Hope & Change … Using the Homeless to Produce Electricity in Detroit at Green Gym


Hope & Change? Didn’t we already see this on old TV re-runs of Gilligan’s Island? Remember when the professor used Gilligan on a bike to power the radio and washing machine.


Wow, who knew this is what Obama’s Hope & Change meant and the advent of green jobs. From The Gateway Pundit … Green Gyms for the Homeless.

As the Blogprof points out, unpaid homeless labor will essentially be used to power part of the building, for their own good of course. Hmm, unpaid for producing electricity?

The full story can be found at PR Newswire.

The Green Gym will be the first of its kind. Nowhere else in the country have such innovations been implemented for the benefit of homeless citizens.  In addition to standard fitness equipment such as two weight machines, boxing bags, and a treadmill, 10 Green Revolution Technology™ enabled stationary bikes will generate electricity to be redirected into Cass’ power grid.  Over one year of four daily classes, a full class of 10 at the Green Gym can generate enough power to light 36 homes for a month, or three homes for a year!

“Not only is this gym a good idea for the environment, but it will help build the general health of our clients who often struggle with diabetes or heart disease associated with obesity and weight gain,” states Rev. Faith Fowler, Cass executive director.  “Stationary bikes offer accessible exercise for most levels of fitness and create an atmosphere for our growing healthy community.”

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    4 Responses to “Hope & Change … Using the Homeless to Produce Electricity in Detroit at Green Gym”

    1. 11B40 on January 23rd, 2010 6:39 pm


      Why not extend the program to all adult welfare recipients for say 4 or 5 hours a day. Set up distributed sites, near public transport and have them come in an actually produce something that would benefit society at large. Plus, a little bit of exercise might very well cut down on what their healthcare is costing the taxpayers. “Big wheels keep on turning….”

    2. Scared Monkeys on January 23rd, 2010 8:06 pm

      Hell, why not hook them up to the Matrix and have them operate as battery cells.

      The Green gyms should just be careful that Neo doesn’t make a visit :)


    3. Rusty Bridges on January 25th, 2010 9:22 am

      Hogwash! One person couldn’t even hardly keep one of those generator powered bike lights going on a schwinn stingray let alone a full house. BS! This is just another storefront money pit to grab some of that free stimulas green jobs money.

      Imagine what would be the outpouring of liberal bleeding heart jibberish if the GOP thought of this?

    4. Spencer Hayes on January 26th, 2010 11:11 am

      I am involved heavily with Cass Community Social Services so I can give a little background information that might lessen some of the semi-hostile comments.

      The Green Gym is a very generous name for what was constructed, it is very basic with only your essential equipment including the 10 bikes. All of the money and equipment for the gym was provided via donation, no million dollar spending sprees or taxed dollars from the public.

      Cass runs on a mantra of “Fighting Poverty, Creating Opportunity” it is understandable that when you see something like this it might seem like a waste, it’s natural to say why do we need that when these people could be receiving far more essential services.

      Cass already provides those services, they house men, women and children that are Detroit’s most “at risk” citizens. This means that they are not just homeless because they didn’t feel like getting a job, it means they can’t get a job. The people at Cass are physically or mentally disabled, many with severe learning disorders or other medical conditions that prohibit them from having the chance to function in regular society. It’s not that riding a bike to stay healthy is more important then food or shelter, Cass offers those as well, it’s the fact that the health aspect is an often overlooked aspect for people that are already overlooked.

      Furthermore Cass is the only place in Detroit that tends to men with HIV/Aids, they also have a free clinic. Many shelters sort children and adults, but Cass is one of the few places in the country that allows the mother and children to live in the same place, creating an experience that is not so harsh on the families.

      The Green Gym was created as part of their Green Initiatives. Currently they are able to help out the environment, while providing vocational opportunities to men and women that would otherwise be unemployed throughout their lifetime. They turn abandoned tires (A huge problem in what used to be the “Motor City”) into mud mats, they shred documents (Most of the people working their can’t read, so your documents could never be safer!).

      Cass follows their mantra by stepping out of the box and creating a lifestyle that is not cut and dry essentials, but actually allows them to lead lives they most likely would have never dreamed of.

      The Green Gym was not created so mentally handicapped homeless people could power Cass, it was created because the people at Cass LOVE these types of “events.” The Green Gym will help out the health of the staff, residents and volunteers (It is not a Lifetime Fitness, it’s not open to the public), provide jobs for people that never dreamed of having one and help the environment (Even if the results aren’t extraordinary, every little bit makes a difference).

      I can fully understand why this concept may be off putting for some people, why you might think it’s a stupid idea, or that it’s a waste, but if you could come to Cass and see the effect these initiatives have on people who would otherwise be hopeless, I think some of you would change your tune.

      I want to thank you for writing this story and I just hope that I might have cleared up some of your questions or skepticism. We appreciate any and all support of Cass Community Social Services because they are dedicated to helping people in Detroit who need it the most!


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