Barack Obama Has Physical … Doctors Says He’s Still a Socialist & Progressive

President Barack Obama had his physical today and got a clean bill of health except for the fact that he has high cholesterol, is a socialist and Progressive. The doctors may want to recheck Barack’s hearing and listening because it does not seem that he is too good at listening to the “Will of the People”. Other than that Obama is fine. As for America’s health under Obama, that is another story.

Maybe when Obama comes back at 50 as doctors ordered, the Senate and House will be in Republican control.

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Barack Obama, “We Can’t Control Nature” … Um, What about Global Warming Sir?

Are you serious? President Barack Hussein Obama while addressing the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile said the following, “We can’t control nature”.

Did Barack Obama just call the entire “global warming” it’s mans fault a sham? If man cannot control nature then why is the global warming agenda crowd pushing junk science?

Words are an amazing thing aren’t they Mr. President? After all his speeches, after all his rhetoric and trips to Copenhagen to attend the Global Warming Conference, in a moment fo truth while discussing the terrible earthquake that occurred in Chile … Obama slips and speaks some reality that is obvious to so many … Man can’t control nature.

Then why are you wasting Americas time, money and threatening our economy with your green jobs nonsense and Cap & Trade? You can’t have it both ways, as much as you would like to.


Obama to the Goracle, “ah dude, I just told the world that Man can’t control nature.”
Gore to Obama, You did what!!! How am I supposed to BS the public with man-made global warming now? What about the millions I stand to gain.

UPDATE I: Did Al Gore get the memo from Obama that “Man Can’t Control Nature”. Hey Al the email was entitled, “An Inconvenient Obama Comment”.

Poor Al Gore, born with out a brain nor the ability to comprehend that it was his global warming agenda scientist thugs that were preventing the truth from being heard or any dissenting opinion against man-made global warming.

We Can’t Wish it Away, says the Goracle; however, can we wish you away Al? Having just read Gore’s oped, good grief has the man finally lost it as he realizes that his Bernie Madoff global warming scam might be crumbling around him? What are we wishing away exactly, the fact that the temperature of the earth has always changed?

I, for one, genuinely wish that the climate crisis were an illusion. But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at least two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In fact, the crisis is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer.

Get this, Gore admits that the science and data is flawed and has been misrepresented, but that is irrelevant. However, there is still global warming. Never mind we lied and overstated the facts, that does not matter … it’s global warming I tell you and it’s man-made, we are just going to have to trust Al on this one.

It is true that the climate panel published a flawed overestimate of the melting rate of debris-covered glaciers in the Himalayas, and used information about the Netherlands provided to it by the government, which was later found to be partly inaccurate. In addition, e-mail messages stolen from the University of East Anglia in Britain showed that scientists besieged by an onslaught of hostile, make-work demands from climate skeptics may not have adequately followed the requirements of the British freedom of information law.

Al Gore’s greatest scare tactics. What’s the matter Al, when all this is proved to be the fraud that it clearly is, will you actually have to get a job and justify what you say in a speech?

  • Record winter storms and revelations of warmist fraud notwithstanding, we “face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.”
  • “It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it. . . But unfortunately, the reality of the danger we are courting has not been changed by the discovery of at leas t two mistakes in the thousands of pages of careful scientific work over the last 22 years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

As Jules Crittenden writes it was only a matter of time before Gore penned an OP-Ed to the NY Times to protect his livelihood.

Kudos to Red State, from the Goracle:  Repent Ye All Sinners For The End Of The World Is Nigh.

Blink On Crime Exclusives For Next Week

Tracy Ocasio and Chris George Disappearances: What Does Jimmy Hataway Know?

See what else Blink has in store for next week!

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2010 Midterm Senate Election Round Up … Republicans Lead in many Races to Take Back Senate?

US Senate Races in 2010 Midterm elections.

How much will the economy, unemployment, federal spending, taxes, record deficits and a Democrats attempt to force Obamacare on “We the People” affect the 2010 elections?

Following the Scott Brown victory in the special election in Massachusetts, Democrats presently have a 59-41 advantage in the Senate as independents Lieberman, CT and Sanders, VT both caucus with the Democrats.

Republicans and Democrats will each be defending 18 Senate seats.  There are six retiring Republican Senators that will have to be defended in an open election. Democrats had 5 Senators retiring, including MA Senator Paul Kirk who’s seat was decided on January 2010 when Republican Scott won the special election.

Republicans will need to gain a +10 in pick ups during the midterm election in order to regain control of the US Senate. It would appear to be a tall order; however, the mood of the country and the polling data suggests it is not out of the realm of possibility. The Generic Congressional Ballot is presently at Republicans 44%, Democrats 35%.

Presently we have Republicans with a +9 pick up in 2010. Question, if Republicans pick up nine seats and there is a tie, would Liberman caucus with Republicans?

One thing is apparently obvious when reviewing the 36 Senate races in 2010. Republicans will have a much easier time defending their seats than Democrats. Even what some would think are the most safe Dem seats, at this point appear to be in play.


1. Arkansas - Presently held by Democrat Blanche Lincoln.

All of the polls have incumbent Blanch Lincoln behind the suspected Republican challenger Boozeman by 23% points.  Rasmussen has Lincoln trailing every potential Republican challenger as her favorability ratings have fallen and they can’t get up. Lincoln can thank her vote for Obamacare for her plight and her likely departure from the US Senate. Stick a fork in Blanche Lincoln, she is done.

This Senate seat is going to be a Republican pick up (+1). SOLID REPUBLICAN

2. California – Presently held by Democrat Barbra Boxer.

One would think that a Senate race was a solid win for Democrats. However, not since Barack Obama became President and the political climate in the US is anti-Democrat incumbents. It is incomprehensible to believe that Boxer only leads her Republican rival former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina in the most recent Rasmussen poll by 3 points, 46% to 43%.  The trend of support has been to Fiorina as in Nov. 09 Boxer had a 9% point lead.

Then again, no one though Scott Brown would win in Massachusetts either. How bad and detrimental to Democrats was Obamacare, in California, 49% favor the health care plan, while 48% oppose it. Boxer presently has a 4% point lead over Carly Fiorina.

To close to call bright now but it is a Democrat hold for the time being, but the Senate seat is in play … LEANS DEMOCRAT.

3. Colorado – Presently held by Democrat Michael F. Bennet.

According to recent polls incumbent Democrat Senator Michael Bennet is in real trouble against the presumed Republican challenger Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton. Norton leads Bennet 51% to 37%, a two-point gain for her from last month as Bennet is witnessing a Rocky Mountain low. Is it possible that Bennet could get defeated in the Democrat primary by former state House Speaker Romanoff . The story in Colorado is about anti-incumbency and many wonder whether an Obama campaign visit fir Bennet is going to be yet another Obama campaign kiss of death.

This Senate seat is going to be a Republican pick up (+2). SOLID REPUBLICAN

4. Illinois – Presently held by Democrat Roland Burris who was appointed after Barack Obama was elected President in 2008. Burris is not going to run in 2010, this will be an open seat election.

Illinois represents a major targeted state for Republicans for the symbolic nature of taking over President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. Following the recent primaries, Republican Mark Kirk won big, while Alexi Giannoulias won a tough Democrat race. Shortly after the smoke cleared from the primary, polls showed that Kirk had a 6% point lead over Giannoulias, 46% to 40%. Republicans stand poised to pick up this open Democrat seat as voters not affiliated with either party, the Republican holds a sizable 59% to 22% lead.

This Senate seat is going to be a Republican pick up (+3). LEANS REPUBLICAN

5. Kentucky - Presently held by Republican Jim Bunning who is retiring. This will be an open seat election. With Jim Bunning retiring, GOP candidates Trey Grayson and Rand Paul have wide leads over the Democrat challengers Daniel Mongiardo and Jack Conway. Kentucky has been a RED state that will see the GOP hold the Blue Grass state.

The election result will be a Republican Senate hold, SOLID REPUBLICAN.

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Joran Van der Sloot Admits to Involvement in Death of Natalee Holloway, Is it Really all a Lie? Now Joran Says Natalee Fell High on Coke

There usually is a lot of truth in every lie.  How Natalee Holloway died a lie, Joran Van der Sloot’s involvement, not so much a lie.


Why would anyone continue to admit involvement in the death of another? How many suspects in a case continue to confess to the death of a victim when they have claimed that they were innocent and just wanted their life back?

The answer is none, unless you are a sociopath and in the end are guilty and want to either be cause or put forth so many road block that it makes it too confusing.  Or is it that Joran Van der Sloot knows in advance that Aruba prosecutors will never charge him with anything so he just states what ever is on his mind that day and confesses?

Once again Joran Van der Sloot has come out of the woodwork like a cockroach and confessed again in the death of Natalee Holloway.  He continues to relish in the joy of  causing pain and harm to the family of missing and presumed deceased Natalee Holloway. Van der Sloot continues his sick and narcissistic game and continuing the roller coaster ride of emotions of a family whose daughter, sister, cousin and granddaughter has been missing since 2005.

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On “The Early Show” Tuesday, legal analyst Jack Ford explained that more would be needed to prosecute than just a confession that might be a lie. FALSE!

On “The Early Show” Tuesday, legal analyst Jack Ford explained that, “Most people would think, if somebody comes in and says, ‘Yes, I did this, and here’s where we got rid of the body,’ they would think, ‘Isn’t that enough to prosecute somebody?’

“(In) most places,” Ford told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez, “you need more than somebody just saying, ‘I did something wrong. Here’s what I did.’ The law says you have to be able to prove that there was a crime to start with before you can use somebody’s words as a basis for a prosecution. So you need to have more evidence out there.”

Ford added, “If you’re the prosecutor here, the first time he’s talking about, ‘We disposed of the body in the ocean.’ Now, he’s saying, ‘We disposed of the body in a swamp.’ So, the prosecutors, I’m sure, are looking at this, and they’re saying, ‘There’s just not enough detail here, and the detail he is giving us is different from what he said the first time.’ So, again, if they had something else, if they had proof of a murder, something that could tie him into it, then this might be more significant. But apparently they just don’t.”

Sorry, but the legal analyst is implementing US legal rules to an Aruban/Dutch matter.  Of course more than a confession is needed, but there already is more or has this legal analyst not followed this case from 2005? This is not a situation like John Mark Karr where he confessed to a crime without really being a suspect for the attention. This is a scenario where Joran Van der Sloot cannot seem to stay out of the media limelight and feels the need to explain himself while cashing in and causing further pain to the family of Natalee Holloway.

There is a boatload of evidence, statements and records out there that can determine whether Joran is guilty or not. What is interesting is when he comes up with this accounts that are half fabricated and have the truth, what part of them detail info that may not be known to anyone but a person who would be directly involved in the crime?

So now according to Joran Van der Sloot … Natalee Holloway snorted Coke and fell to Death, so says suspect.

“Then I walked over to her to dance with her a little…. And eh, I grabbed her by the hips. When I let go, she fell from the balcony…”

“We looked down and saw her lying there. Yes, there was blood. I think she fell on the ground with her head first.” Van der Sloot continued to say that they both ran the steps to Natalee. “Her chin was to one side and I turned it the other way. There was blood on the ground too. There was no life.”

The real question that deals more to the point of Joran Van der Sloot is why does he keep coming up with different ways as to how Natalee died? There is one constant in every confession … Joran Van der Sloot’s involvement.

So why did Joran Van der Sloot talk to the media once again regarding the death of Natalee Holloway? It could not have been the money he was paid to do so. Oh no, a new version was concocted by Joran to clear his name of him being considered a killer. Sorry Joran, too late for that. It takes a really big man Joran to blame a dead person 5 years later for their own death after you have come up with previous confessions on hidden cameras.

The young Dutchman continues to maintain that he was present when Natalee died and that he got rid of her body. He says he gave the interview because “he wants to come clean once and for all … Almost half of the Netherlands thinks I’m a killer.” We’ll just have to wait and see whether this latest media gambit helps change that view.

Only half? Why would they possibly think that? Maybe because they might be correct. That’s ok … all of America does.  Face it Joran Van der Sloot, any thinking person knows you are guilty. If it was an accidental death, there would never have been any reason to lie. Now some five years later, you are still lying as to what happened to Natalee.

Joran … tell the truth and it will set you free. Don’t and you will spend an eternal damnation in hell with your father who helped cover up your crime.

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