PPP: Obama Polling Disaster … States from RED to BLUE back to RED



From Public Policy Polling comes more disastrous polling numbers for President Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has been losing the moderate and Independent vote for months now as they oppose him on pretty much every one of his policies.

Obama and his minions can ignore the polling data all they want, this November’s midterm election appear to be historic for the loss of Senate & House seats. Through in the governorships as well as state houses and Obama, you got a huge problem.

Barack Obama now has a negative approval rating in every state he flipped from the Bush column to his in 2008. In each of those places his level of support is now in the 44-46% range. It’s probably a good thing he doesn’t have to run for reelection this year.

As HOT AIR points out, Barack Obama’s approval ratings are negative in every RED state he carried in 2008.There are nine states in all; however, many of these states have US Senate races in 2010 where Democrats find themselves in serious trouble. and all US House seats are up for election.

  1. In Colorado a recent Rasmussen poll found his approval at 45/53. Research 2000 found his favorability at 46/47 in January. [Republican challenger Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton. Norton leads Bennet 51% to 37%]
  2. In Florida Rasmussen found his approval at 45/54 and Quinnipiac’s latest found it at 45/49. [Republican Senate challengers up big over Democrat.]
  3. In Indiana Rasmussen has his approval at 44/54 and Research 2000 finds his favorability at 46/49. [ Hostettler and Coats are both up big over the Democrats challengers after Bayh quits. ]

  4. In Iowa Rasmussen has him at 45/54, and the latest Des Moines Register poll put his approval at 46%, though I can’t find the disapproval number anywhere.
  5. In Nevada Rasmussen finds his approval at 46/54. We found 44/52 in in January. [ only 16% of Nevada voters have a very favorable view of Harry Reid]
  6. In New Mexico we found his approval last week at 45/48.
  7. In North Carolina our last poll put him at 45/51.
  8. In Ohio Quinnipiac’s last poll put him at 44/52.
  9. In Virginia Rasmussen’s latest has him a 48/51. SurveyUSA last had him at 44/54, and we put him at 42/52.

What took GWB to do in eight years, Obama has accomplished in one year. How does Obama campaign for Democrats in 2010 when he is looked upon as the problem, not the solution? Unless Democrats want to commit further political suicide beyond reconciliation of the health care bill and have The One grace their presence any how. Because Obama did such a great campaigning job in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts recently.

The Astute Blogger asks the question many Democrats must be do so them self behind closed doors … when do we walk away from this liability President?

2010 elections are going to be ugly beyond all pundit predictions … this will be historic.

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    3 Responses to “PPP: Obama Polling Disaster … States from RED to BLUE back to RED”

    1. J.Jay on March 2nd, 2010 12:10 pm

      Ugly and loud, yes. When they should be reasonable.
      I am sure something really good will come out of a mudfight….

    2. flippy on March 2nd, 2010 2:01 pm

      problem with these polls is that the ultra-left is also dissatisfied with the job he is doing, so a certain percentage of his negative rating would still vote for him again over anyone the republicans are likely to nominate.

    3. Michelle Smith on March 2nd, 2010 2:49 pm

      Obama and all the democrats keep repeating the same old tired line of “we inherited a deficit from Bush” “we inherited a mess from Bush”. Well it’s been over a year now and what I’ve seen so far is more money being spent than in Bush’s 8 years. What has Obama done to clean up the mess supposedly left by Bush? So far all he has done is compound the problem and made even a bigger mess of the economy. There are still no jobs. We have an even larger deficit than what we had under Bush. The dems main agenda is this stupid healthcare bill when they should be concentrating on cutting down on spending and trying to create jobs and do something positive for a change.

      So how is that hope & change thing working out?

      IT AIN’T

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