Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Who Dat, Loses Her Mind … Tells Republicans to “Shut Their Mouths” on Louisiana Purchase


Mary Landrieu tries to defend the Louisiana Purchase … WHO DAT!

Democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu defends her position to vote for Obamacare and her paid for vote for the Louisiana Purchase. Democrats are really starting to feel the pressure of the American people and their support of Obamacare. Suddenly Democrats like Mary Landrieu now realize that the polls are against them and although she is not up for reelection this year … her days are numbered.

“They should keep their mouths shut about something they know nothing about.”

Now Landrieu supports her inconsequential Louisiana Purchase vote for Obamacare? Now that Obamacare is DOA, her sell out vote was all for naught. Landrieu’s paid for vote does not mean all that much any more now that Scott Brown has been elected Senator of Massachusetts and become the Republican 41st Senator.

The Democratic Senator from Louisiana has had about enough of people criticizing the clause she helped put into the Senate version of health care reform and she took to the Senate floor today, giving a fiery defense of special funding for Louisiana that Republicans have derisively nicknamed “the Louisiana Purchase” – implying the language was put in to buy Landrieu’s vote.

Can you say desperation from a Senator who is not even up for reelection. She is already trying to rehabilitate her image with the voters.

Today on the Senate floor, Landrieu her naysayers to “keep their mouth shut.”

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