama and the Democrats that they do not want this health care reform; however, Obama and Democrats refuse to listen and think they know better than “We the People”.

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    15 Responses to “Barack Hussein Obama Admits he Does Not Believe in Government … Words Matter, “Maybe you eke out a victory of 50 + 1, then you can’t govern””

    1. Greg the Mongoose on March 6th, 2010 9:18 pm

      A government run on bribes, political payoffs,
      by rats. VOTE OUT THE RATS!

    2. Jayne (on the left coast) on March 6th, 2010 9:50 pm

      Three more years of this insanity , that’s just what it is an insane man in the WH. Bringing our country to the brink of bankruptcy. GOD Help Us.
      SM: Following the 2010 midterm elections, America is going to witness the most “LAME” lame-duck President in the history of the USA. There is no way that any Democrat pundit is going to be able to spin the outrage of the American people as a win for Obama.

      If Republicans take the House, then they will control the bills. If Obama even thinks about vetoing anything, 2012 elections will be even greater carnage than 2010 where Democrat political blood is already in the water.


    3. maryd on March 6th, 2010 9:54 pm

      I thought Obamas speach was terrific. I think the Republicans are taking a proactive role in hindering a health care system that would benefit the majority of Americans. They are using brain washing tactics to convolute and delude the issue. It is so easy to overlook the middle class who are struggling with health care affordability. The Republicans will never accept oversight of big business, including insurance companies. It is the clinicians who have to suffer and succumb to a system where money talks and sick human beings walk. Not fair to the hard working middle class Americans. Let congress stall so the big wigs can continue to rub each others palms and count their profits. While the middle class who are the foundation of this country are dieing unnecessarily. Obama is a man with compassion.
      SM: LOL, I am not sure how you can type such a comment with out wtiing yourself from laughter.

      Oh yea, those evil profits. Socialist alert!!!

      The speeches prove OBAMA IS A LIAR!!! To bad he is not doing what he said he would do with health care when he was a candidate.

      Once again Obama proves that when his lips are moving, nothing that comes out can be trusted. Obama is truly pathetic and even the LEFT has grown weary of his lies.


    4. rightknight on March 6th, 2010 10:28 pm

      MMmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm, that Barack Hussein Oblinsky,
      how he lies! As he is busy stealing your children’s inheritance of
      freedom, he spews conflicting statements (lies) as if he had
      no integrity at all. Power hungry zealots rarely rely on integrity
      or strength of character in their conquest of humanity and

    5. brie. on March 7th, 2010 8:38 am

      There is way more to this health care reform bill than meets the eye, something more behind all of this….what is his immediate rush to push this through knowing he isn’t representing the American people and what they want…he’s evil…

      I wonder what happened to the meeting with the 10 Democrats that voted against the bill…vote for this and I will find another position for you if not re-elected, which they won’t be, or you can live in luxury for the remainder of your life on taxpayers money…

      He disgraced and disrespected Michelle and his doctor….eating the fried chicken was a sheer mark of defiance…While Michelle is on a crusade for obesity and healthy eating habits, Obama is gorging himself with chlosterol and then says to the media, “Don’t Tell Michelle”, so eat the damn fried chicken but do it your $2500. a night or more, hotel room, compliments of the taxpayers….And stop pointing that finger of yours as you did across the table while eating lunch…such a renegade!!!!!

    6. Buster on March 7th, 2010 10:15 am

      I wish hussein would go for a drive in a convertable !!! That way his lips would beat himself to death !!!

    7. Buster on March 7th, 2010 10:16 am

      lame duck gets flapped to death !!!

    8. brie. on March 7th, 2010 12:26 pm

      Not pertaining to this, but the defense team wants the state to pay for the expenses of Casey’s death penalty case…the defense says since the state decided to seek the death penalty expenses have skyrocketed. They said the assistance is critical to enable the defense to interview 100+individuals and to investigate thousands of tips and analyze complex forensic evidence…read this in The Orlando Sentinel…maybe Baez needs to team up with Obama, the two nut cases who have undermining attitudes….!!!!!

    9. Brenda in Virginia on March 8th, 2010 7:44 am

      So he’s pushing for big gov’t but doesn’t believe in it? sorta like his “Christian” faith. He claims it’s important, but when you watch his actions, couldn’t be further from what Christianity teaches…doesn’t appear to believe in it, does he? Guess it’s just how he is…say one thing and believe or do another.

    10. maryd on March 8th, 2010 9:51 am

      Guess only anti Obama posts are permitted here. Kind of like a Communist Alert! What happened to
      freedom of speech?

    11. super dave on March 8th, 2010 2:08 pm

      MARYD:if you haven’t noticed, this is not a pro obama site. if you don’t like it maybe you should
      go to this one: Nightmares Of Canadian Healthcare.
      this will enlighten you to what your idol is preparing for you.
      only the weak minded would applaud such nonsense as obama’s health care reform. i find it hard to believe that there are American citizens that are
      bowing down to this destruction.
      your democrat politicians don’t even believe in it and are jumping ship, or staying and knowing they won’t have a job come november. none the less, healthcare reform will be repealed before it begins.

    12. maryd on March 8th, 2010 8:06 pm

      Super Dave
      My comment referred to my previous comment not being posted. A. I don’t idolize anyone. B. I am not a Democrat or Republican. In my opinion the two party system creates a lack of independent thinking. Listening to Obama’s speech his health care proposal is very different than Canada’s. I try to be open minded. Caring only for all the families suffering in America. Not the politicians. I also see no better proposal being addressed and no solution for the larger middle class population. I don’t believe this proposal will hurt anyone so why not give it a try. Or wait for years of demagogy to pigeon hole any progress. It is not working now.

    13. Scott on March 11th, 2010 10:55 am

      maryd – well you are an idiot with an open mind. All you do is listen to the hype instead of actually listening the substance. You need to use common sense and logic and see that the ONLY way to cover this $1TRILLION dollar healthcare bill is raise taxes on the middle class.

      You choose not to listen to Republican ideas; which include tort reform (do you know what that is); letting insurance companies go across state lines IN THE FREE MARKET to sell insurance to individuals. This would create competition and more of a supply and demand type scenario that would be good for the economy.

      I work in the healthcare area and I know, I’ve seen, some of the bill, read it. I read appropriation law and understand it, do you? I doubt it.

      You are too damn stupid to realize that it’s the Republicans that are stoping this but Democrats are fighting amongst themselves. Anybody with a 5th grade education can see this.

      Why is 2/3 of the country against this if this isnt’ going to affect anybody’s social security, medicare, or income because tax increases (which are coming with this bill, read it it’s in there). You have no idea what this will do to seniors.

      You do know that Mass has universal healthcare and costs have SKYROCKETED every year (do the research dummy). You know why? More people in the system, not enough resources or doctors, etc…Wisconsin’s the same.

      Canada healthcare system is a joke. Why did one of the PM’s come HERE for a surgery? Because he was on a waiting list because of rationing. People in London are dying in the streets, mothers babies left to die.

      It’s typical of someone like you to think this is a good idea because you have not done the proper research to see what the bill is really about.

      You are typical sheep!

    14. maryd on March 12th, 2010 12:17 am


      I find that the most intelligent people do not have to resort to name calling. Maybe, you in all your splendor should open your mind.

      This proposal would extend coverage to 31 million people, raise taxes on the wealthy and ratchet up regulations on insurers. What part of that doesn’t sit well with you? It’s really hard to get your point through all the anger. You know as much as you care about people dying in the streets of London, maybe you can transfer that to the ones dying here.
      SM: Spare us the Obama Talking points.

      Obama’s plan extends coverage, not care … big difference.
      It does not raise taxes on the rich, it would raise taxes on every one. It would cut $’s from medicare as well. And spare us the fraud and abuse savings of Medicare. If Obama was serious about that he would not wait 4 years to go after it, he would do it know.

      It would raise premiums and minimize individuals coverage. People would lose the plans that they presently have as employers would opt out of private insurance plans and throw their employees on the government option, which is Medicaid.

      Yup, great plan. This is why people from 55% to70% have opposed this bill. There is not one poll that states Americans want any part of Obamacare. They wanted him to start over and he refuses to listen.

      The people will be hear in November and Obama will be neutered. He will become the fasted lame duck President in the history of the USA.

    15. maryd on March 12th, 2010 6:37 pm

      Hmmm?? Just thinking, everyone I have asked about being polled regarding the Obama plan says, they haven’t been. Have you been? I haven’t. Wonder who is collecting these statistics? It’s funny how Obama was handed a disaster and now his hands are tied to reverse it. We have no respect for our Presidents in this country. Which leads other countries to think we are a joke. It is a sad situation. Thinking back to where this recession began.

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