More MSM Washington Post Misrepresentations … House Republican Retirements Mean GOP Losing Momentum, Not Even Close


Nice try media, but Democrats will be dropping like flies on midterm election eve this November after the votes are counted.

Once again the lame stream media, this time the Washington Post puts forth a false and negative premise of the Republican parties momentum is coming to a halt. In the wake of three Republican retirements in the House of Representatives in the past 10 days the WAPO is quick to say, or should we say wish, hope and pray that there is now a debate between the leaders of the two major parties over whether the GOP is losing momentum in its quest to score major gains at the ballot box this fall.

With the three latest lawmakers choosing not to seek reelection in November, Republicans will have to defend 18 open seats and Democrats 14. The raw numbers contradict the conventional wisdom that Democrats would head for the sidelines after GOP Sen. Scott Brown’s special election victory Jan. 19 in Massachusetts.

GOP strategists are brushing aside the retirement gap, saying that many of their House members see an improving political environment and are jumping ship to run for statewide office, and that other retirements are occuring in mostly conservative terrain that will be easy to defend. Democrats counter that the GOP retirements are a sign that most rank-and-file Republicans do not believe they will recapture the majority anytime soon.

A note to the state run media … there is a big difference between Democrats retiring and running for the hills in areas where they know they will suffer a most certain defeat as opposed to a simple retirement for retirements sake. Keep up the denial and wishful thinking on the part of Democrats for the 2010 midterm elections. All signs point to a landslide pick up by Republicans in November. At present in the Generic Congressional Ballot, Republicans are favored over Democrats 44 to 36%.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions from Texas says it best …  “not all retirements are created equal.” In poll after poll Republicans lead Democrats in Senate, House and Governor races across the US. In places like Michigan where one would thing that a governor race would be safe, its a toss up. The fact is that Democrats will have to spend money in places they never dreamed of to defend Pelosi’s speakership.

The fact of the matter is that there is such hostility and anger among We the People and Republicans and Tea Party folks alike are so motivated, we may see record losses by Democrats.

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    1. Greg the mongoose on February 12th, 2010 6:07 pm

      “Correlation does not imply causation”

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